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Dragon Trail: Hunter World Pets Tier List for March 2023

Be sure to select the best from the lot!

Dragon Trail: Hunter World is an amazing RPG game player will witness now. Just like every other RPG game, this game also brings up strong little companions to the players which are known as Pets. Pets are mainly the companions of the characters and help the character out during battle and every other sort of activity as well. The game presents more than 20 pets to the players and thus this often creates a huge confusion in the minds of the players about which two best pets they must choose. Hence, here is a detailed Pets tier list in Dragon Trail: Hunter World to help out players figure out the best one and clarify their doubts. 

Dragon Trail: Hunter World Tier List for March 2023

Dragon Trail: Hunter World classifies all the pets into three categories:

Strong (S)Fennec Fox
Saber-toothed Tiger
Baby Totem Monkey
Fire Wyvern
Toro Elephant
Purplefeather Eagle
Green Plain Turtle
Sapphire Dragon
Stubborn Rock
Icy Bear
Diamond Kitty
Little Flower Fairy
Good (A)Greenlux Beetle
Vine Garlic
Flower Deer
Cactus Ball
Average (B)Dark Bat
Red Beetle
Ghost Scorpion
Colorful Frog
Young Mantis

Best Meta Pets for Dragon Trail: Hunter World for March 2023


Fire-type pets are the ones that possess the best sets of attacks using their ability of fire. The pets are meant to be like the frontline among the two pets chosen by the player and thus come up with the best set of attacks and skills as well.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World Tier List
Image via TTHmobi

Flashrat is thus considered the best pet in the game because of its high affinity and durable skills. The pet manipulates its fire powers and thus thrashes the enemies in just no time. 

Fennec Fox

Some pets possess the power of nature and thus, here comes the work of Fennec Fox in the role. The Fennec Fox is a fox that has come out into the real world from the wild and is now ready to pair up with the dragon hunter to unleash the long-lost peace.

Fennec Fox
Image via TTHmobi

This pet is best at back-end support and thus is trusted as the best supporter type pet over the game. Fennec Fox also comes up with great and unique skills that it uses while in battle and is considered one of the fastest characters as well. 


Firefox is a unique piece of art players can witness over the game. This pet tends to follow up with manipulative powers and hereby is responsible for hallucinating its opponents and then ripping them off the battlefield.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World Tier List
Image via TTHmobi

The pet can also be recognized as a silent killer because of its great features and powers. Due to the presence of low physical strength, Firefox tries to take up fights from a distance, or else it might have to face a severe amount of damage while fighting against the odds.

Green Plain Turtle

Every pet is unique in its way and so is this cute little turtle as well. Green Plain Turtle is an amazing pet to have! The pet is very small but yet comes up with a banger while it is present in between sorts of fights.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World Tier List
Image via TTHmobi

This turtle possesses unique earth features and tends to believe much more in its physical strength rather than its skills or mystique powers. The turtle has some of the best sets of base qualities and is considered the one having the most amount of health points in the game. 

Final Thoughts

Dragon Trail: Hunter World brings up 53 Pets to the players and surprisingly every pet possesses different sets of unique features and powers. Thus, for now, the main confusion of the players is solved and thus players now know the best pets they can find over the entire list of pets. Thus, create the best pet duo and help out your main character to progress further all together over the battlefield. 

What do you think about this Dragon Trail: Hunter World Pets Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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