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Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Guide: Tips to obtain Resources easily in the game

Know all about the in-game resources!

Resources are one of the key factors in an RPG game. As players need to buy or unlock so many important things with the help of these resources, players must also know about all those important resources in detail. Players can use resources in so many different sectors such as buying gears, unlocking all the sets of skills, and many more items. Thus, here is a detailed piece on all the important resources players get to see in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution and how to unlock them easily.

Resources in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution

The game sums up so many resources in the game including some regular free resources and the premium ones as well. We will be discussing the best and the most important resources players are going to witness in the game:

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Resources
Image via Level Infinite

1. Gold

Gold coins are one of the most important resources players can check out in the game. Players can use Golds in unlocking and leveling up so many important entities of the game such as gears. Gold is also the most basic resource players can find in the game and it is quite easily accessible as well. 

2. Skill point 

Skill points are one of the most important resources just after Gold itself. Its main purpose is to unlock and level up all the skills of the character in the game. This process makes up the character and the player profile way too strong and eventually helps out players in progressing further as well. 

3. EXPs

EXPs are the main in-game resource for the players. More than the EXPs earned, the faster the players will level up in the game. After completing every sort of mission in the game, the player will earn a wholesome amount of EXPs in the game and progress faster. Leveling up with the help of EXPs also helps in unlocking many features in the game as well.

4. Glazed Amber

Glazed Amber is one of the premium resources present in the game. Players can thus earn them by completing premium missions and battle pass missions as well. This thus helps players to even buy some premium items such as Mounts, Pet Summon Tokens, and many more.

How to earn Resources easily in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution

1. Complete the Storyline Missions

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Resources
Image via Level Infinite

Players need to complete all those assigned main game mode missions and thus completion of them leads to the players earning a wholesome of resources such as Gold, EXPs, and Skill Points

2. Go for the Forbidden Ground 

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Tier List
Image via Level Infinite

Forbidden Ground is one of the main features of the game where players get to go through a lot of stages that have different sets of levels. Players need to play all those levels and fight against enemies to earn a lot of rewards and unlock the story mode missions further in the game. Players also get a chance to earn so many important resources by completing the levels in Forbidden Ground. 

3. Do not ignore the Battle Pass rewards 

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Beginners Guide
Image via Level Infinite

Battle Pass comes up with a lot of rewards for the players. Thus players need to complete the Battle Pass missions and level up their Battle Pass to get all the important resources so that they can utilize them further in the game and become much stronger than before. 

Final Thoughts

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is a jaw-dropping MMORPG game that has recently put its steps over the gaming world. This open-world masterpiece holds up so many exciting resources and also certain various ways to grab them as well. Thus follow up on this detailed piece to know about all the important resources and also how to earn them. 

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