Dreamy Clover Town Beginners Guide and Tips

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In 2021, Wemade Connect released an anime-based farming simulation game called Dream Clover Town. The story of the game is about you (the main character) who move back to Clover Town, which is your hometown, and reunite with your childhood friend Lena and Tom. Together you try to improve the condition of your hometown. In today’s Dreamy Clover Town beginners guide, we will try to give some tips for you to learn how to play and enjoy this game.

Dream clover town is a farming game that will pick your interest and will not make you bored easily, because this game has storylines that you can read, starting from the main story, each of the villagers’ stories, and relationship stories, this game will not only entertain you from just its gameplay but also the stories this game provides.

Dreamy Clover Town Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Read the Stories to get started with

This game is giving you a lot of interesting stories for you to read, there are three types of stories available in the game which are, main story, villager’s story, and related story. The main story can be obtained by completing quests, while the other two, villager’s, and relationship story can be obtained by increasing the villager’s affection.

stories Dreamy Clover Town Beginners Guide
Image via Wemade Connect

Reading stories will gain you a jewel for the first time, you will get 5 to 20 jewels depending on the type of story that you read. The story itself won’t bore you, because the story has an interactive choice and it also has beautiful illustration drawings.

2. Inviting Villagers to your Town

Surprisingly, this farming game has a gacha system implemented in it. In this game, that gacha is called invite which will use jewels and tickets to invite villagers to come to your town. These villagers have their own rank ranging from the highest rank S to rank B. The villagers also have their own specialty, there are four types specialty:

Inviting villagers
Image via Wemade Connect
  • Gardeners who excel at gardening
  • Veterinarians whose main job is to tend the animals
  • Engineers the one who excel in machine
  • Waiters the one with great hospitality

Each specialty has its own usefulness in the production activity.

3. Complete your villager’s Requests to earn Coins

Sometimes you will see a villager with a megaphone icon above their head. If you see that, that means that the villager has a request that you can complete.

Requests Dreamy Clover Town Beginners Guide
Image via Wemade Connect

The request itself is not hard, the villager will only ask for some of your corps or your other product such as milk, eggs, and other product. The request will give you coins and XPs once it is completed, this is also one of many ways for you to earn XPs and coins in the game.

4. Pay attention to your production facilities

As a farming game, of course, you will have to do some activity that produces something, like farming, milking, making something in the factory and this is where the specialties of villagers come in. You need to pay attention to the activity and the villager’s specialties to give you more effective in producing goods.

Image via Wemade Connect

For example, to do farming you need to assign villagers with farming specialties because since farming takes time, villagers with farming specialties will give you time reduction and affection when you assign them, but if you assign someone with engineer specialties, they will not give you anything. Not only in farming, but you also need to assign the right specialty in every production activity.

5. Collecting materials for upgrading production

Yes, farm, barn, factory, all can places for you to do production is upgradable, by upgrading them, you can produce new things. But to upgrade these places, you need upgrade materials, to obtain them, you need to do hiking.

Collecting materials Dreamy Clover Town Beginners Guide
Image via Wemade Connect

To do hiking, you will need to go across the forest behind my house. There you will find a hiking trail, click it, and choose the villager who you want to send to hike do not forget to give them some food to bring along the hike to improve their success rate. The higher the success rate, the villager you send will gain bring more materials back home.

6. Building your own City

Dreamy clover town is not just about farming, the game is also about building a city. Just like the main story of this game, you will improve your village to a successful town where business can happen in it. To achieve it, you need to build more buildings to increase production, not only buildings, decoration is a must build.

Build your own city
Image via Wemade Connect

To do so, open the architecture office, where you can see and choose what buildings and decorations you should or want to put in your village. You can see the options there, if you want to build some buildings and farms to plant crops, you can choose the production facility, but if you want to put decorations such as streetlights and plants, you choose decorations, in case you want to build a road, it also available in decorations option.

7. Expanding your Land

To build all the necessary things in order to create your town, space is needed. You cannot build many things in cramped space with lots of buildings, you will need more empty space to put all your new buildings, therefore you will need to expand it to make wider area.

Expand your land Dreamy Clover Town Beginners Guide
Image via Wemade Connect

To do that is simple, you can see the forest around your village, in that forest, you will see a bulldozer icon. Press it and your new empty space will be created. There is no condition to do this, you just need to prepare 500 coins as the fee for the expansion.

Final Thoughts

Dreamy clover town is a pleasant game to play, with its good graphic, character design, and the atmosphere from the game will make your feel relaxed. Even with gacha, this game is still enjoyable, the difference between each rank character’s ability is not very far.

The game has much time waiting moments like when you are upgrading places, doing hiking, even when producing something, which makes this game can be entertainment in between your works. That is all for the Dreamy Clover Town beginners guide, now let’s do some hard work together and improve our village, shall we?

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