eFootball 2024: 5 Squad Building tips that players should follow

Where's your squad at?

With the arrival of a fresh football season in eFootball 2024, the excitement of assembling the best squad is always the topmost priority. Many players have been trying their hand to get the best managers and players for their team to stay ahead of the other players, and just the start of the season has attracted a lot of interest. In any football game, building a winning squad is crucial for success. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, managing a strong squad would be the highest priority. So, to help you with it, here are five simple squad-building tips that every player should keep in mind to dominate the pitch in eFootball 2024.

Squad Building Tips for eFootball 2024

1. Understand Player Playing styles

One factor to get good results is choosing players on the basis of playing styles. Players exhibit various styles of play, and their effectiveness can vary depending on their positions. Without a good grasp of these styles, it can be challenging to succeed in the long run. Knowing the playing styles of your players enables you to adapt your tactics during a match.

eFootball 2024 playing style
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The key thing to grasp in the game is that while players have set positions, they also need to activate their specific playing styles. For instance, a Build Up playing style won’t activate when a player is in the right-back (RB) position, and you may need to manually adjust the player’s role. While this approach can be effective at times, it may not always yield the desired outcomes.

2. Be flexible with your formations

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Choosing the right formation is the foundation of building a successful squad. It isn’t different in eFootball 2024 either, as playing to your strengths becomes important. The removal of the Playstyle Level makes it easy to not worry about team chemistry. Although you shall try to maintain a balance between attack and defense within your formation, sometimes adjusting these parameters will also play a factor.

3. Choosing the right managers and Team Playstyle

This is a continuation of the previous pointer I shared. The right managers may not be the priciest option available, but the rating will make a difference in a few games. The team playstyles come in five different types each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The choice of which style to adopt ultimately rests with the player.

eFootball 2024 manager
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So, what style to play? Possession Game? Quick Counter? Depending on the scenarios, these will change. Need most of the ball? You need to pick Possession Game surely. But what if it isn’t working, and the manager you have doesn’t have a good enough rating for Long Ball? So, you might consider picking managers who have balanced stats in at least two/three styles of play, so that you don’t worry much if you are switching playstyles.

4. Player builds play an important role

With the removal of Team Playstyle Proficiency, it becomes easy to train the players without much of a hurdle. All the progression points go to the player’s stats, and you can easily give the players the points with the help of it. However, this is something the players need to think about, given the reason being understanding the player builds.

eFootball 2024 player build
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Auto allocation typically provides the optimal build for achieving the highest possible rating, but this approach isn’t something I follow or recommend for top players. I’ve observed instances where the auto allocation system has its shortcomings, and you need to manually customize a player’s build to align with your squad’s specific setup. This case is important if you are looking to utilize a particular player according to your squad setup.

5. Fill your player slots with the best picks possible

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Well, this is a common yet crucial tip in any guide, which is to fill your player slots with as many best available picks. The reason behind this advice is that the game isn’t a one-way drive, as it will always present scenarios where some players can be game-changers, you never quite know which player will truly excel and make a significant impact on your team. Having a roster comprised of quality players increases your chances of finding the perfect fit for your playing style.

Final Thoughts

Overall, building a good squad is always a priority, and a well-oiled team gives you results. It goes beyond simply selecting the players with the highest ratings; it entails comprehending each player’s unique strengths, finding the right fit for them, and integrating them effectively into your squad. If you find it difficult to consider the results of your games, feel free to approach us for more eFootball 2024 Squad Building tips.

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