eFootball 2023 brings its Club-themed Season 3 update with new events, rewards, and more

Welcome back the Club Squads!

Another eFootball 2023 update has hit all the platforms, introducing the Season 3 update, which is live from 12th January. The v2.3.2 update will also come with exciting events. After the success of the Qatar World Cup 2022-based Season 2, KONAMI’s frontline title plans to resume the Club squad events, because of which the update is themed “Back to the Clubs“.

Back to the Clubs: Season 3 focuses on the Club Squads

The theme is simple, the transition from National Teams to Club Squads. After a month-long Season 2 run in the game, the Football Festival came to an end with Argentina winning the trophy which also indicated that Season 2 will come to a halt. Players have returned to their respective clubs, so the focus will be on the League and Cup games.

Messi in eFootball, Season 3 update
Image via KONAMI

Season 3 update will continue what the game has been doing, updating on Club Fixtures. The POTW packs, Club Selection packs, and the newly announced Derby packs will all feature players playing for their respective clubs, not countries anymore. This might feel tough to digest, as Season 2 gave us some amazing National POTWs along with Epic and Big Time cards. So, we all have a question, what’s coming this season?

1. New Epic and Big Time players to spearhead packs

Once again, we will get to see new Epic and Big Time players on the basis of their accolades in the Domestic Leagues of their respective times. Top football forwards: Marco Van Basten, Didier Drogba, and Shinji Kagawa will be introduced as Epic players during this season.

United legend Ruud van Nistelrooy, One of Arsenal’s greatest captains Patrick Vieira, and Barcelona icon Hristo Stoichkov will lead the player packs as Big Time players.

2. Updated Match Pass and Highlight Players

An updated Match Pass is also another boost to this season. Again coming with Regular, Value, and Premium Match Pass tiers, it will feature more rewards as the player progresses.

Nominating Contracts has been a boon in helping sign high-quality players for your squad, and KONAMI has once again succeeded in bringing top-tier players. Under the Back to the Clubs campaign, players can sign Mid-season MVPs and Club Icons through Nominating Contracts. This is amazing to strengthen your respective Dream Teams.

3. Lunar New Year Campaign to gift bonuses

KONAMI’s Lunar New Year events are always special as they gift users lucrative rewards. This time too, the player can claim a plethora of Training Exp. Along with that, the bonus campaign objectives are also updated. This allows the players to earn up to 120,000 GP, 2,000 eFootball™ Points and 50,000 Exp.

eFootball Season 3 Lunar New Year Campaign 2023
Image via KONAMI

Along with the tour event, a Special Challenge event is also featured, titled “European Club Championship”. Players can choose from any of the Regular, Top Player, and Legend difficulty levels to earn 30,000 Exp. for each Match Level conquered.

4. Fixes applied to improve the experience

A couple of issues which were addressed before were also fixed during this update release.

  • There was an annoying Double Touch skill bug, which when performed made the skill move to perform continuously, and this wasn’t in the hands of the player. This was fixed, and 50,000 GP is sent to all users that have created an account by 01/12/2023 02:00 (UTC).
  • In the Game Plan section of the Trial Match, where a player from the Reserves is missing and cannot be found elsewhere. This was also fixed and compensation is also given.

Final Thoughts

Season 2 was one of the best in terms of the packs, modes, and rewards. The experience itself was amazing, as it was a FIFA World Cup-themed event. So, to replicate that, KONAMI had to introduce something that would keep the users engaged. But for now, Club-themed events are the only solution.

However, by the looks of the event details, the events aren’t catchy, or the players when you compare them with what the players got from the last season. But the Nominating Contracts are introduced to brand new Highlight players, so that would be a worthy wait. Overall, as the season progress, we can see how well this has been implemented.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming eFootball 2023 Season 3 update? Are you excited about the events to follow? Let us know in the comments below.

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