Dream Cricket 2024 Beginners Guide and Tips

Time to turn your Dream Team to a reality!

From the house of Sporta Technologies Private Limited, Dream Cricket 2024 asks users to play as their favorite cricketer in realistic 3D avatars, at real stadiums and, become the master of multiplayer cricket championship. The all-new 3D real cricket title comes with a challenging and epic league system to test your skills and get your real cricket player rewards to strengthen your Dream Team. This Dream Cricket 2024 Beginners Guide is all about the different game modes that the game has on offer and a compilation of tips and tricks for players to get their Dream Team in reality and rise through the ranks. Additionally, if you are just starting with Dream Cricket 2024, make sure to check our redeem codes article to grab some freebies!

Breaking Down the Game Modes

Dream Cricket 2024 is the official game partner for the New Zealand Cricket team, the Afghanistan Cricket team, Super Smash League, and Legends League Cricket. So, it’s a no-brainer that this game has multiple game modes either themed on these leagues or involving players from the above teams.

The more tempting factor however lies in the fact that users can also add players involved with these leagues to their dream team in exchange for in-game tickets earned by winning games in the respective game modes. Let’s have a quick walkthrough of all the game modes now, that are available to exploit.

1. Super Smash

As the name already suggests, this game mode draws inspiration from the domestic T20 tournament, Super Smash which is held in New Zealand annually.

  • Players must take on the six teams that participate in this tournament.
Dream Cricket 2024 Super Smash
Image via Sporta Technologies
  • However, one does not need to play an entire cricket match. A set of challenges are set for you against each team across both the departments, i.e., batting and bowling. All matches refresh after a time span of 24 hours
  • The challenges set would be pretty easy to start with, like scoring some 8-odd runs in two overs, and continue to become challenging, as you keep on unlocking them one by one. The difficulty level will also shoot up with each passing challenge.
  • Completing these challenges would reward players with a special in-game currency known as Super Smash tickets. Accumulating a fixed number of these tickets can help you sign some of the professional stars that feature in the New Zealand team, from the Rewards section of this Game Mode.

2. Legends League

Legends League Cricket needs no special introduction to cricket fans in Asia especially. Run in a T20 format, this league features all the retired cricket players from both South Asia and the rest of the world.

  • Just as it is in the case of Super Smash, players must take on the teams that participate in Legends League cricket with their Dream team.
Dream Cricket 2024 Legends League
Image via Sporta Technologies
  • A set of challenges would be set for players across both departments, i.e., batting and bowling.
  • Completing the challenges this time around would reward you with Legends League tickets that can help you add the Legendary players that play in this competition, to your Dream side. Simply navigate to the Rewards tab under this game mode to redeem the same, once you have stacked up enough Legends League tickets.
  • You can also participate in the Legends League tournament format which is Spanned across different match lengths and difficulty levels

3. World Cup 2023

World Cup 2023 is a special game mode featuring only those teams that represented their national colors in the recently concluded edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup.

  • Spread across three different weeks of the tournament, each week would require players a certain number of in-game Tickets if they were to enter.
Dream Cricket 2024 World Cup Mode
Image via Sporta Technologies
  • Players get the option to select the team they wish to represent.
  • Spanned across different match lengths and difficulty levels, both these parameters would see a spike as you progress through the weeks.

4. Champions Arena

Champions Arena is, where you can compete against the best of players online, with your Dream Team.

  • Each victory at the Champions Arena earns you a certain number of in-game Trophies.
  • The match length is usually 2 overs
Dream Cricket 2024 Champions Arena
Image via Sporta Technologies
  • As you go on accumulating trophies, you get the opportunity to rise up the tiers.
  • Unlocking each tier earns you a guaranteed Elite Player.
  • Based on the number of trophies you accumulate, you are placed in the Monthly Leaderboard alongside other players competing globally.

5. Quick Match

Quick Matches are your regular offline encounters against the A.I.

  • Players get to choose their favorite team, match span, and AI difficulty level.
  • You additionally get to view and adjust the line-up before the start of play.
  • There is no concept of a coin toss in here. You won’t bat/bowl first in consecutive games.

Mastering the ABCD of Shot-Making

Before trying your luck against users online, it is important that you master your skills across both departments, i.e., batting and bowling. Coming to batting first in our Dream Cricket 2024 Beginners Guide, you just have to ensure three things:

1. Time and direction your Swipe perfectly

Two of the most important elements in Batting are Timing and Placement. To effect a stroke in Dream Cricket 24, one must simply swipe in the direction that they want to play the shot. But, be very careful as to when you should swipe on your screen.

  • When the bowler releases the delivery from his bowling arm, a cursor on the pitch would indicate the pitching of the delivery. If it is bowled on a comparatively shorter length, swipe in the direction of play immediately after the ball hits the pitch.
  • If the delivery is on a yorker length, players need to go for the swipe as soon as the bowler releases the ball from his bowling arm. For spinners, however, you can delay your shots a bit which allows you to play some back-foot lofts and drives.
  • An indicator at the top-right corner of the pitch map would display how well you have timed your shot.
Dream Cricket 2024 Batting
Image via Sporta Technologies

The next important factor is placement. Especially when you are playing a lofted stroke, make sure that you take a glance at the field map right before the delivery has been bowled.

  • Only play a lofted drive if there are no fielders outside the circle in that very direction.
  • If you are playing a grounded shot, look to hit in the direction where there are no fielders in the inner circle, in a quest to score some runs in singles and doubles.
  • Running between the wickets is auto-controlled. You need not bother about that.

2. Choose between a lofted hit and a grounded hit based on the match situation

Just below the timing slide bar, you will come across two buttons to choose from, Grounded and Lofted. If you select the latter, the shots will go aerial when you swipe in the given direction. If you are playing a limited-overs (1-5 overs) game against the AI or even against users online, keeping the Lofted button selected is the way to go as you have to score big. However, if you are in a tricky chase or have lost many wickets, playing grounded shots can be a safer approach. Grounded shots ensure better timing of your hit.

3. Control your shot-power from the Shot-Power slider

Just below the Grounded and Lofted button, players will come across a shot-power slider. You can simply drag that up and down to adjust the power in your shots. However, if you are playing lofted strokes, we suggest that you push the slider to full. This would ensure that your shots clear the ropes provided you have achieved perfect timing on the timing bar.

Be the Bowling Maestro

1. Pitch your delivery on the right lengths

One can simply drag the cursor on the pitch floor and place it at the position where they want that delivery to hit the pitch before reaching the batter. For limited overs AI games, look to pitch the delivery on a Yorker length. This will ensure that there is a check on the runs scored. For games against online users, vary the lengths to make it challenging for the opposition. Avoid pitching deliveries on a shorter length in either scenario.

2. Bowling Slowers can be a good option

At the bottom left corner of the game screen, you will come across a Ball Speed slider. To adjust the ball speed, you need to push the slider up/down. We suggest that you vary the pace to make it tougher for the batsmen, especially in online encounters.

Dream Cricket 2024 Ball Speed
Image via Sporta Technologies

Use slowers more often in Dream Cricket 2024. It has been tried and tested that slower ones are a bit tougher to pick for the opposition, in this game, especially for the AI matches.

3. Explore all the Delivery varieties of your Bowler

At the bottom right corner of your screen, there would be a giant ball. By default, all deliveries that you bowl would become straight after pitching. However, you can turn/swing your deliveries by flicking or dragging the arrowhead on this gigantic ball.

  • If a spin bowler is bowling, simply flick the ball for options in the form of Back Spin, Flipper, Leg Spin, etc.
Image via Sporta Technologies
  • In the case of a fast bowler, you cannot flick the ball. Simply drag the arrowhead on the ball to move the ball in either direction(In-Swing/Out-Swing)

4. Adhere to the bowling timeline

You get exactly 17 seconds to bowl a delivery. Make sure that you adhere to this timeline and set the pitch, ball speed, and kind of delivery that you wish to bowl within this time frame. To bowl the delivery, tap on the button labeled Bowl at the bottom of the game screen.

Dream Cricket 24 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

With all the different game modes discussed, let us now look at some of the useful hacks for players to quickly assemble their dream team, master the game, and go up the global leaderboard. What follows next are some useful tips and tricks from our experience of playing the game in this Dream Cricket 2024 Beginners Guide.

1. Kick-start your journey with Super Smash and Legends League

If you are a beginner looking to get started with Dream Cricket 24, we would suggest that you begin with the Super Smash and Legends League games first. Try completing as many objectives as possible from these modes and accumulate the required tickets to unlock your favorite legends.

As far as online matches are concerned, you can be matched with players of any rank based on who is online at that point in time. And, to start with you are given a squad of 18 members with SAR hovering in the mid-50s. Clearly enough, you will find yourself in a spot of bother if you play the Champions Arena without assembling a Dream team. So, Super Smash and Legends league challenges are the way to go, as they earn you tickets which can help unlock some legendary cricketers.

2. Ensure that you are fielding a team with the best possible SAR

SAR is nothing but the overall rating of your squad. The higher the SAR rating, the more the accuracy of your batsmen and bowlers. To swap in players from the bench, players must tap on the players they wish to move out of their squad and tap on Swap.

  • You can swap a given player only with players who play a similar role. Tap on any of the bench players shown at the bottom of your screen at this juncture to compare the stats of him with the player that you have chosen to swap him with.
Dream Cricket 2024 Team SAR
Image via Sporta Technologies
  • If you are having difficulties in fielding the ideal line-up you may also resort to tapping on Highest SAR under the Dream Team section. The AI will pick the best possible lineup for you.

Final Thoughts

Dream Cricket 2024 has enjoyed a promising response from fans in the Beta testing phase itself. The realistic gameplay, bowling actions, and shots have made this game no less than a visual treat. Simple swipe-and-touch controls and a user-friendly UI add the topping to the dessert.

Overall, a pretty decent game to start your mobile-cricketing journey. That’s it. We have covered all the bases. if you find any hassle whatsoever in the game, you can always fall back to this Dream Cricket 2024 Beginners Guide for help. Don’t worry, like always we have got you!

That’s all for today’s Dream Cricket 2024 beginners guide. Did you find our Dream Cricket 2024 beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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