eFootball 2023: Top 5 defending tips and tricks players should follow

The best tips to follow while defending!

eFootball 2023 has been steadily getting some decent updates starting from Season 3 which has been slowly upping the game of KONAMI’s popular football franchise. The recently announced plans via the 2023 Roadmap announcement also made it clear that they are willing to do the needful. Talking about the game, defending in eFootball 2023 has been slightly different, with the gameplay changes coming into the picture. So, it becomes important that the players understand the techniques and new skills added in the game. So, in this article, we shall be looking at the top 5 defending tips and tricks that players should follow in eFootball 2023.

Top 5 defending tips to follow in eFootball 2023

1. Maintain your backline

The first and foremost tip to remember is to maintain your backline. What players mistakenly do is just defend without caution, or be very aggressive, especially when playing a high line. This becomes very difficult to get control of and hence takes turns to have plenty of mistakes from the side of the defenders.

So, always maintain your backline. The Radar view will help you a lot in that regard, and you will be able to quickly see the players against you. Do not engage until you are sure that you have enough coverage. Double Pressing will also work with one defender and any of your midfielders working for it. This way, you don’t create an opening. Always remember, do not double press with two CBs.

2. Cut the passing lines

Interception skill should be utilized very often. Even while playing online, people emphasize high and relentless pressing, which creates a massive hole in midfield and allows a good player to break his backline without any sweat. So, breaking the passes is a tactical way to approach your game.

Interceptions in eFootball 2023
Image via KONAMI

Once you get into the game, you can see that the player will have a distinct style of play. Most prefer the quick 1-2s with their players, while the rest play slow possession. Here, you can anticipate his next move, and with one player, cover the closest passing option he has. This will result in different scenarios, him getting intercepted, or trying to lob the ball or passing it back. Either way, it is a plus.

3. Match-up is very helpful in 1v1s

When defending against an oncoming dribbler, defenders will try to position themselves adequately between the opponent and the goal. With Match-up, you can now force your player to do the same in-game. Match-up makes it easier for your player to block oncoming passes and shots, and thus helps a lot in getting a good defensive cover.

Match-up ever since their introduction has been the most effective move a player can make. It positions your player well, and with great defensive awareness, it will help in blocking shots and crosses, and the positioning of your defender will be more adaptable and allows you to focus on other areas of defense. So make sure you learn this and use it in your matches.

4. Use Shoulder Charge frequently

In general, a shoulder charge is a football term that refers to a physical play in which a player uses their shoulder to push an opponent out of the way in order to gain possession of the ball. Although we have had this in the previous versions where a dedicated move would allow your player to push the opponent off the ball.

However, the Shoulder Charge move works amazingly when you are side by side, and this doesn’t result in a foul at all. Use this move when you are closer to the player so that it will work without any issues. Another piece of advice we suggest is that using this move should be limited inside your box and from behind the player, as you never know when the ref might hand a penalty. So do remember these tips while defending in eFootball 2023.

5. Dropping your DMF deep

This is a wonderful tip that many players do not know. DMF doesn’t mean you are sitting in the center of midfield, but his defensive cover is very much needed not to concede. Common error players do pressing wide with the DMF, and if you are not having a flexible formation, things may go awry.

So, a great trick to solidify your defensive structure is by the help of dropping your DMF behind. Position him in such a way that he lies between two CBs of yours in a 4-atb formation or right next to the center CB in a 3-atb. This will nullify most of the threats as he will provide an extra defensive option for your team.

Bonus: A good CB pairing resolves many issues

Choosing the right pair for your defensive duties is the best way to prevent defensive mishaps. Consider playing two Destroyer playstyle players in your squad. Both being aggressive, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage them not to leave out of position, so you need to select the defenders who can complement each other.

Defenders for Quick Counter
An example setup of a Quick Counter defensive line (Image via KONAMI)

Another important tip to remember is the Team Playstyle you are using. Many players forget this, and hence it is not at all easy to get good results. So, our suggestion will be to check the defensive line of your team, and for example, if it is a high line, then choose the quickest CBs for the same. This way, you can stop counters without any difficulties.

Final Thoughts

Defending in eFootball has remained similar over the years, with a few skills added here and there. Even with the changes in gameplay, the arrangement of your backline is constant and doesn’t need much practice to settle into the new style. The gameplay difference is, however, noticeable.

The changes we have currently mainly focuses on player abilities and it is actually great to finally see the player’s skills being put to test. You will have more control over your players, the defending is more manual, and more concentration is needed to deliver the best results. So, we suggest you remember these tips and get your team running and winning!

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Did you find this eFootball 2023 top 5 defending tips guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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