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Divine W: Perfect Wonderland Character Class Tier List for January 2024

Select the best Character Class to uplift your Journey!

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland is an amazing action-based MMORPG that revolves around an interesting fictional storyline that enthusiasts a lot to all the players. The story is fictional yet gives great chills while going through it. Divine W: Perfect Wonderland has eleven different types of character classes to choose from initially in the game. That is, players have to choose a character of a certain class they want to play as and start their journey. All the 11 characters have different and unique abilities as all eleven of them belong to different classes. Thus let us go deep in a detailed Divine W: Perfect Wonderland Character Class Tier List to learn about them in detail.

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland Character Class Tier List for January 2024

The character classes are divided into three different sets of classes; S, A, and B

Strong (S)Wukong,
Flame Song
Good (A)Spirit Sparrow,
Nether Official,
Phoenix Plume
Fair (B)Lowrie,
Divine General,
Dragon Lady,
Heavenly Dragon

Best Meta Classes in Divine W: Perfect Wonderland for January 2024

1. Wukong

Wukong is a warrior-type character who believes in one-on-one combat directly with its weapon. The character is quite bold and has enough courage to take down enemies single-handedly.

Image via Leniu Games

The main characteristics of the character are his ATK, CRI, Dodge, and Control, as these stats are some of the highest compared to all the other characters and these stats also prove why Wukong is the best one! The Primary Weapon of this character is a Wooden Spear that has special abilities and is also one of the strongest weapons in the game. 

2. Seiya

Seiya is an archer-type character who plays the best supporting role in the game. This female character lets its pet go at the front and then comes up with the best set of shots from the back.

Image via Leniu Games

The main characteristics of this character are ATK, CRI, Dodge, and Control and thus these stats show that being an Archer, Seiya is one of the best Class Characters players can opt for in the game. Seiya carries a Mystical Archer which is thus the Primary Weapon of this character. 

3. Flame Song 

Flame Song is a shooter-type character and thus can play both as an attacker, as well as a supporter. Being a shooter class character, Flame Song carries a Mystical Shooter which equalizes the size of the character itself and brings up one of the powerful shots for the enemies.

Image via Leniu Games

The Main Characteristics of the character are ATK, CRI, Dodge, DEF, and Control. Flame Song is the only Passive Character in the entire game who follows all the stats on the highest scale. 

How to change your Class in Divine W: Perfect Wonderland 

As you start the game, you must select a character from any of the eleven classes available. Every class has a particular gender i.e. a male and a female. You cannot create a character according to your preference and thus players need to continue with the characters assigned to them in the game. 

Now the only doubt remains about how can we change or switch between the different classes within the game. Divine W: Perfect Wonderland doesn’t provide the chance to change the class of your character later in the game. Once you have selected the character, nothing can be changed except for their name. If you wish to play with other class characters, you need to create another room and then select a different class.

Divine W Perfect Wonderland
Image via Leniu Games

You are allowed to create a maximum of four characters to roleplay as. They can all be of different classes or you can repeat the same character class. Each of the characters created will be displayed on the game screen along with their levels. You need to select a role to switch between the different classes this way. Each character class will begin the quest from ground level.

The progress and level will depend on how well the players perform as a particular class character. According to the character class they have chosen, you get access to the respective Skills. The bound ones can be unlocked as they make progress with the main storyline quest. 

Do you find our Divine W: Perfect Wonderland Character Class Tier List useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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