EA Sports FC Mobile: Top 10 Best Cheap Budget Players to have in your squad

The budget gang!

Ever since EA Sports FC Mobile had its highly anticipated worldwide release, players have actively learned the new gameplay and collected the best performers. Not to blame them, as it has succeeded in bringing a host of changes, including improved gameplay, updated commentary, and a revamped user interface. Forming new teams and understanding the training system is a learning process, and getting a strong squad is always important. However, improvising on the budget is also something you should consider, and for that reason, we bring you the top 10 Best Cheap Budget Players to have in your FC Mobile squad.

Top 10 Best Cheap Budget Players in EA Sports FC Mobile

No doubt, there’s a plethora of affordable and effective options for FC Mobile players out there. Many players opt for these for the simplicity of upgrading. However, this list focuses on some of the underrated ones. Keep in mind, that it’s not a ranking, it’s just highlighting the top 10 best-budget players in EA Sports FC Mobile on the basis of performances we have seen.

1. Matheus Nunes

  • Position: CM, LM
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 3/3
Nunes FC Mobile
Image via RenderZ/EA

Matheus Nunes is a promising young midfielder with a well-balanced skill set. His speed and dribbling prowess make him an excellent addition to the midfield, where he combines both creativity and defensive strength. He has the ability to break down opponents with his pace and control.

2. Jurrien Timber

  • Position: CB, RB
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 3/3
Timber FC Mobile
Image via RenderZ/EA

Timber is a dependable and cost-effective defensive player with a versatile skill set. His attributes in pace, defending, and physicality make him a solid choice for a defensive role, whether it’s as a center-back or full-back. His consistency and reliability make him a valuable asset.

3. Karim Adeyemi

  • Position: LM, RM, ST
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 4/4
Adeyemi FC Mobile
Image via RenderZ/EA

Karim Adeyemi is an electrifying winger who excels at slicing through defenses. Primarily used as a winger, his explosive pace and dribbling abilities allow him to consistently create goal-scoring opportunities. His speed and agility make him a game-changer on the flanks.

4. Leonardo Spinazzola

  • Position: LWB, LM
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 4/4
Spinazzola FC Mobile
Image via RenderZ/EA

Leonardo Spinazzola is a versatile player capable of filling multiple positions, as his adaptability and well-rounded skills make him a valuable asset on the field. He offers a strong defensive presence while also contributing to the attack with good awareness.

5. Timothy Castagne

  • Position: RB, LB, RW
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 3/3
Image via RenderZ/EA

Castagne is a highly balanced player with the ability to perform effectively in various positions. His versatility allows him to adapt to different roles, including those on the wings, as a full-back, or even in midfield, although the first two are better fits. Notably, his excellent crossing skills make him a valuable asset for creating goal-scoring opportunities.

6. Ivan Provedel

  • Position: GK
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 1/2
Provedel FC Mobile
Image via RenderZ/EA

Ivan Provedel is a cost-effective goalkeeper option who has gained a strong following for his consistent performances, and I personally like his performances. Despite not having the most exceptional stats, he is a dependable presence in goal, making him a solid choice for teams looking for a budget-friendly goalkeeper.

7. Dusan Vlahovic

  • Position: ST
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 3/3
Vlahovic FC Mobile
Image via RenderZ/EA

Vlahovic is a sturdy and affordable striker option who excels at finishing chances. He is a reliable goal-scorer with the physical attributes to shield the ball, turn, and find the back of the net. His price and effectiveness make him a valuable choice for leading the attack.

8. Emre Can

  • Position: CDM, CB
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 3/4
Image via RenderZ/EA

Can is surely one of the best cards in the game, and for good reason. He consistently outperforms his already impressive stats. Known for his versatility, Can’s awareness on the field, especially in defending situations, allows him to seamlessly slot into the center-back position apart from CDM.

9. Pedro Goncalves

  • Position: LW, RW, CM
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 4/4
Pedro FC Mobile
Image via RenderZ/EA

Pedro Goncalves boasts highly balanced stats, making him a versatile player capable of performing well in both wing and midfield positions. As a PlayMaker, he excels in creating opportunities for his teammates. His ability to take Long Shots and execute Finesse Shots adds an extra dimension to his game.

10. Hany Mukhtar

  • Position: CF, ST, CAM
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 3/5
Image via RenderZ/EA

Hany Mukhtar emerges as a surprise top player in the current season. As a striker, his combination of good dribbling and pace makes him a formidable force in the attacking third. With no weak foot, Mukhtar is a reliable finisher with excellent awareness, rounding out his skill set and making him a standout option for leading the line.

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