FC Mobile 24: The complete H2H Mode Guide and Tips

Advance to the FC Champion Ranking in no time!

FC Mobile, the flagship mobile gaming title of EA never fails to surprise and entertain its fan base with regular additions of some recurring and some innovative events with a few known and unknown tricks up its sleeve each time. However, one thing that hasn’t changed in the last three seasons of FC Mobile is H2H mode. This mode pits the ultimate dream teams of gamers against each other for a full-fledged 90-minute action.

The Head to Head mode is largely skill-based so naturally more than a few people struggle in H2H mode even with strong teams. That’s precisely why we’ve curated a very handy guide and a few tips to increase your mark on the field in this FC Mobile: The Complete Head-to-Head (H2H) Guide. Additionally besides H2H, if you grind Division Rivals regularly, make sure to check our VS Attack and Manager mode guides as well!

Introducing the Basics of H2H mode

Head-to-Head or H2H is a multiplayer mode in FC Mobile, introduced first in FIFA Mobile 19, where players compete against each other in a 90-minute match (4-6 minutes of real-time) with their dream team and gain division ranks and rewards.

There’s everything at play here including Free Kicks, Corners, Penalties, and even Sending-offs and Substitutions. However, the only thing that isn’t present is Tie Breakers (Penalties or Extra time). Hence your score at the end of 90 minutes, albeit a draw is final.

Building the Champion Team for FC Mobile H2H mode

Head to Head mode is a very strategic and skill-oriented mode but sometimes performance depends on the situation and no matter how perfect one’s squad is, it will require on-the-spot thinking some experience, and smart play.

In this FC Mobile Head-to-Head guide we’ll help you build the best team and some tips as well to help with the strategies however, some intuition will be required from your end to succeed as this is a strictly PvP mode.

Best Formations for H2H mode

In H2H formations play a great role almost controlling how much you’ll be effective on defending. Formations lay the groundwork of your player’s positioning as in behind runs and defensive structure entirely depend on formation therefore strategically choosing a formation best suited for you is of utmost importance. Below are some good H2H formations to consider.

FC Mobile Formations
Image via Electronic Arts
  • 4-3-3 Attack: This is one of the most popular formations and best suited for wing play and crossing.
  • 4-3-3 Holding: Effective defensive formation and quick counter-attacking play.
  • 4-3-2-1: A formation for the skillful, although a little tricky this formation can provide eye-pleasing depth in attacking with composed defending.
  • 4-5-1: A counterattacker’s paradise, with a strong set of midfielders and a quick striker this one is perfect for counterattackers.
  • 4-4-2 Holding: If you have a little doubt about your defending skills then this formation is better for you with two CDMs this one for slow build-ups and depth play against a 4-back formation.
  • 4-2-3-1 Narrow: This one is a silent killer as a very small number of players use it however, it is easily one of the most effective formations against a strong defense or attack. Two CAMs work as wings while the striker and full-backs provide dummy runs as the third CAM pulls defenders and demands a pass, all the while CDMs and CBs keep the defensive structure compact. This an easy recommendation for anyone who knows how to dribble and doesn’t rely on crosses only.

Best Goalkeepers for H2H

Simply put there are only a handful that work as well as a GK in Head-to-Head mode as mostly when you’re an attacker your GK will either face an unstoppable header from close range or a 1V1 situation.

However, some keepers might save the day as Emiliano Martinez in World Cup 2022 final if you know how it went. There isn’t any particular stat that determines how well a GK would perform as it mostly depends on the gameplay of the card so we’ll straight away list a few GKs that work wonders. Here are some examples in our list of the best Goal Keepers in the game. Remember we’ve only included the GKs that are reasonably priced and provide great value for how much they’re worth.

EA Sports FC Mobile Best Goalkeepers (GK) cover
Image via Electronic Arts

Best Defenders for H2H

Defenders, ie Center Backs are a little tricky to choose as again defenders perform on auto as you just press against the attackers and it’s semi-auto mostly. However, there are some stats to look for in a defender

  • At least 8 bars of stamina
  • Pace (Heavy emphasis on sprint speed rather than acceleration)
  • Marking
  • Standing tackle
  • Slide tackle
  • Heading and jumping
  • Physical

To get the strongest centre-backs, go through our list of best Defenders in the game.

Best FullBacks for H2H

There is a distinct difference in sets of stats required for a great fullback and a great CB. A Fullback, along with defending also needs to have great attacking skills to be more effective. The stats to look out for in a Full back are

  • Pace (Heavy emphasis on Sprint speed rather than acceleration)
  • Shooting
  • Dribbling
  • Agility
  • 3* skills (4* skills are better obviously)
  • Minimum 8 bars of stamina
  • Passing
  • Crossing

If you are looking for some decent and pacy fullbacks, look no further than our list of best fullbacks in the game.

Best Midfielders for H2H

Defensive midfielders (CDM)

There are a lot of things to be considered when selecting a CDM in CDM-oriented formations because they are the game changers. Defensive midfielders require a different set of stats to be effective than other midfielders which are:

  • Marking
  • Standing tackle
  • Aggression
  • Heading
  • Height
  • Physical
  • Minimum 7 bars of stamina
  • Positioning
  • Reaction
  • Awareness
  • Strength
  • Short passing

Having an all-round good defensive mid is like blessing who can control the tempo for the majority of the game, here is our list of best defensive midfielders to have in your squad.

FC Mobile Best young players cover
Image via Electronic Arts

Attacking and Balanced midfielders (CAM, LM, RM, CM)

Most of the attacking and balanced midfielders depend highly upon players’ skills as we’ve heard a thousand times from FC Mobile commentators “midfield is the key area”, this is where player skills can bring magic, and a good player with lower over can beat someone with way higher over.

However, some cards handle better than others. Attack-oriented and balanced midfielders require mostly the same stats which are:

  • Dribbling
  • Passing
  • Crossing
  • Agility
  • Shooting (Curve, Longshot)
  • 4* skills
  • Pace (Only for LM and RM)

If you like playing more with creative attacking mids, and are looking for one, check our list of best attacking midfielders to have in your squad.

Best Wide Players for H2H

Wingers are arguably the most creative part of a team in H2H closely followed by Midfielders. Bringing the width, picking out defenders from the position, shooting absolute curveballs, or delivering crosses whichever your jam might be wingers are a very integral part of the attack.

  • Pace
  • At least 9 bars of stamina
  • 4* skill moves
  • Agility
  • Dribbling
  • Passing
  • Balance
  • Shooting (Long shot and Curve)
  • Crossing
  • High work rate
  • Jumping
  • Reactions

It’s a long list, but fortunately, many wingers on the market are good for H2H. As pacey wingers are a must for any H2H team, go through our list of the fastest wingers to choose for your team.

FC Mobile Wingers Mid Vinicius Game Guide Cover
Image via Electronic Arts

Best Forwards for H2H

The Striker is one of the most important players to many football teams. They are expected to finish chances efficiently whenever they are on the pitch and contribute to victory with their goals. There are a few stats that determine the best poacher for the team:

  • Finishing
  • Positioning
  • Work rate
  • Pace
  • Heading and jumping
  • Dribbling
  • Ball control
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Awareness
  • Reactions
  • At least 9 bars of stamina
  • Shooting

The list of Strikers is the longest, and therefore check our list of FC Mobile’s most in-form Strikers who can score goals from every single angle of the pitch.

FC Mobile H2H Guide: Squad-Building Tips and Tricks

1. Don’t be one-dimensional and rely only on Crosses

Crosses and Heading more informally known as “cross spamming” have become a rather predictable way of playing games. Although good to have this should not be the only tactic in your repertoire. Experiment with different tactics such as cut back and curve or set piece earning or even long balls if you aren’t among very patient gamers.

2. Short passing and Picking out Defenders are the key

Short passing is a key element in FC Mobile Head-to-Head games, patiently building up with short passes and even preplanning the short passes can frustrate the opponent into doing something silly and opening a gap.

FC Mobile H2H Attack mode
Image via Electronic Arts

Pick out defenders just by moving around backward or sideward randomly, usually, players use auto pressing in defending so this tactic would automatically make defenders lose their compact structure and any poacher or any player with a high attacking work rate and sprint speed would automatically provide an in behind run for you to cash in.

3. Don’t do panic Touches

While this might sound very obvious tip, this is the reason most of the players bottle a winning match. When you make a mistake while defending sometimes another defender automatically tries to come in and save the ball.

However if you panic touch anywhere on the screen other than the press button, the defender will either give away the possession once again or just slide mindlessly as the opponent ST shoots you back to square one.

4. First-touch movements are essential high up the pitch

If you’re playing with a high cross or long pass tactic then the first touch of your poacher becomes very important. There’s a very simple way to avoid losing the ball just after receiving a through ball, follow the defender closest to you and read his movement.

And when the ball reaches the poacher just before touching the ball flick the movement key toward the defender as this will cancel out the standing tackle attempts from the defender and you’ll get an opening to turn and shoot.

5. Manual Defending be a relief in dire circumstances

When your opponent is through the wings and your fullback is left on the ground, the best way to try and prevent a sure-shot goal is to manually control the CB and infuse a sliding tackle right when the opponent decides to cross the ball this non-AI and unexpected behavior will mostly force a mistake by the opponent or the cross would be completely deflected by the slide tackle.

6. Utilize the Substitution feature  effectively

The substitution bench can often change the course of a football match whether it’s FC Mobile or the real sport and clever substitution strategies are part of most comeback stories in football. Changing a stamina-depleted defender or winger is a great way to change the course of the match as little stat changes like agility along with a full stamina bar can lead to unexpected goals.

Image via Electronic Arts

There’s one more use case of the substitution feature than just substitution, you can swap a player’s position with another such as bringing a defender to midfield if a winger plays too well in a match. Even changing a winger into a striker when the striker’s stamina is lower than the winger’s can also bring a fresh way of attacking your team.

Pick and choose your substitute bench wisely and always try to keep an ST with good heading or dribbling alternating with the concurrent ST, keep a few wingers and defenders, and keep a GK as well as a CDM with good defending and stamina to make the substitution bench as compact Exactly as the main Ultimate dream team.

Reaching the H2H Champions in FC Mobile

Having a good team only won’t make a massive difference in H2H, it depends on how you control those cards in-game. This isn’t an easy game mode like VSA to understand, so users need the experience to learn and grow into seasoned H2H players. With time, one will naturally improve but we have collated some ideas and strategies which can provide an edge.

1. Figure out ways to Stop Cross spamming

Cross-spamming opponents can sometimes get on players’ nerves to say the least, and most people find it difficult to deal with cross-spammers even with good defenders. To stop cross-spammers good technique is far more important than good defenders.

The moment you realize that you’re against someone who uses cross spamming, right away swap the corresponding wing midfielder with a defender to stop the attack before the winger even reaches your full back, and even if the defender fails to stop the winger you can use him again as a second defender to you fullback to stop the cross spamming course.

2. Spread out your Attack with quick Short passes

Image via Electronic Arts

In the FC Champions race the more you reach higher along the division the more impatient your opponents will get, use this opportunity by slowing down the play with short passes and unnecessary movements and spread your player around the field to force a mistake from the opponent. The moment you earn a gap attack with depth in the field rather than width the CBs typically have less sprint speed than poachers or wingers.

3. Set pieces can be useful

If you’re unable to penetrate a defensive structure, then just dribble sideways outside the d-box with a lane change role or flick-up shot, and if you’re at the right spot you might earn a very irritating free kick for your opponent. If you earn a Free Kick a little far from the d-box try to lob pass the ball and use it as a header, and believe it or not this one works better than crosses.

4. Utilsing the Flick shot and Lane change role

These skills are essential in an H2H game as you may already know. While the lane change role is useful in almost every circumstance, however, the flick-up shot is a very powerful tool in a very specific but regular scenario.

When you’re running a winger through the corners of the pitch and you are facing a fullback that has great pace and just refuses to give up, just use this skill and your winger will leave the fullback in the dust looking completely foolish, and this way you also cut back towards the goal.

5. Patience and perseverance

This isn’t a particularly gaming tip as much as it is a way to prepare for the journey ahead. A winning streak is just as rewarding as a losing streak is annoying but if you’re chasing FC Champions you’ll face both. A winning streak can be followed by a losing streak as EA matches you against more skillful or even higher-ranked players when you get a winning streak.

FC Mobile H2H Pressing mode
Image via Electronic Arts

However, after a losing streak, you’ll face much easier teams than you were facing before so just keep calm and try as you’ll gradually progress down the path even with losing streaks and winning streaks combined.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, climbing up the ranks in FC Mobile Head-to-Head mode isn’t a very difficult task as much as it is a strategic task, you can win against even a greater team in H2H with an average team with skills and clever strategies.

However, this is a PvP mode after all so no strategy or tip can always make you win. Use the tips in this FC Mobile Head-to-Head complete guide article and gain experience by playing the game and maximize your chances of reaching the Head-to-Head FC Champions in FC Mobile H2H mode.

Did you find this guide on the FC Mobile H2H Mode helpful? Do let us know in the comments.

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