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Eroica Beginners Guide and Tips

Find the inner courage to harness his powers before the world!

Eroica is an RPG anime-based game that is available on both Android and iOS devices. The game is an online adventure game that revolves around a journey of a brother and a sister who form their team against the ancient dragon. Many characters with different abilities and powers help the player form the ultimate team against the dragons. So, let us go deep into this Erocia guide and help beginners to get familiar with it.

Introducing the Basics of Eroica

Eroica revolves around the story where two siblings plan to defeat the ancient dragon with the help of a Protagonist who has to sacrifice at the end of the story. Followed by the animation introduction, players are then moved into the tutorial of the game. In the tutorial, players learn about the basics of the game like movement, attacks, and usage of the powers of individual characters.

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There is a single-story mode in the game, namely Adventure where the real storyline runs. Players earn rewards after they complete every chapter. The game has several characters who are divided into different tiers and classes.

Eroica-gameplay-Overview-2 Eroica Beginners Guide
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Players have to distinguish properly between the power level of the players and form their squad with the best heroes. Players can upgrade the heroes with in-game currencies and points earned by completing the chapters and daily missions assigned.

The Lobby

Up in the lobby, players can get access to all the features of the game which are necessary. The entry is actually the main home page of the game. Players can check their profile, level, and rankings and also go for the battle pass and mission pass.

Lobby Eroica Beginners Guide Eroica Beginners Guide
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The battle pass and mission pass help the players to earn great rewards which will be discussed later. Players can customize their lobby with their favorite hero. Some of the main sections which are important for beginners in this Eroica guide to know are:

  • The Adventure mode
  • Summon
  • Carriage
  • Battle pass
  • Mission pass
  • Trophies and shop
  • Heroic

Adventure mode

The Adventure Mode is the section of the game where the players can go and continue with the storyline. The storyline comes up with 0 Prologues and 5 chapters each having 25 missions on average. Every mission under the prologues and the chapters have some assigned quests which are required to be completed by the players.

By completing the quests, players can gain huge rewards such as golds, Adventurer EXP, EXP potions, and many more that will help them progress. In the Adventure mode, players can find four more sections:

  • Arkham: This section comes up with all the upcoming missions of the storyline which are to be followed and played by the users.
  • World: Here, players can access the map and unlock different areas to continue in the game.
  • Objectives: The objectives section shows all the rewards that players will get after they complete each mission in Arkham.
  • Quest: The Quest shows the guaranteed rewards which will be claimed by the players. These rewards are claimed after the players complete prologues and stories under the chapters.


In this section, players can summon heroes and weapons that can be used in the squad. There are different sub-sections present here that have different purposes.

  • Heroic: In the heroic section, the game comes up with a pack that has one of the best heroes in the game. The probability of equipping those heroes is very difficult. Thus, try your luck and summon the best hero to rule the battle.
  • Pre-core: The Pre-core comes up with one of the finest heroes. The summoning rate of the heroes is very rare. Players will not get the same hero after they have summoned them once. There is a total of 26 heroes and shiny Pre-core pieces are required for summoning these heroes. They can be further divided as:
    • Pickup Pre-core
    • SSR Pre-core
    • SR Pre-core
    • R Pre-core
    • N Pre-core
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  • Present: Here, the summoning of heroes is quite in the favor of players. If a player summons 10 heroes at a time, the player will receive a 2-star hero or SR Pre-core hero guaranteed. Free and paid Pellets are required for summoning heroes. Players must have at least 10 Pellets to summon a hero.
  • Gear: In this section, players can summon weapons, armor, helms, shoes, rings, and necklaces for the heroes. To summon gears, players need at least 10 Pellets. The rarest item in this summon is the Hero Necklace which has a probability of 1.50% to summon.
  • Platinum: The platinum section is a special deal for the players where it is guaranteed to receive a 3-star hero. For this, players must buy this summons with real-life cash through in-app purchases.

Battle and Mission Pass

The Battle Pass is an in-game Pass for the players to make the game interesting for them. Battle Pass provides one of the finest rewards to the players after they level up. There are two types of Battle Pass, Rank Up Reward and Special Reward.

The Rank Up reward follows a certain system where players have to rank up and, on every rank, up they are rewarded with items. On the other hand, the Special Reward has to be bought with 300 Pellets. Here also, on each rank up players get rewarded with better rewards compared to Rank up rewards.

Battle pass
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The game also has a Battle Pass booster that will help the players to earn double the number of rewards on every rank up. For accessing this, players have to go for in-app purchases, and then they can get the fun of this feature. The Mission Pass is yet another pass that comes seasonally for a particular hero. Players are assigned some objectives they must complete with that particular hero and earn great rewards.

Trophies and shop

The Trophies section is the place where players are assigned different objectives and challenges. It has daily objectives which reload every day at a particular time, it also has objectives based on the Growth of the heroes in-game. There are objectives as per Adventure mode and various challenges as well.

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Players can earn huge rewards by completing these objectives and earn in-game currencies and potions. The in-game shop helps the players to buy all the required packages and resources through in-app purchases. There are also some packs that are free and get restored daily, players can earn some resources and heroes from these packs.

Mastering your Heroes

The game has various types of heroes who come up with different powers and abilities. Fret not in our beginners guide, we will categorize and explain how to utilize all of the available Heroes present in Eroica. These heroes are further sub-divided into five categories: –

Eroica-Heroes-Guide Eroica Beginners Guide
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  • Fire: The heroes under the Fire category have the ability to fight against the enemies with the help of using fire with their attacking moves. These heroes are mostly attackers and provide great damage to the enemies.
  • Water: The Water-type heroes specialized in defensive and counterattacks. They provide health to other teammates when required and counter enemy attacks with ease.
  • Wind: The Wind-type heroes are famous for their attacking and defensive style of play. They create a shield around all four characters of the squad and create a defensive approach toward the opponent.
  • Light: Heroes with the power of Light manipulate light present around them and flashes the enemy. This move creates an advantage for the heroes to counterattack the enemies and win the round.
  • Dark: The Heroes with the power of Dark are the best ones for attacking. The attacks from the Dark users come up with huge damage to the opponents.

Upgrading the Heroes

The players require EXP potions to upgrade the heroes. These potions are earned by completing objectives and chapters. The potions are of three types:

Upgrading the Heroes
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  • EXP potion III
  • EXP potion II
  • EXP potion I

EXP potion III provides 1500 EXP points, EXP potion II provides 800 EXP, and EXP potion I provide 400 EXP points to the heroes so that they can level. Every character goes up to a certain level depending upon their stars. The three-star heroes go up to level 50, two-stars heroes go up to level 40 and the one-star heroes go up to level 30.

Understanding the Weapons

The heroes can also equip weapons that can help them while fighting. These weapons are also categorized as:

  • Epic
  • Hero
  • Rare
  • Superior
  • Normal
Weapons Eroica Beginners Guide Eroica Beginners Guide
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The Epic weapons provide the highest damage and the series descends to Normal weapons which tend to provide the least possible damage.

  • Heroic: The heroic section has three different segments under itself;
    • In this segment, players can check for all the heroes they have received so far. They can even upgrade the heroes from here. Follow the step to know about the steps;
    • In the lobby, tap on the heroic options present in the left side panel of the screen.
    • Select the heroic option and see all the heroes received by you.
    • Select the player you want to upgrade and tap on that hero.
    • Players can see five options: Level up, Rune, Ascend, Skill, and Profile.
    • Choose the Level up option, select the options you have and then tap on the Level Up options to upgrade your players.

Players can equip weapons for the particular hero. Players can also upgrade their skills and unlock new skills through Rune, Ascend, and Skill options present for every hero.

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  • Team: Here, players can check out their teams and make the best one with the heroes they have gathered so far. There are four layouts where players can create four different teams as per their choices.
  • Porrun: Porrun is a pet that is acquired by the main hero. This animal helps the hero and protects him from facing extra damage from enemies. Players can also level up the Porrun up to level 5 and increase its utility for the hero. The Porrun can be upgraded with the help of the Porrun Growth Kit

Eroica Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After going through all the hurdles and challenges of Eroica, here are the best tips in our guide for beginners that will help them defeat the ancient dragon as soon as possible;

1. Level Up the Heroes

Heroes are the most important factor in the game. As a beginner, try to level up the heroes and make the ultimate squad defeat the enemies. Upgrading players can help unlock skills and abilities that will help the players to progress further.

2. Summon as much as you can

Beginners must summon and recruit heroes. Recruiting will lead the beginners to gather a maximum number of heroes. If you are lucky enough, then you might recruit the best 3-star character or the Pickup Pre-core hero and rule over the battlefield. Thus summon the heroes and create the best four-man squad to fight against the ancient dragon.

3. Complete your Objectives

Beginners must complete all the objectives present in the Battle Pass and Mission Pass. By this, players can win rewards and utilize them for their own progress. Players can upgrade heroes and make the team stronger which will help them win the rounds.

4. Follow the Trophies section

The trophies section has all the objectives which come up with great rewards. Players must complete all the objectives assigned to them and earn rewards. These will help them upgrade their team and continue with the storyline.

5. Complete the Storyline

The game is a storyline-based game, and every player must follow up with the chapters. Beginners must complete each and every prologue and story under the chapters which will help them gain experience and rewards. Players can later become pros with their ultimate team and thus rule the game.

Final Thoughts

Eroica is one of the best RPG anime-based games players can come across. The gameplays, animation, and stories are pretty good that can be loved by any otaku. Beginners can also get a taste of the animation effects of the game. The heroes are very unique and have immense powers with different kinds of abilities.

The game can only be run in online mode; hence players cannot go for unfair means of play. Thus, as a beginner follow all the instructions given above and play the game wisely. We hope this Eroica beginners guide will help you to play the game and make the best move on your first attempt.

That’s all for the Eroica Beginners Guide! Did you find our Eroica beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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