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Eternal Saga: Region Tactics Beginners Guide and Tips

Experience a riveting modern RPG with an exciting classic story!

Eternal Saga: Region Tactics is one of the latest releases of one of the most prominent game developers in the mobile market, The Gamevil. This game is introduced as a collection and a strategic RPG experience, where the people will be able to recruit mercenaries, heroes, and build an entire army. The game itself is very much complex and challenging in the terms of the gameplay and the understanding of the tactics, but becomes a ton of fun once you get used to it. If you are new to this game, we have compiled a guide of essential beginners tips that will come in handy as you progress through Eternal Saga: Region Tactics.

The game itself features a vast storyline, with you being of the more known cliché characters in any  (lol)- a mercenary king who lost a battle in the opening sequence of the game, and thus, also lost his memories. Thus, you begin anew to know more about yourself, and also try to build a mercenary squad, so that you can progress into the game!

Eternal Saga: Region Tactics basics

1. World map, camp, and the missions

First of all, when you enter the game, the cut scene plays out, where you challenge another person, as the strongest in the world, and are defeated! From there, you wake up in a border town, with no memories of your past, and a goblin knocking on your head. That is where you are introduced to the combat interface, with the screen showing various buttons, but you are not able to interact with it.

After this and defeating the goblin, you are surrounded by more of them, and just like what happens in a typical anime-style plot, you are offered help by a beautiful mercenary archer, who offers to help you, for gold! As you don’t have it now, you write it off as a future expense, and as for her help as you are overwhelmed by the goblins. That is how you meet your first hero unit- Lena the archer.

Eternal saga Region Tactics storyline
Eternal saga Region Tactics storyline

After that, you follow her to the world map, where you are introduced to the mission areas and the storyline of the game! The game is unique in this aspect due to them having a unique instance-style mission area, where you are thrown into mission areas on the basis of your levels and the progress in your storyline.

World map
World map

World map, expands around according to the quests you take from the mercenary guild. There, you take your quests from the guild leader, who recognizes your sword, confirming the doubts of your Savior (Lena) about you being Allus, the legendary mercenary! Once you remember your name, you start to form a team of mercenaries to, well pay off your debt and earn.

The first quest you take on is killing the wolves! Lena follows you, and together, you clear out the first area for this questline. The quests you take on, develop further into the storyline, as you move on and clear out the areas related to your quests! After you are done with the wolves, you take on the number 1 fantasy enemy, Goblins. Goblins, in this quest, have formed a big resistance type army under the guidance of a hobgoblin general, and are collecting power in order to raid the towns.

The World map is divided into hero mode and soldier mode- no heroes are allowed in soldier mode this point where you accept the goblins quest, the game gets a lot harder than before, prompting you to go for the camp in order to find new units for your armies and new heroes, as well as train them, and test out the formations.

2. The armies, formations, and the mercenary recruitment

You start by forming a group of units and are introduced to the organizing menu, where you check out what types of units you have, and select who to keep forward, in the middle, and backward. A usual distribution that makes sense would be melee units in the front, archers and elemental mages in the middle, and the healers in the back.

Army formations
Army formations

Completing the missions, and repeating the already done areas will help you gain resources used to promote your units and heroes, and there are rewards for every area which open up once you have cleared that area for the first time. There is no tutorial for how to promote your heroes and units, but once you have reached level 10 and filled up your experience bar, you can go to the info mode in the organizing menu, where you can click on the unit to display their information and how to promote and transcend them. Once you have promoted the unit, the rank of your unit  And you can now take them from level 10 to level 20.

Empire spearman
Empire spearman

Now, back to the formations- Formations are one of the cores for this game as they, depending on the units and the type of game plan, will be a deciding factor in your mercenary battles! They tend to influence your active stats, like increasing attack, defense, or range, etc. As the game doesn’t only take into account the quality of the units, but also the various types of formations and also how you choose to fight, you will need to explore the map and how you need to change your formations or type of units to gain an advantage.


To get different types of units, you need to go to the recruitment tab, and draw them from there! Gems are used for the draws and are conducted in form of a mercenary, where you meet the guild leader, and he introduces you to the new unit or hero.

3. Actual battle controls, introduction to gearing, and when to switch between attack and defense

The battle is usually automatic, with your units and heroes having a trigger radius, in they will attack automatically. The units will follow in the form set, and once you stop them, they will assemble themselves in the battle formation you had them in before.

The game units automatically attack or stand in a Formation, according to the command you have active at that time- Attack or Defense! Defense is better for the time when you have to resist a larger number of monsters, or soldiers coming to you, and you need to defend- the units you have will stand in the spot, and attack the incoming enemies while maintaining the formation. The attack is better for exploring the areas and fighting small groups of enemies.

You can also guide your army by touch controls, but that interface is better for defensive fights, as you can move your defensive line forward or backward according to the health of your frontlines.

Eternal saga Region Tactics Controls

Gearing is another aspect that will affect immediate stats, and the gears are found as a rare drop from the areas and the quests, and can also be drawn from the gear draws, and also crafted! Gears are arranged in a rarity order, and the higher the rarity, the more times you can upgrade it to improve its stats! For Example, the epic gears are upgradable to +5, and their stats will improve tremendously. You can either equip gears to each unit manually, according to your preference, or, you can go in and have them equip gear using the in-game command of bulk equip- this will equip gear onto every unit in play. Gearing every unit is a really tiresome process and could be made more rewarding in terms of how to get gears.

The timing of switching from offense to defense in an exploration quest can also determine how your later battles play out! If your front line has less health, just switch to defense in the middle of 2 battles, which will then allow you to pick off any roaming targets, while your healers heal your frontlines. This will ensure that all of your armies survive.

4. Training, how to make a beginner deployment and navigating in the camp

There is also a training area called grounds and Academy in the camp, where you can set up units to grind for experience, and they will practice with dummies in order to gain experience. The base you start with is 5/min, and from there you upgrade it using gems. Academy is where you can earn promotion resources, which are very hard to get. This can also help you keep the other units you have, up to the mark, as you may only use them in certain specific formations, like all of the archer units may be used to complete an all- ranged formation!

But you may not need that many archers in your regular formation, so you may take them to grounds and have them gain experience while using them in the occasional formations! You can have up to 3 presets of specific armies, each with their  Formation, which I would recommend that you may decide on the basis of how often do you use those!

Eternal saga Region Tactics Camp

A beginner deployment of troops will always look like a standard – ranged- healer combo, where you fit in other kinds of units according to how often they are used! One tip for the unit choosing tickets you get from the quests would that you must pick healers from them! Health is one of the major Aspects as you need to stay alive- so someone who can heal you is very good at any stage of the game.

Camp also has other facilities:- guilds, crafting, bag, arena, and the request board, which are slowly introduced while progressing into the game. Crafting offers you to craft equipment with the monster drops you obtain by defeating the quests. The arena is for battling your armies against other players’ armies, a basic PVP system! This can range from 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3, so it is advised to not go to this section unless you have a full formation of troops at least at rank 2.

Dispatch mercenaries
Dispatch mercenaries

You can also send mercenaries to dispatch in the specific mission locations, for up to 8 hours– these will reward you with upgrade stones, gold, and enchantment scrolls for enchanting gear. You can still use the units you sent out, so no worries about having open spots in the army.

Eternal Saga: Region Tactics Guide – Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our additional tips to help you kickstart your journey in the world of Eternal Saga: Region Tactics.

  • One of first tips would be to make sure you collect all of the rewards and use them from your bag! You will get a x10 summon scroll, which will be a big boost for you in terms of mercenary acquisition, and also, if you are lucky, you may pull a hero.
  • Always make sure your front line has enough health! If you warriors and melee units are low on health, assume a defensive position, and make sure you do not move until your healers have topped off their health.
  • Learn to distinguish between what formation to use! One formation that is given to you unlocked can be used for exploration purposes, and then you can match your army to that area’s requirements.
  • There are daily rewards going on, so make sure to collect them, to get new resources and gems.
  • Optimal usage for gems in the start of the game would be buying the right formation according to the beginning units you have and pull!
  • Remember that there are 2x the rewards available in the world map. Make sure  you play both the hero mode and soldier modes of the world map.

That’s all for today folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Eternal Saga: Region Tactics Beginners Guide and Tips!

That’s all for today’s Eternal Saga: Region Tactics beginners guide. Did you find our Eternal Saga: Region Tactics beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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