Drift Legends 2 Car Racing Guide: List of Best Cars for each class

Choose from only the best Cars!

Drift Legends 2 Car Racing stands as a racing game brought to life by the efforts of the creative team at Black Fox Entertainment Studio. In this Drift Legends 2 Car Racing List of Best Cars, we will be looking into the list of the best cars for players to use in different classes and in pay-to-win or free-to-play situations.

The game, unlike the common car games we get, is not an actual racing game but a drifting game where you will be merited for better drifts. Within the game, you’ll immerse yourself in the exhilaration of mastering drift cars. Moreover, the game boasts an extensive array of cars fashioned after real-life counterparts, granting you the opportunity to drive your beloved real-world vehicle within the tracks available in the game.

List of Best Cars for each class in Drift Legends 2 Car Racing

Best Cars for D Class


  • Krieger Wildback – This car is an impressive car, especially for a free-starting car. In comparison to the other cars accessible to free-to-play gamers, this car has the necessary power to drift with a good grasp on the accelerator work.
Image vIa Black Fox Entertainment Studio


  • Enoshima Warrior MK.13 – This is the absolute best car for the D-class and is even based on a famous iteration of the GTR R32 which is as it is in rear-wheel drive in this game is perfect for drifts with its weight distribution and insane power.

Best Cars for C Class


  • Raven Marathon – The Drift Legends 2 Car Racing List of Best Cars is not complete without the most recognizable drift car of all. Every drift enthusiast would have probably dreamt of driving and owning one of these. In this game, it also has the ideal charm for drifting.
Image via Black Fox Entertainment Studio


  • Raven Marathon (Panda) – A testament to how great a car this car is based on is that the pay-to-win car for this class is the panda variant of the car. It as maybe an indirect homage to the legendary anime Initial D where the protagonist raced with a car with this theme. It is better due to its Multiplier which increased from 2.4x to 4x.

Best Cars for B Class


  • Enoshima Samurai R4 – This is a more advanced variant of the Pay-to-Win car from the D class. It is closely inspired by the GTR R34. This has huge power to support the drifts with counter acceleration to be able to go through corners after the sideway move.
Image via Black Fox Entertainment Studio


  • Raven Samurai – Raven Samurai is a good drift car with enough power and grip ratio to easily take any corners sideways. Like most other pay-to-win cars the most notable thing in this car is the huge points multiplier which is 4.9x

Best Cars for A Class


  • Raven Samurai DL – This car is basically the better version of the pay-to-win best car of the class B. With almost the same multiplier too, this has an over-the-table better stats than the regular Raven Samurai.
Image via Black Fox Entertainment Studio


  • Tsunami X7 Spec S – This car is based on another legendary drift car that may be only second to the car that the Raven Marathon is based on. This car can be purchased with the tuner car pack and has a multiplier of 5.5x.

Best Cars for S Class


  • Sakura RSX – This is the best of the S-class car for one big reason. The reason is that it is the only S-class car that is available for free-to-play gamers. It can also only be unlocked by finishing the professional career which basically means that it is an end-game reward.
Image via Black Fox Entertainment Studio


  • Griffin Motors WRS – This car tops off the totality of Drift Legends 2 Car Racing List of Best Cars. This is basically an F1 car that is present in the game. Many might ask, really an F1 which is not supposed to even drift is the best drift car in the game? The answer is Yes. If the question is why then the answer is Just cause.

Final Thoughts

These are the best cars for each class in the game. Knowing them is highly beneficial for the players in choosing which cars to prioritize over others. It is still to be noted that in this game, it is basically impossible to progress through the game without getting a bunch of cars that are even in the same classes as some events require certain eras, places, etc. to be met before being eligible to participate and progress though.

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