Dreamy Clover Town: The complete Reroll guide and tips

Acquire the best characters for this fancy farming simulator!

Dreamy Clover Town is a Farming/Builder Simulation game published by Wemade Connect. The game features a hybrid farming system with a few quirky features. Your objective is to design and decorate your town to restore it like it was in those nostalgic memories. With the game launched recently, our brief Dreamy clover town reroll guide will help you get started with good characters. The game also has a huge cast of characters with their own stories to tell, take their help to make your town prosperous again.

How to reroll efficiently in Dreamy Clover Town

The game has an inbuilt feature for Account Reset, the Delete Account option in the setting, making rerolling as easy as possible. After every failure to reroll, reset your Account through that option. Other reroll methods will also work, but since the easily accessible option is already the best, there is no need to consider any other solution.

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Dreamy Clover Town reroll guide for Android devices

  • Start the game, and continue by inputting your account name.
  • Play through the tutorial. It can take a while until it finishes, so skip most of the story content after you have seen it at least once.
  • Clear the main questline for faster leveling up, as the gacha is locked behind the Train Station feature, which will only unlock once the game account is at level 7, so rerolling can’t be started before opening it.
  • Claim the premium currency that is Jewels which will be used to roll in the banners from Mail-Box, mission and quest rewards, or any other place you can find.
Dreamy clover town reroll guide
Image via Wemade Connect
  • Roll on the banner that has the character you want; if you get the character you wanted, then bind the Account with a Google Account or Facebook Account from Setting – Information, if it was a failed reroll, then continue.
  • Since the game does have an option for account reset, go to the Information tab in Settings and hit Delete Account, but be careful. However, the delete account option only asks for one prompt before deleting your progress. After the prompt is confirmed, you should get a fresh start for rerolling again.

Dreamy Clover Town reroll guide for iOS devices

Reroll uses the same method as Android. However, due to iOS limitations, the only viable option is to reset an account by using the Delete Account option after every failed reroll.

How to reroll on any Emulator for Dreamy Clover Town

Emulators are always the best tools for rerolling; you can use BlueStacks, LD player, Memu, or other emulators. All the modern emulators have the necessary features to make the rerolling process very smooth and easy. If you get stuck at any point, read the official documentation or do a simple web search, any queries should be easily available on the web. Continue on these steps for Reroll:

  • First, Install the game on a 64-bit instance; 64-bit will provide better performance and stability than 32-bit ones.
  • Install the game on the base instance, but don’t open the game. Make clones of the base instance, and once there are 3-4 instances, start with rerolling on every instance except the base one.
  • After every reroll cycle, delete the bad reroll accounts and clone again from the base instance.
  • When you get a good account with the best characters, make sure to bind it to avoid any data loss.

How to bind a game account in Dreamy Clover Town

dreamy clover town reroll guide
Image via Wemade Connect

Navigate to the game’s settings menu, which you can access from the right side of the main lobby, and then open the Information tab; here, you will see the Bind options for Google and Facebook along with the Logout button and Delete Account. Bind your game to any one of the third-party accounts, and once the account binding is done, this Account can now be used or migrated to any other device and will not suffer from any data loss.

What are your thoughts on our Dreamy Clover Town Reroll guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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