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Epic Seven Moonlight 5-Star Hero Tier List for January 2024

Choose from the best characters of this month!

Epic Seven is one of the most played RPG games developed by Super Creative Studios and published by Smilegate. Epic Seven is a game that is suitable for anyone because Epic Seven is an RPG game where you do not need to spend your money to improve the heroes. Here is our Epic Seven Tier List of Moonlight 5-Star Heroes based on their stats and abilities to give you insight on what to pick for your party for January 2024.

Epic Seven Moonlight 5-Star Tier List for January 2024

In this tier list, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the Moonlight 5-Star Heroes in Epic Seven, as well as rank the heroes in tiers from which you can select who to add to your roster. There will 4 tiers (S, A, B, C) based on each class. We will also provide the best heroes among all heroes included in this tier list to help you consider your lineup in battle.

TierKnightWarriorMageRangerSoul WeaverThief
Strong (S)Navy Captain Landy,
Last Rider Krau
Conqueror Lilias,
Mediator Kawerik
Specter Tenebria,
Briar Witch IseriaDeath Dealer Ray
Good (A)Belian,
Ambitious Tywin,
Abyssal Yufine 
Lone Crescent Bellona,
Lionheart Cermia,
Martial Artist Ken,
Urban Shadow Choux
Solitaria of the Snow,
Sage Baal and Sezan
Pirate Captain Flan,
Faithless Lidica
Maid Chloe,
Desert Jewel Basar
Remnant Violet,
Spirit Eye Celine
Fair (B)Fallen CeciliaDesigner Lilibet,
Apocalypse Ravi, Dark Corvus
Architect Laika,
Requiem Roana
Commander Pavel,
Astromancer Elena
Sylvan Sage VivianCloser Charles,
Twisted Eidolon Kayron
Weak (C)Little Queen Charlotte,
Judge Kise
Archdemon’s Shadow,
Top Model Luluca,
Silver Blade Aramintha
Operator SigretBlood Moon HasteArbiter Vildred,
Specimen Sez

Best meta Moonlight 5-Star in Epic Seven for January 2024

Navy Captain Landy (Knight)

Even though Navy Captain Landy is a knight, she is a good bruiser and can deal some good damage. To make the best use of her kit, she must counter frequently. In addition to providing other allies with a crit resist buff that significantly reduces their likelihood of taking a critical hit, her passive makes her immune to sleep and stun.

Epic Seven Moonlight Tier List
Image via Smilegate

Her third skill strengthens her attack and uses defense penetration to stun every enemy. She can use her ability 1 to deal more damage and heal herself if she has a counter set.

Last Rider Krau (Knight)

Last Rider Krau skill 1 is decent, as it only provides a speed boost. His skill 2 is a passive that reduces the cooldown of his skill 3 by one turn when hit by any attack, and by two turns if attacked by an AoE attack.

Epic Seven Moonlight Tier List
Image via Smilegate

Furthermore, when LRK and his team are attacked, his passive provides a single-turn barrier for the entire team. His skill 3 is an AoE attack that ignores the enemy’s defense and grants AoE team immunity.

Conqueror Lilias (Warrior)

Conqueror Lilias is a top-tier unit known for her versatile kit that complements any team. While not a solo powerhouse, her AoE Vigor, buff manipulation, and taunt make her an excellent opener in PvP modes such as Guild War, Arena, and RTA.

Epic Seven Moonlight Tier List
Image via Smilegate

She is less effective in PvE than she is in PvP, but this does not make her a bad Hero; she is still better than many heroes in PvE, but she excels at boosting her team’s potential in player-versus-player combat.

Mediator Kawerik (Warrior)

Mediator Kawerik has gone from decent to outstanding! In PvP, his increased HP% multipliers and improved third skill make him an effective counter to the formidable Angel of Light Angelica.

Epic Seven Moonlight Tier List
Image via Smilegate

While being a rare ML 5-star unit presents a challenge for many players, those who have him will find him extremely effective, especially in Real-Time Arena matchups against Angel of Light Angelica.

Specter Tenebria (Mage)

Specter Tenebria is powerful in both PvE and PvP. When any character dies, she gains a significant damage boost (up to 50%), and her third skill hits harder with more enemy debuffs, resulting in a 50% reduction in combat readiness on kills.

Specter Tenebria
Image via Smilegate

In PvP, she is vulnerable to AoE, but healers can help. Her damage scales with debuffs, particularly defense breaks, and increases with character death. When her third skill is on cooldown; it hits two enemies, making her an excellent offensive choice.

Zio (Mage)

With his passive, Zio can go first and silence the enemy opener, such as Ran or Conqueror Lilias, who can reach speeds of 310 to 320 at higher ranks. Zio is an excellent choice for slower players due to his lower speed requirements, which his passive allows him to abuse.

Image via Smilegate

When attacking with Skill 1 if Zio has the Defy buff from Skill 3, he can use an extra attack to penetrate the defense. Skill 3 removes two debuffs and applies silence. This also grants Zeo the Defy buff.

Briar Witch Iseria (Ranger)

Briar Witch Iseria‘s most recent update improves her PvP strength by changing her S3 to a defense break and adding a passive that prevents revives. She excels against evasion units, particularly with the Oath Key, which provides a massive 65% bonus hit chance.

Briar Witch Iseria
Image via Smilegate

Her S3 now removes buffs and applies unbuffable and defense breaks, making her useful for cleave or first-turn stripping. Additionally, her most recent buff grants her self-immortality on fatal damage, increasing her survivability.

Death Dealer Ray (Soul Weaver)

To use Death Dealer Ray effectively, you must deal with the enemy team’s immunity and control who cleanses debuffs from the enemy team. The faster you make Death Dealer Ray, the faster he can reapply his skill 2 and put pressure on the opponent.

Death Dealer Ray
Image via Smilegate

Ray’s skill 3 allows him to inflict Venom on multiple Heroes. You can detonate the Venom using Ray’s skill 1. You must be cautious about whether the enemy cleanses debuffs and applies immunity buffs to themselves.

Final Thoughts

All Moonlight 5-Star heroes in Epic Seven have their strengths and weaknesses, the tier list above is just for the basic party formation. Understanding the heroes and what equipment should be put on them is the key to building the ultimate party. You will find more heroes that will be suitable for you outside the table above in the game, as long you read the skill that the hero has, you can decide who you should pick next or who you should put in the same party with.

What do you think about this Epic Seven Moonlight 5-Star Hero Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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