eFootball 2023: Top 5 tips for improving Online Gameplay

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eFootball 2023 starting from Season 3 has been steadily getting some decent updates which have been slowly upping the game of KONAMI‚Äôs popular football franchise. The recently announced plans via the 2023 Roadmap announcement also made it clear that they are listening to the fans and are improvising the changes in gameplay. One such improvement that players expect is with the online gameplay, which they feel needs to have more stability. Also, players find it difficult to reflect their style of play So, in this article, we shall discuss a few tips to improve online gameplay in eFootball 2023.

Top 5 online gameplay tips to follow in eFootball 2023

1. Checking your connectivity

Players complain a lot about online performance and blame the network for their loss in many cases. But to be fair, even the players are part of the problem, as bad networks can create a horrible experience for the opponent player as well. This time, the network bar has come but still, there are reports of bad matchups.

Games like eFootball work with ping and peer-to-peer networks, and in most cases it will be stable enough to play a great game. So, players should have an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with good connectivity, the lowest jitters, and data loss. Also, make sure that your upload speed is more than 5Mbps with a ping of less than 250 ms which guarantees you have a good online experience

2. Building an online squad

Building a perfect squad is near to impossible, yes. But ever thought of keeping a squad separate for online matches? If you didn’t, start building one now. The reason because you can have a familiar set of players playing with a certain manager, and as a player, you will know the pros and cons of your squad, and help the recruitment later on if you need a change.

Team Playstyle
Image via KONAMI eFootball 2022 Beginners Guide

The best to put it is to have your team trained for two different Team playstyles using progression points and have a manager like Luis Enrique who can switch between Possession Game and Counter Attack whenever you need. So, you can switch tactics between the two if you feel you have been overrun in the match and accordingly do substitutions without dropping in familiarity.

3. Player form and conditioning

Player form in real-life is always something that players need to check out. The reason behind this is that they will directly affect the player’s impact in a match, and can underperform in some conditions. However, the best solution is by playing legends or epic cards in the game that maintain B form throughout. But sometimes, players with A form always leave an impact.

eFootball conditioning
Image via KONAMI

So every time a live update drops, players should look at their squad, and see if there are players who are in D or E form. If yes, replace them with the players with A, B, and C. Before entering the match, check the player’s conditioning. If you have players with orange or red arrows, replace them with the ones who are green, which means they are likely to perform better.

4. Not rushing into mistakes

Aggressive pressing problems? Goalkeeper rushing out from the goal line even though you are complaining that you never rushed him up? Finishing shots going out wide? Well, these are not scripts at all. In fact, these mistakes happen when a player wants to just rush and score goals, and mainly play the game without wanting any error in his style of play.

So, players should be extra cautious while pressing. Online matches are really quick and the tempo of the game isn’t in the control of any player, so there will be plenty of chances from both ends compared to a game against AI. So, it is always advised that the players anticipate the opponent’s moves, do not rush or press high, or make silly mistakes.

5. Outplaying the opponent with his own game

Always the opponent has a distinct style of play. Whether it be lobbing balls up high or slowing down the tempo of the game, a style of play is followed. It sometimes is tough to break down, and hence he gets the better of you in the game. So, what you need to do, is just simply break his plans by following his game style.

eFootball gameplay
Image via KONAMI

Might seem a tricky suggestion, but it works most of the time. Once you follow his style of play, for example slowing the pace of the game down, if he’s someone who gets frustrated easily, he will jump to play a faster game and hence, it will lead to mistakes. You call this getting into the head of the opponent. Once you do that, you can easily beat him, playing his own game.

Final Thoughts

Online eFootball matches have always been about competition and fair play, but some people take it far too seriously. However, players should have a competitive nature, which is healthy for any sport they play, but it should be treated as such in the game. Because this is a mobile game, you must play it fairly and squarely while also having fun.

Whenever you are playing a competitive game online, what becomes important is that you need to set up both your tactics and gameplay settings right. Network issues might persist, but if you are confident about your connection, do not hesitate to play with players with a connectivity of three bars or more. If you have any other extra suggestions to give or have a doubt, feel free to throw your queries in the comment box.

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