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Dynasty Legends 2 Beginners Guide and Tips

Join the battle with your friends now and build up your empire!

Dynasty Legends 2 is an action game and ARPG genre game developed by HK Taihe Interactive Limited. This game is perfect for those of you who want to play action games with the background of the Chinese dynasty, especially those of you who want to reminisce about playing the game Dynasty Warriors. In this Dynasty Legends 2 Beginners Guide, we are going to do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain its basics with additional tips and tricks.

Gameplay Overview

Dynasty Legends 2 carries a dynasty where at that time there had been rebellions in several areas. Therefore, you need to Return to the ancient chaotic battlefield to eliminate thousands of enemies in order to build and defend your empire. This game also has high-quality graphics and animation and also has a storyline that you can enjoy while playing the game Dynasty Legends 2 and can give you the best experience in playing it.

Introducing the basics of Dynasty Legends 2


There are many events that you can do while playing this game, such as Daily, Challenge, and Limited Time. But of all that, you need to complete the Main Story from the Daily events, because that’s the main storyline of Dynasty Legends 2, you will meet NPCs, and carry out attacks on enemies.

Image via HK Taihe Interactive Limited

In addition, you can also do other events such as Daily Quests, Team Dungeons, Endless Conquest, and many more. These events are useful for getting various items that you need, the more often you complete them, the more items you can get.


Image via HK Taihe Interactive Limited

The formation is an important thing when you play the game Dynasty Legends 2 because from here you can adjust the composition and strategy of the officers you use. In this formation, you will bring 6 officers and are divided into 3 pairs, then you can only control 3 officers from each chief officer because a lieutenant can only be used to help you during battles that are driven automatically. In addition, you have to use officers with high BR so that your total BR is getting stronger in battle, therefore you need to sort and filter the officers you choose into formations.

Military Rank

Military Rank
Image via HK Taihe Interactive Limited

Military rank here is like someone’s rank in this game. This is very useful because when the Military Rank increases, it can add stats such as your HP, DEF, and ATK as well which is very helpful in increasing BR.


Image via HK Taihe Interactive Limited

The Guild is a collection of various players on the server you play. There are many benefits when you join a guild, such as a Guild shop that you can use to buy items and shards, this really helps you to increase your BR. Then there is the Tactical Alliance where you can get stats buffs, and so on.

Dynasty Legends 2 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Train your Officers

There are many things that you can train from the officers to increase BR to make it easier every time you do battle. The first is advance, that is, you need to collect the required material from completing a particular stage, if the necessary material is complete, you can advance.

Image via HK Taihe Interactive Limited

The second is an upgrade, this is useful for increasing the level of the officer. But you must have the primary EXP pill first as the material used. The third is Evolve, this is useful for increasing some bonus stats and evolution aptitude. Fourth, there is a bond, a bond like an officer who has a relationship or relationship with each other, so when they are combined, they will get a Bond Stats Bonus.

2. Understanding the Roles

There are four roles in this Dynasty Warrior game, there are Marksman, Tank, Assassin, and Support. They all have their respective roles and duties when in battle, therefore it will be useful when you know them while playing.

Marksman Superior marksman gains a decisive victory over a thousand miles.
Tank One man alone can hold against ten thousand, and stand at the forefront so that his allies are safe
Assasin Fast and unpredictable, that’s an assassin, he is able to attack in great damage but has low endurance
Support The talent of support brings out the best in each other, he can also help his allies such as restore HP.

3. Set your Formation carefully

Setting the formation is very important, especially in increasing BR. We recommend using officers who have a high base BR, because most likely when on the train, will experience a fairly good increase. In addition, the distribution of pairs is also an important thing.

Set formation
Image via HK Taihe Interactive Limited

We have tips for the distribution of these pairs, so don’t put the strongest officer in one pair, because you can only control 1 officer, namely the chief officer, because the other one is a lieutenant, so we recommend that your 3 strongest officers become chief officers, so you can control your 3 strongest officers, and the 3 strongest below you can make lieutenants.

4. Use skills effectively and efficiently

When you battle, we recommend using skills effectively and efficiently, don’t use skills carelessly, because that is the same as throwing skills away. Like ultimate, it should be used when fighting bosses, because of its relatively strong ability compared to other skills, besides that AOE skills should be used when the enemy is in crowded conditions, so the skills are not used in vain.

Image via HK Taihe Interactive Limited

In addition, when you have an officer with mobility skills, you can use it to avoid enemy attacks, but you need to be smart and have the right timing when using it. Then when your skill is on cooldown, we recommend not forcing you to fight, especially when fighting the boss, you should avoid and move away using flash until the skill has finished cooldown, and you can launch an attack with skill.

5. Take advantage of the autoplay during Quests

Image via HK Taihe Interactive Limited

When you want to travel from one place to another while running a quest, you only need to tap on the part of the quest on the left, it will automate the journey, so you don’t have to bother manually.

6. Activating the Officer Archive

officer archive
Image via HK Taihe Interactive Limited

By activating the officer to unlock the corresponding officer archive and evolve them to upgrade the archive, because when activating and upgrading the officer archive improves the team stats and grants officer points, which when accumulated, accumulating officer points can upgrade the points level, which will grant additional team stats bonus.

Final Thoughts

Dynasty Legends 2 is a game with a Chinese dynasty background which is divided into 3 kingdoms, you can enjoy the game in terms of visuals and storyline because it is very interesting to play. In addition, there are many factors that need to be considered when playing this game, making it the game that has the best experience.

That’s it from this Dynasty Legends 2 beginners guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Dynasty Legends 2 beginners guide useful.  

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