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The next season of PES Mobile which is renamed to eFootball 2022, is scheduled to release on 30th September 2021, for PC/Console and in Autumn for mobile devices. eFootball 2022 publishers KONAMI recently released details regarding how the game update will arrive along with the details regarding will affect Players, Managers & in-game items players currently have in their PES 2021 Mobile accounts. However, a lot of questions have been asked, and since KONAMI’s website didn’t make few things clear to the audience, in this guide, we’ll discuss in detail the carryover from PES 2021 Season Update to the next eFootball 2022 update.

eFootball 2022 Mobile: Game Update

KONAMI has confirmed that the upcoming eFootball 2022 mobile app will come as a game update to the current version of the game, just like previous years. It is so that the players do not have to worry about downloading the game separately. Once the game is launched after the season update maintenance is over, players can directly access the game after getting the update and downloading it from their respective app stores.

However, what we do not know is about the official release date. The only thing that is known is that it will come around in the Autumn of 2021, and we can speculate it could be around late October to early November.

eFootball 2022 Mobile Carryover guide

Carryover Items

Every year, this has been the case. KONAMI gives the carryover info two months before the release of their update, and this year too, this has been the case. eFootball 2022 carryover guide was released, and just like players expected, most of the stuff you had in-game is getting carried over. However, things are not as simple as they used to be. A lot of changes have been announced, and with the looks of it, players are confused on this, and honestly, KONAMI’s guide hasn’t been clear with the carryover guide they published. However, we will try to break it down and make the fans understand what they can see in eFootball 2022.

Here we have listed items that are going to carryover and will not carryover from PES 2021 to eFootball 2022:

Carryover ItemsNon-Carryover Items
My Club CoinsAll the items in the Inbox
GPUser Settings; for example, Control Settings, Commentary, Owner Name, Transactions, etc.
eFootball PointsAll remaining achievements (incomplete ones) and player records, statistics.
Cards that players currently own: Base, Featured, Legends, and Iconic MomentsManagers
 Agents: Legend Agent, Black Ball, Gold Ball, Silver Ball.
 Skill Tokens, Manager Boosts, Position Booster along with their use on players/managers.
 Purchased Themes, say Kiss Messi.
 Trainers and Scouts
 Carryover Players from PES 2020
Friends function and Friends List

However, players do not need to panic. Most of the items that are not getting carried over are going to fetch you a lot of GP, but it is tough to see most of the items getting vanished in a span of two months. Below is the list of items that will fetch GP when it is removed:

Non-Carryover ItemsGP received in eFootball 2022
Carryover PlayerGP value equal to the  release
ManagerThe purchase value of the manager in GP is earned. Although, if players had purchased a manager with coins, still they would receive GP only.
ScoutGP equivalent to the value received for releasing the Scout in eFootball PES 2021
Trainers1★: 500 GP
2★: 1,000 GP
3★: 1,500 GP
4★: 2,000 GP
5★: 2,500 GP
Player converted into trainer: 1,500 GP
Strip4,000 GP for each Strip
Original Theme1,000 GP
Contract Ticket1,000 GP for each Contract Ticket
Position Booster1,000 GP for each Position Booster
Skill Token1,000 GP for each Skill Token
Management Skill Boost1,000 GP for each Management Skill Boost

Again, adding to this, some items will not get any replacement/GP and will be completely wiped out after the eFootball 2022 update. These items include:

  • Items that are in the player inbox: Whatever item it might be, even if there are MyClub Coins or eFootball Points, they will get erased and cannot be claimed back.
  • Agents: Don’t be confused with Scouts. Agents (Black Ball, Gold Ball, Silver Ball, Free Legends) will not fetch any GP or even get a replacement.
  • Records: Sad to think of this, as veterans will feel bad considering the effort they’ve put over the years, and at the end of the day there’s nothing to show for it.

Changes from PES 2021 to eFootball 2022

As mentioned earlier, there is a lot to digest and understand while moving from PES 2021. The game items we currently have will be undergoing some changes, most noticeably new looks.

eFootball coins and currency details

As far as in-game currency is concerned, the GP system and eFootball Points will be continued with the same title, but MyClub coins will be renamed to eFootball coins once eFootball 2022 is live. They will still have the same application like they used to, players can use eFootball Coins to pull players or even purchase the “Match Pass” which is scheduled at a later date after release. eFootball Coins will continue as the main currency in the game.

in-game currency eFootball 2022
In-game currency eFootball 2022

However, the role of GP seems to be minimal after the update compared to PES 2021. Previously, players had the chance to sign top players like Legends via GP, but this time it will not be the case. Only Managers and Regular Players (discussed under the next subheading) can be signed via GP.

eFootball Points continue to remain a “earn, redeem, reward” policy within the game. However, what is going to be in the eFootball Store in eFootball 2022 is not known or announced by KONAMI. So, we advise players not to trust any unofficial source regarding the updates. These eFootball points expire after 6 months from the date of acquisition.

Players and new categories

The players that are available after carryover can be seen below:

eFootball PES 2021Converted IntoContract StatusLevelLock StatusAdd-ons
Legend PlayerLegendaryExpired1Locked 
Iconic MomentLegendaryExpired1LockedEach Iconic will fetch the player a Contract Renewal item which renews a player contract for 60 Days
Base PlayerStandard PlayerApproximately 365 days1Locked 
Base Player (ACL*)Standard Player (ACL*)Approximately 365 days1Locked 
Featured PlayerStandard PlayerApproximately 365 days1Locked 
Carryover Playern/a   GP equal to release value

*ACL – AFC Champions League card type

Legend Player and Iconic Moments will fall under one single category. They will come to eFootball 2022 under an expired contract status, which means they need to renew to get them on to the pitch. For every Iconic Moment, you known, a Contract Renewal item is obtained that can renew a player for up to 60 days. Base and Featured players are coming under the Standard Player category. Interesting points to note:

  • Players not included in eFootball 2022 at launch will not be carried over. This can be of any card type. As compensation, players will receive GP equal to the amount gained when releasing those players in eFootball PES 2021.
  • Some players included in eFootball PES 2021 but not included in eFootball 2022 at launch may be added to the game at a later date.
  • If a Base Player in eFootball PES 2021 is not included in eFootball 2022, but has a Standard player (ACL) counterpart with the same name, that player will be exchanged for the ACL version.
  • If a Base Player (ACL) in eFootball PES 2021 is not included in eFootball 2022, but has a non-ACL Standard player counterpart with the same name, that player will be exchanged for the non-ACL version.

Until last year, Carryover players were a popular figure in the game for obvious reasons. Firstly, they would exist as a player from last year which can be used in events or such. Next, they used to fetch a lot of GP when they get released. This time around, there is no such thing. Four types of players are the new norm from the upcoming season: Standard, Trending, Featured and Legendary. Details of each type are given below:


Standard Player eFootball 2022
Standard Player – eFootball 2022

The Base players from PES 2021 are the standard players. Your Featured and Base players from PES 2021 after the carryover will be Standard Players in eFootball 2022. They will continue to be affected via live updates, so form A, B, C, D, and E will still remain in the game. They can be purchased from eFootball Coins, GP, and Chance Deal (which is explained in the next section).


Trending Players eFootball 2022
Trending Players – eFootball 2022

Well, this is interesting. These players will be based on a specific match or week in which they put an impressive performance during the season. Sounds like featured? Yes, they are but they are not. They will come as Players of the Week. Sorry to confuse you, but still they can be considered as featured players, but in this case, Trending Players are not subject to training. These players cannot be trained, which means they can’t be developed any further. Their stats will stay as it is and can be signed only via a “Nominating Contract.”


Featured Player eFootball 2022
Featured Player – eFootball 2022

If Trending Players in eFootball 2022 are the new Featured from PES 2021, what are Featured Players then? Based on Seasonal performances, they are selected, and they can be developed by training. They can come as Club agents too, so keep your eyes on them. Also, they can be acquired by eFootball Coins, eFootball Points via Nominating Contract, and a Chance Deal.


Legendary Player eFootball 2022
Legendary Player – eFootball 2022

Your current IMs and Legend cards will be converted to one single card type “Legendary“, and they will start at level 1 with an expired contract. The biggest debate of them all, that is no mention of how Iconic Moments will be implemented alongside Legend cards of PES 2021, but there is this new single category of player cards. As per first looks, Legend cards from PES 2021 are considered Legendary, but still, it has a 4* rating on the card design. That has confused a lot of players.

But here is something that players should notice, previously legend cards were affiliated to their nationalities only, but this time, you can notice there is a club emblem in the player design. So, this means, based on age and club, a version of a Legendary card is chosen and then released to claim. They can be acquired by eFootball Coins, eFootball Points via Nominating Contract, and a Chance Deal.

What is really concerning for the players is how to see their Iconics get converted. Yes, this is a controversial move by KONAMI but this seems to be planned. They would not simply bring such a decision to work without planning. However, it is advised not to believe any other rumors until then.

Player contracts and Signing

This is the part where KONAMI’s guide was very unclear of what is being offered. People often would find it difficult to understand if some things said are unclear, and such heavily mistranslated guides would not do any good either. So, we will try out best to break down the contract systems that KONAMI has presented in their carryover guide for eFootball 2022.

Nominating Contract

This sounds weird to listen to, or else this has been translated badly. According to KONAMI’s definition, Nominating Contract is an item that allows you to sign a player of your choosing from a list of players tailored for this contract. It is like redeeming a player from the store using eFootball Points, or even players using GP. You can get all kinds of players via Nominating Contract.

Chance Deal

There you go, another weird translation. This is nothing but the random probability pulls you’ve been doing, especially for those sweet IMs (not anymore in eFootball). Here, except for Trending Players, you can claim the rest of the types via a Chance Deal.

In terms of the contract, all the players will receive 10 contract items after they update the game.

Tips players should follow going into eFootball 2022

Since there is a lot of stuff that is to be understood, players are currently in a dilemma on the game status. So, to help them, we have come up with some tips that they can follow to prepare for the new season of eFootball on their devices.

  • Release your carryover which you do not play with. Even though you get their release value going into eFootball 2022, it is better to make space for base players so that they get retained in the coming season.
  • Release unwanted players. Releasing them will give you a lot of slots. Here, you start opening agents that are in your inventory. Since they are going to be completely erased from the game without any replacement GP, it is better you slowly empty the hoarded agents and get GP.
  • Claim your inbox items. Else, they will all perish. You might also find many buried Coins or eFootball Points while digging, so better you follow this. You can, however, afford to keep a few trainers so when you claim a new player in PES 2021, you can train him.
  • If you are having trainers and agents in abundance, the best way to earn GP is to train players and then release them. Sounds hectic, but since there is a lot of time going into the update, you can do it with ease.
  • To get the highest GP from Trainers, keep 100 5★ trainers in your Trainer Inventory.
  • Do not use your Skill Items or Boosts if there is no requirement, thinking they would be removed. They will get GP as the return of removal, and the skills you gift the players will not carryover.
  • Do not release any of your Managers. You will, in return, get the GP that you’ve spent on each.

Main Features to look forward for

Cross-Gen matches

As mentioned during the release, players can now play cross-platform matches. So, a mobile player can opt to play against a PC/Console player while having the option of controller support for his device to balance the game. Players used to have UE4 for mobile and Fox Engine for Console, and with all the platforms having the same engine in eFootball 2022, it might be seen as unfair for all the players as each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. We will be given more info on this at a later date.

Match Pass

match pass in eFootball
Match Pass in eFootball

Well, this has to be very clear that one or the other day all might have thought this coming. It is because this system is so popular among the fans of any game, so every game is introducing its own kind of a “Gift Pass” system. Here too, KONAMI has played smart and are coming with the Match Pass, with both Free and Purchasable. With every match you play, you’ll have the chance to earn rewards like the “Nominating Contract“, which allows you to sign a player of your choosing, among other items. You can purchase an “Advantage Match Pass” using eFootball Coins to get even more items.

New Objectives

These shall include tasks that a player should complete over a specific period of time or without a time limit that will get fetch them rewards. These also will be separated for Campaign and on a weekly basis. Another type existing within objectives is the Premium Objectives, which can be unlocked using eFootball Coins.

eFootbal Creative League

Something new coming this season, which allows players to play PvP matches against evenly-matched opponents and gather points to rise the Divisions. Players will gain rewards based on their performance during a round and their final standing at the end of a phase. Each round will consist of 10 matches. By the looks of it, it looks like a FIFAesque division theme, where players will rank at each tier based on their performances. With online ratings not having any rewards.

Master League

eFootball 2022 Master League
Master League in eFootball 2022

For those who were anticipating something new, the producer of the eFootball 2022 game, Seitaro Kimura, had confirmed that the upcoming eFootball 2022 edition for mobile will feature Master League in his interview for Gamer Japan. We can expect some tweaks and changes to balance out for the mobile version compared to the PC/Console versions, and then get a release on a later date even after the initial eFootball 2022 mobile release. You can read more details on the same here.

FAQs on eFootball 2022 carryover

Q: Will my Iconic Moments players carryover in eFootball 2022?

A: Yes. However, they will now not be called “Iconic Moments.” Iconic Moments have lasted for two seasons, and sadly that’s all for them. They will now be called “Legendary” players. Well, the thing of having Iconic Moments players of active players like Rashford, Kubo definitely be odd when you consider Legendary cards, but KONAMI can definitely have two or three versions of a single-player based on their club, age, playstyle, etc in the future (example Beckham).

Q: What do you mean by an expired contract?

A: Simple understanding, say in PES 2021 after 10 matches, your player will have his contract expired. Same case here, IMS and Legends after being converted to “Legendary” card types will stay in the same way. You have to extend their contracts.

Q: Is the trading system continued in eFootball 2022?

A: We do not like to provide false news on this, but our first view is that since KONAMI retains the “card” system of giving out players, the player trade system should continue. Since it has nothing to do with items that are getting removed, it will be most likely retained to the next season.

What are your thoughts on eFootball 2022? Did you find this eFootball 2022 mobile carryover guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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