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Ancient Seal: The Exorcist Beginners Guide and Tips

Learn how to become a great exorcist

Ancient Seal: The Exorcist is a new adventure RPG by Xsuper Gamer. In this mystical realm, you embark on an epic journey filled with adventure, magic, and formidable challenges. Fly with dragons, engage in thrilling battles, and uncover ancient mysteries as you explore this richly detailed universe. In this Ancient Seal: The Exorcist Beginners Guide, I’ll walk you through the basics of the game to embark on your adventure and thrive in the mystical realm of Ancient Seal.

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Ancient Seal: The Exorcist Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Complete Tasks

Completing tasks is your key to progression and success in the game. As soon as you start your adventure, you’ll notice tasks displayed on the left side of the screen, guiding you on your journey. These tasks aren’t just random assignments, they’re your roadmap to advancing through the game efficiently. By following the tasks, you’ll always know your next step and get accustomed to the game mechanics along the way.

Ancient Seal: The Exorcist Tasks
Image via Xsuper Gamer

In my experience, progression in Ancient Seal heavily relies on completing these tasks. They not only lead you through the storyline but also help you familiarize yourself with various aspects of the game, from combat mechanics to questing strategies.

Equip and Upgrade Gear

In Ancient Seal: The Exorcist, gearing up is essential for boosting your character’s power. As you progress, you’ll find gear items from completing quests and defeating enemies. Equipping gear is easy, just tap equip when you get a new item. Each gear piece provides unique bonuses, so choose wisely based on your hero’s strengths and playstyle.

Ancient Seal: The Exorcist Gear
Image via Xsuper Gamer

As you level up, pay attention to your Gear Score, it reflects the quality of your gear. Look for a green arrow to indicate important gear pieces. Focus on higher-score gear for better stats. Lower-quality Red 1 Gear isn’t great for infusion but can boost your stats.

Selling them might not be worth it, but enhancing them with Blessing Gems can be cost-effective. In boss battles, I recommend aiming for Red 2-star gear, especially for weapons and clothes. VIP status boosts fusion success, so use it to your advantage. Try fusing Red 2-star pieces with three items for better results.

Challenge Bosses

Battling bosses offers valuable rewards and opportunities for progression. Before you start a battle, make sure your hero is equipped with the right gear and skills. Watch the boss’s moves closely and find the best times to attack while dodging their attacks. Don’t forget to use your hero’s special skills, they can help in tough fights.

Ancient Seal: The Exorcist Boss
Image via Xsuper Gamer

When you fight bosses, you can get cool rewards like Red Gear and Rare Skins. Collecting 8 pieces of the same-rank gear can boost your Combat Power a lot. Plus, battling bosses earns you VIP EXP, which can give you free VIP levels As you play, you’ll unlock special bosses with even better rewards. And when you reach higher levels, you can challenge even tougher bosses for better loot.


To get your pet in Ancient Seal: The Exorcist, start by looking for pet eggs. I’ve found that you can get it in the Shop, Treasure Hunts, Boss Dens, or even the Archdragon Forbidden Land. Once you find an egg, it’s time to hatch it! These pets are super handy in battles, making your adventure easier. You’ll start with your first spiritual pet, but as you progress and meet certain conditions, you can unlock more pets.

Ancient Seal: The Exorcist Pet
Image via Xsuper Gamer

Once you have a spiritual pet, it’s essential to enhance it to make it even stronger. You can do this by leveling it up, which requires some resources. Whenever you have what you need, level up your pet to boost its power. The stronger your pet gets, the more it’ll help you on the battlefield.

Join a Guild

Joining a guild in Ancient Seal: The Exorcist can truly elevate your gaming journey by offering numerous advantages. Once you’re part of a guild, you’ll unlock a plethora of features and activities, including Guild Beast, Guild Banquet, and Clash of Gods, all of which offer opportunities to earn valuable rewards such as gears. Getting involved in guild events lets you contribute a lot and enjoy the rewards of working together with your guildmates.

Ancient Seal: The Exorcist Guild
Image via Xsuper Gamer

Additionally, being part of a guild means you can team up with your fellow members to take on tough bosses and grab the best gear more easily. On top of that, there’s also a guild salary and guild packet where you can earn plenty of currency. By jumping into guild activities and helping your guild succeed, you’ll earn these rewards and grow closer to your guildmates.

Ancient Seal: The Exorcist Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Focus on the Main Story and Cultivation Mirage

Start by focusing on the Main Story and Cultivation Mirage for a steady amount of experience points that won’t change and unlock other features faster. Once you’ve strengthened your Combat Power (CP), tackle the Daily tasks for even more rewards. It’s like getting the basics down before moving on to the extra challenges.

2. Farm EXP in Carefree Trip

Make sure to join the Carefree Trip for big EXP boosts. Carefree Trip is the most efficient way to get EXP. Team up with strong players and get those EXP bonuses up before you start. Try to get more chances to join the Carefree Trip for even more EXP. Use daily rebates and VIP perks to get extra tries.

3. Equip the best Gear

When gearing up in Ancient Seal: The Exorcist, make sure to equip your character with the best gear you have. Look for Gear with higher stats and special bonuses that match your playstyle. Team up with other players to tackle those big bosses and score some seriously good gear. And don’t forget to keep checking for new gear and ways to make your hero even stronger!

4. Upgrade your Wings and Holy Wheels

Don’t forget to level up your Wings and Holy Wheels! These upgrades can seriously boost your character’s attributes and abilities in Ancient Seal: The Exorcist. So, keep an eye on your progress and invest in enhancing these essential elements.

5. Smelt Gears

When it comes to managing your inventory in Ancient Seal: The Exorcist, don’t forget about smelting! This handy feature allows you to break down unwanted gears into useful materials, which you can then use to enhance your favorite equipment or craft new items. It’s a great way to clear up space in your inventory while also maximizing the potential of your gear.

Final Thoughts

As you venture into the world of Ancient Seal: The Exorcist, keep in mind that every triumph is a step toward becoming a legend. With its captivating features and thrilling adventures, this game offers endless excitement and challenges. Armed with the tips and tricks from this guide, you’re ready to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

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