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Dragon Quest Dai: A Hero’s Bonds Beginners Guide and Tips

This is the beginning of Dai's adventure, and his quest to become a true hero!

Dragon Quest is a huge franchise with many beloved games, the timeless masterpiece Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai has made its mark in Japanese manga history. Now Square Enix in conjunction with DeNa has created this new entry in the Dragon Quest franchise. The game utilizes a new battle system for mobile games, this new three-lane battle system requires new forms of thinking to get through victoriously. Play as an all-new character and become the Luminary Leader as you interact with Dai and his friends on your adventures. If the game has started to confuse you with all its new systems and you need some help, well this Dragon Quest Dai: A Hero’s Bonds beginners guide is here to get you through your first hurdles.

Gameplay Overview

DQ Dai: A Hero’s Bonds has a new gameplay style that will catch many gamers, even veteran gacha gamers off guard. The game is played in a 3 lane-grid, and you can move left, right forwards, and backward to avoid attacks. You also have your 2 abilities on the bottom and one ultimate move which needs to build. One ally can be switched into play during combat, to exploit enemy weaknesses, while one is used as a support.

Dragon Quest Dai: A Hero’s Bonds Beginners Guide
Gameplay Overview

During Boss encounters the game changes up a bit as a giant wall appears behind the boss, if you’re able to counter the Boss’s attacks then you’re able to push them back into the wall and score massive damage. How well you’re able to dodge, guard, counter, and prevent the boss from pushing you back really is what allows you to defeat these stronger enemies.

Dragon Quest Dai: A Hero’s Bonds Beginners Guide – Tips and Tricks

1. Getting Started

Once you start the game, We highly recommend that you choose the vocation Hero or Warrior at the start since you will be team locked to a mage/cleric and 2 melee units, one being your character.

change vocation Dragon Quest Dai A Hero’s Bonds Beginners Guide
Change vocation

Since the boards to upgrade the vocations are all shared, We recommend focusing on maxing out a single vocation at 15 and then moving on to raise the rest to 15 until you unlock your Vocation Rank Up to raise the level cap to 30.  

2. Farming is tantamount to success

We highly recommend focusing on upgrading the allies board as well as your own, the boards give tons of passive bonuses which will make clearing content much easier. Since Dai is another melee unit on your team it’s recommended to not upgrade Dai much at all since he serves the same purpose as your main character and resources are very limited for upgrading.

challenge quests
Challenge quests

To get more of these materials, you will have to clear the event farming dungeons like in most gachas. These dungeons don’t use any of your precious stamina, they do however require tickets that refresh every day. If you don’t use the tickets before the day ends then the new tickets will overwrite them, so it is best to use all your tickets before they expire.

3. Use your Soul Crystals efficiently

The soul crystal system is brought on a little while into the game, but it’s one of the most important features for raising your character’s power. The soul crystals each are items that you can farm for or pull in gachas, they attach to your character and grant them massive buffs in the form of soul skills.

Soul crystals Dragon Quest Dai A Hero’s Bonds Beginners Guide
Soul crystals

These buffs are what allows your character to make huge boosts in stats and I feel balancing your resonance out is much more important than having good gear. Each soul crystal has 2- 3 small crystals below them, matching these crystals is what allows them to have higher resonance and allows for a larger resonance bonus which in turn gives you more stats.

That’s all for today folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this The Dragon Quest Dai A Hero’s Bonds Beginners Guide and Tips!

That’s all for today’s Dragon Quest Dai: A Hero’s Bonds beginners guide. Did you find our Dragon Quest Dai: A Hero’s Bonds beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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