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Epic Seven Beginners Guide and Tips

My children, I entrust this world to you!

Epic Seven is one of the most played RPG games developed by Super Creative Studios and published by Smilegate. Epic Seven is a game that is suitable for anyone because Epic Seven is an RPG game where you do not need to spend your money to improve the heroes. With that, here is the Epic Seven Beginners Guide for new players to start their adventure in Epic Seven.

Gameplay Overview

The story of the 7th World continues as Diche, the Goddess of Life, summons the Guardians and the Heir of the Covenant, shaping them once more. Following those events, you can immerse yourself in a captivating story with fully playable 2D animation and eye-catching skill effects.

Epic Seven Beginners Guide
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Embark on a monster hunt in the Raid Labyrinth for epic rewards, show off your skills in the dynamic PvP Arena, and compete in intense 3v3 Guild Wars for glory. Face the awakened World Boss with up to 16 Heroes and compete against players from around the world in the real-time World Arena. The adventure in the Seventh World awaits you!

Introducing the Basics of Epic Seven

Lookout for Goddess Statues

While you are getting into the battle inside the game, in some areas you will find a Goddess Statue. This statue will help you to complete the battle. There are two different types of goddess statues that you will encounter in the game, goddess of recovery and goddess of the soul.

Goddess of Recovery

Goddess of recovery Epic Seven Beginners Guide
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This type of goddess statue will recover the Health Points for the whole heroes in your formation, the characteristic of this statue is that the statue will have a green light surrounding it.

Goddess of Soul

The type of goddess statue that will give you a soul. The soul will be collected in a gauge at the bottom of the screen. There are two functions of the soul, the first one is to enhance the skills of your heroes, to do that is simple when you see “burn” in the soul gauge, you can press it and your heroes will receive an enhancement for their skills, this enhancement is called Goulburn. The second is to summon a guardian.

Goddess of soul
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To summon the guardian, you will need to collect the soul until it fills the gauge full, then you click on the guardian button to summon it, and the guardian will appear and help you defeat the enemy. The recommendation to summon the guardian is when you are fighting the boss.

Introducing the Guardians

Guardian is your special companion in your adventure together with your heroes. A guardian can be summoned by using souls that you collect when you are fighting the enemy.

Guardian Epic Seven Beginners Guide
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Guardians will be very useful in the battle against bosses. But before you can summon your guardian, you will need to obtain it first, to obtain it, you just need to progress along with the story, you will get one in your journey.

Understanding the basics of gameplay

Epic Seven not only provides RPG fighting-style gameplay, but it also allows players to explore non-combat areas. You will be taken to the game’s world map as soon as you click the adventure button in the lobby.

Gameplay type Epic Seven Beginners Guide
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Once your adventure begins, one of the following things will happen: in Epic Seven, you may not always have to fight monsters to advance through an area; occasionally, your goal might be to simply talk to someone or meet someone. Other requirements might be to open a golden chest, have a hero of a certain element in your team, or even finish a stage without any of your heroes fainting to receive three stars.

Master the Equipment Sets

In the fantasy realm of RPGs like Epic Seven, there is a treasure trove of special gear sets hidden within battle chests or obtained through Hunts. Equip the Attack Set for a strong 45% boost in attack, the Health Set for a solid 20% increase in max HP, or the Critical Set for a modest 12% increase in critical hits.

Epic Seven Beginners Guide
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Customize your strategy with sets such as Defense, Speed, Crit Damage, Hit, Resist, and Lifesteal, which each provide unique benefits. Choose unity with the Unity Set’s 8% dual attack chance, or seek vengeance with the Revenge Set, which increases speed as you lose HP. For the daring, the Torrent Set trades 10% health for a 10% damage increase when attacking. However, remember that strategic decisions are critical, and gold is the key to gear flexibility.

Know your Artifacts

In Epic Seven, you can equip heroes with both equipment and artifacts. Artifacts are special items with passive abilities. If your heroes are equipped with artifacts, they will gain increased stats and an additional passive skill, which will greatly assist your team in victory.

Epic Seven
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Some Artifacts may provide stat boosts to your heroes, such as increased Attack, Crit chance, or Crit damage, while others may provide completely different buffs, such as the ability to attack twice in one turn or counter-attack when opponents attack your team. To summarize, artifacts are extremely important for your heroes, so don’t forget to equip them.

Epic Seven Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Unlock Selective Summon

To gain access to the Selective Summon feature, complete Episode 1, Chapters 1–10. Use this function to strategically improve your units and artifact pulls, ensuring a guaranteed 5-star unit on the 1st, 10th, 20th, and 30th summons.

2. Prioritize Wyvern Stages

Advance quickly through the Wyvern stages to obtain superior gear and crafting materials. Also, concentrate on Banshee and Azimanak hunts for valuable Counter, Lifesteal, and Immunity Gear Sets.

3. Resource Management

Save charms for upgrading gears over level 75. When making a MolaGora investment, exercise caution and avoid units you are unsure about. Efficient resource allocation is critical to long-term success.

4. Bookmark Conservation

Save bookmarks for relevant banners and events. Avoid unnecessary pulls and prepare for limited unit releases, save bookmarks and only use them when there is a hero banner you want or a meta hero banner is on. If you want to learn more about meta heroes, see our Hero tier list guide.

5. Join an Active Guild

Joining a guild and actively participating in guild activities can earn you Gold and Battle Experience buffs. You can also use the Guild Shop to purchase valuable items, and you can participate in Guild Wars to earn Mystic Medals.

6. Seek Assistance in Game Chat

Use the game chat to communicate with experienced players. Add them as friends to help you progress through the story stages, potentially making yourself some new friends.

7. Participate in many different Events

Participate in events on Discord, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to earn Leif, which is essential for energy replenishment during farming sessions.

8. Unlock the Pet System

Rush to Account Rank 25 to unlock the Pet System, which allows you to use the auto-repeat feature in stage battles and gain access to pet stats such as doubled Hunt Material Drops and more.

9. Embrace the Enjoyment

Regardless of your goals, remember to enjoy the game. Whether you’re collecting characters or aiming for competitive ranks, invite friends and enjoy the experience. Enjoy mock battles once you reach Account Rank 65 with your friends.

Final Thoughts

Epic Seven is similar to the majority of RPGs available on mobile gaming platforms. This game is suitable for those who enjoy anime-style characters. The story, character design, and gameplay in this game are fantastic, but there is one catch: the game becomes quite grindy around the time you reach mid-game content. But don’t worry, the game’s fun features exceed these drawbacks, so just play at your own pace and enjoy the game.

That’s all from us for the Epic Seven Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our Epic Seven Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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