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Blood Strike Beginners Guide and Tips

Pick out lead Strikers and Weapons, survive till end, and claim your victory!

Blood Strike is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed by NetEase Games where players from all over the globe explore a particular map and matchmake with each other to engage in combat. The players after matchmaking, have to fight in a battle royale game mode and the last one to survive all attacks wins the match. The game additionally consists of a lot of excellent features along with a great list of strikers and weapons. Hence, dive into this detailed Blood Strike Beginners Guide and learn about the basics of the game. Also, wait till the end to get some noteworthy tips from my side.

Additionally, you can check out some redeem codes in the game for some in-game rewards. I’ve also provided essential tips for your journey, including tips to level upmap guides, ranked mode guides, weapon combinationsresource management, and striker and weapon tier lists. And if you face any in-game issues, check our customer support article to connect the devs hassle-free!

Gameplay Overview

In Blood Strike, the players need to abide by the basic battle royale format of gameplay. In this particular genre, a certain number of players participate and go under matchmaking to play together or against the opponent strikers. All the players need to go through the same map i.e. the Deserted Valley for Blood Strike along with some other random and a Hot Zone map. The players can either play solo, as a duo, or as a team depending upon the game mode that interests them.

Project Blood Strike Lobby
Image via NetEase Games

During a match, your primary motto is to survive till the end and kill the opponents before they attack you. You get to collect a range of loot items all over the map which includes guns, grenades, health kits, boosters, bandages, and many more. Each striker you choose to play with has unique active and passive skills that can be activated during a fight to obtain high kill points.

Lastly, the gameplay UI and mechanics, where you get a joystick on the left to control their motion while on the move. There are several buttons on the right that help you to shoot the target, jump and move forward, crouch and slide, open ADS, reload the gun, and check and switch on all the loadouts players have with them for usage.

Project Blood Strike gameplay
Image via NetEase Games

The format of the button setup and the controls are exactly how the players get to witness other first-person battle royale games such as Call of Duty and Apex Legends Mobile. In conclusion, you have to shoot and kill your opponents to survive till the end and win the match.

Introducing the Basics of Blood Strike

The Game Modes

There are a total of five game modes in Blood Strike where each of the game modes follow the same gameplay. However, the format of different game modes differs in some or the other manner:~

Blood Strike Game modes
Image via NetEase Games

1. Battle Royale

There are two types of battle royale namely:

  • Ranked: The ranked battle royale helps the players gather Rank points, thus increasing their rank points. They will be randomly pitted against striker enemies of the same rank level. The more time they survive in the battle, the more chance they have to gain a high rank and level up their profile.
  • Unranked: On the other hand, the normal matchmaking battle royale is just an unranked game mode where the players can play solo, as a duo, or as a team and practice their skills in a real-time battle royale game without having the fear of losing or decreasing their rank. 

2. Squad Fight

Squad Fight is another interesting game mode, where the players fight in a 4v4 format match. The first team to win 4 consecutive matches claims victory. The main twist arrives where in each round players will be given a certain amount of money to purchase guns and other necessary items such as grenades.

This mode is just like a normal Valorant match, the only difference is players have to kill all 4 members of their opponent before they attack them rather than planting a bomb and defending that site.

3. Hot Zone

Image via NetEase Games

Hot Zone is yet another intriguing game mode where two opposing teams fight to capture a point. A point is granted every second a team is present at a hard point. There is a Hot Zone Switch at every point in this mode i.e. the hardpoints rotate as time goes by and thus, the players must carefully watch for the next hardpoint and move forward. The first team to reach the highest number of target points wins the match.

4. Weapon Master

For Weapon Master, the players need to select a weapon from their custom loadouts. After the fight begins, both sides take turns selecting their weapon and each weapon selection lasts for two rounds. The basic target is to defeat all enemies with the selected weapon and win the round. The first one to win five rounds claims the final victory in this game mode.

5. Range

Image via NetEase Games

The Range is a training ground where the players are provided with a challenge to furnish their shooting skills. The players are required to kill 20 bots in 30 seconds to successfully pass the challenge. Apart from the main time-limited challenge, the players can try different loadout combos and firearms to test their target abilities and the amount of damage the weapons deal to the enemies by practicing over the bots placed in a fixed pattern.


This section enables the players to view the set of characters i.e. the Strikers and Airdrop support they get to choose in the game. There are three Airdrop supports namely: UAV, Vehicle, and LOADOUT which enable them to call for aerial counting to mark enemies within the target area, vehicle airdropped to the target location, and custom weapons respectively.

Image via NetEase Games

Strikers are the main function of Blood Strike and hence it is important to know about all of them. Each striker has unique abilities in the form of one active and one passive skill. There are a total of 13 Strikers the game inhabits. They are as follows:

  • Kraken
  • Volt
  • Zero
  • Nacho
  • Ran
  • E.M.T
  • Hank
  • Val
  • Jet
  • Ethan
  • Blast
  • Spike
  • Nova

Loadout Combinations

This section is for the sole purpose of forming the best loadout combos of weapons or firearms the players can equip and use during combat. The players will be provided with ten custom loadout combination options. Each option consists of a main weapon and a sub-weapon.

Image via NetEase Games

The Main weapon can be composed of either of the four classes i.e. Assault Rifle, SMG, ShotGun, and Sniper Rifle. The Sub-weapon can be taken from either the Handgun class or the Launcher class. Thus, the players can form the loadout combos that fit best to their interests.


Image via NetEase Games

The Vault section enables the players to see all the different classes of firearms with their other details. The players can check all of the owned as well as locked firearms along with some countable melee weapons via vault. They can look out for other commodities such as scraps of unassembled firearms, skins, camouflage, and several other items such as ornaments, stickers, chests, and packs. 

Strike Pass

This particular section offers rewards from the Strike Pass. There are two types of Strike Pass which include a Free Strike Pass, Elite Strike Pass, and Elite+ Pass. The Elite Strike Passes can be accessed using real-time money and the rewards can be obtained later on whereas the rewards which the Free Strike Pass has to offer can be acquired for free.

Blood Strike Strike Pass
Image via NetEase Games

The level of the Strike Pass increases with the progress the player makes within the game. A higher level ensures a more promising amount of rewards and resources used in Blood Strike. The players can even access the Daily and Weekly Tasks through the Strike Pass section.


Blood Strike provides the chance to participate in various events consisting of distinctive challenges. There are events renewed week after week along with other missions that the players are assigned on a fixed interval. Some of the events going on currently are Gun Level Turbo, Journey Guide, Loadout System Overhaul, and many more.

Image via NetEase Games

Completing these will boost the chance to gain Reputation, Bonus EXPs, and Chests hence providing the players with significant resources they require in the game. Hence, the players need to stay active during events and focus on finishing their assigned missions.


The players can view the Tier they belong to along with the rewards associated with them via the Ranked section. The game follows a season cycle where a ranked season lasts about two months. There are a total of seven tiers in the game: 

Image via NetEase Games
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Legend

Each tier consists of four sub-tiers represented as I, II, III, and IV, and the players are required to reach the tier threshold to enter the next tier. The players can claim tier rewards after achieving a certain tier. Every participation in a ranked match will consume a certain amount of tier points, and as the player rises to higher tiers, they will progressively increase. Players with 13,000 points will be promoted to Legend.

Blood Strike Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Survival is the Key

In a battle royale game, surviving till the end is essential for winning a fight against the enemy striker. The players must explore different areas to grab sufficient loot before indulging in a match. Loot includes an adequate amount of bandages, Amoo, and grenades so that the early stages of a match can be easily survived. The motto is to kill all the enemy strikers and survive with your supplies till the end to emerge victorious.

2. Have a precise Aim

The players need to be fast-paced and have a precise aim while they are in a match. Having a good aim over the targets can ensure the maximum number of kills. The more kills, the more points players will earn during a fight. This will help the player in taking the part of victory more easily. The players can practice and furnish their shooting skills through the Range Challenge provided in the game.

3. Go through all the Game Modes

Blood Strike inhabits a handful options of game modes for the players to explore. There are a total of 4 game modes which include Battle Royale – Ranked and Unranked, Squad Fight – Matchmaking, Hot Zone, and the Range Challenge. The players should go through all these game modes to be aware of the logistics and improve their shooting and survival skills to obtain victory.

4. Keep leveling up Weapons

Upgrading your weapons in a battle royale game is one of the most crucial activities for the players to do. The more they use a particular weapon in the game, the more it improves i.e. its level increases and the more itineraries of that weapon unlock. They can use the unlocked itineraries to further amplify their firearms. The players must kill a hefty crowd of enemy strikers to gain kill points and level up their weapons.

5. Complete your Missions and Tasks

Blood Strike offers the players with various missions and tasks throughout the game. There are mainly two types of Tasks the players get to witness in the game. They are Daily and Weekly Tasks. Daily Tasks are renewed within a day slot and have to be finished within the allotted time whereas Weekly Tasks are refreshed week after week.

Completing these tasks and participating in important missions will provide the players with valuable resources that they can use later in different in-game activities and overall upgradation of their profile.

Final Thoughts

Blood Strike is an outstanding battle royale game that comes with an excellent collection of weapons and strikers the players can choose from. Along with various artifacts, the players witness easy-to-grasp features all over the game. Thus, follow up on this detailed Blood Strike Beginners Guide and tips to form great combos, kill enemies, and stand at the top of the leaderboard. 

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