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Echoes of Mana Beginners Guide and Tips

Dive into the world of the widely acclaimed Mana series action RPG!

Echoes of Mana is an RPG genre game developed by Square Enix. This game is part of the popular Mana series and is fun for both old fans and newcomers alike. The game is perfect for story lovers because in this game there are enough chapters to be completed, and in each chapter, there is a story interlude so that players can understand the storyline of this one game. This Echoes of Mana beginners guide will take you to explore the world of Mana where you will be guided by the Goddess Mana, who aims to find the legendary Mana Sword to save all life.

Introducing the Basics of Echoes of Mana


This game will guide you to complete the available quests. This quest will be separated into 4 parts, namely, there is Main which is your main quest as an Echoes of Mana player, where each chapter has a different story, and there will be different creatures as well as the boss. The second is an Event, which is an event provided by the developer to get some special rewards that are quite interesting and can increase the strength of your allies.

Image via Square Enix

The third is Training, as the name implies, this quest is to train your allies to get Mana board upgrade items to power up your allies. In this training, it is divided into 2 Dungeons, there are dungeon items which are further divided into 7 sections, and there are training quests for your allies with elements of fire (Flame), water (Aqua), wind (Zephyr), earth (Terra), light (Dawn), and darkness (Dusk), and there is also a daily training quest, and the second dungeon has a Gear dungeon. The last one is High Level for players who have reached a high level.


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Party here is a combination of allies that you choose to fight in the quest later. Then divide into 3 parties, there are Party Leader, Party Member 1, and Party Member 2, and each Party has 1 replacement Allies that you can substitute during the battle. So the total allies you bring into battle is 6 allies.

Echoes of Mana Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Echoes of Mana Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Combine your Allies

Before you start the quest, we recommend setting allies in your party, because it requires the right composition and according to the elements to issue additional power from the accumulated Combat power party, the percentage obtained according to the stars of your allies, can even reach 30%.

Allies combination Echoes of Mana Beginners Guide
Image via Square Enix

For example, if you have a water elemental ally then pair it with a water elemental ally as well, the same as the others. That’s very useful because when you reach a high chapter, your enemy gets stronger, and will have a hard time getting an S rating when running quests.

2. Utilise the Mega Spirit Magic efficiently

When your Mega Spirit Magic is full, we recommend saving it when you really need it, such as when fighting bosses, or fighting creatures that have a lot of them at once. Because if you use it at the wrong time, such as fighting 1 creature, it will waste the opportunity.

Mega Spirit Magic
Image via Square Enix

Because this Mega Spirit Magic has a very high amount of damage, due to the combined attacks of the three allies. To be able to use this Mega Spirit Magic, you must first use a Special Technique to fill the gauge to the full, then if it’s full, then you can use Mega Spirit Magic.

3. Understand the Mapping

Mapping Echoes of Mana Beginners Guide
Image via Square Enix

If you’re on a quest that has a map, chances are the quest has a large area, and usually, if there’s a map then there’s likely to be a chest to pick up, and it contains unique things you might need. In addition to the chest, there is also The Goddess Statue which serves to restore your health points, this really helps you to be able to defeat creatures in each stage, so your allies are not easily killed.

4. Use special techniques on each Ally

special techniques on each allies
Image via Square Enix

If you are in battle, and your special technique gauge allies look full of bright yellow, then the allies can already use the special technique, therefore you can tap the allies for substitution and then activate it, because sometimes if you don’t do it manually, it takes a while to activate it because the special technique is very useful for activating Mega Spirit Magic.

5. Increase your Allies’ stats

To increase allies’ stats, you need a high level, it can be obtained from completing each quest. Then it can be through Memory Gems, which can be obtained from Harvest, the more stars, the better the Memory Gems. Besides that, there is also a way through the gear that you can use such as helm, armor, necklace, and others.

Increase allies stats Echoes of Mana Beginners Guide
Image via Square Enix

The next way is through the training in the quest, this method is quite effective because, you can get a mana board upgrade that is used to unlock some statistics such as strength, mana power, Health points, intelligence, etc., and for completing the quest in training, your allies will level up as you train.

6. Completing your Quests quickly

Completing quests quickly
Image via Square Enix

If you are a gamer who doesn’t really like long storylines, and just enjoys fighting, you can use the skip feature which you can use via the menu button in the game, then select skip, then if you want to know the contents of the story, you can read first with touch Check story text then skip or go directly to the ok button to not see it at all.

7. Co-Op with other Players

Echoes of Mana has a feature called Co-Op which supports working with other players by controlling one member of the available allies. This Co-Op feature will be unlocked if you have reached Main Quest 2-12, so make sure you have passed the quest.

Co-Op Echoes of Mana Beginners Guide
Image via Square Enix

This feature is very useful for completing quests that are difficult to complete, so you can complete them with other players to make it easier, but it is recommended to organize the party as best as possible, and coordinate with your players or friends first, in order to get the best composition when completing the quest.

Final Thoughts

Echoes of Mana is perfect for you fans of the storyline of a game, because this game has it, and also for game lovers from the Mana series. In addition, this game is also very easy to play because the controls are quite simple. So go ahead and give it a try! If you find trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back on this Echoes of Mana Beginners Guide for tips.

That’s it from this Echoes of Mana beginners guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Echoes of Mana beginners guide useful. 

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