EverMerge Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Among the latest games that got released this year, EverMerge is one of the games that is getting a good response. The game mechanics and the concept involved in the game have attracted a lot of viewers. The game is simple to understand and has an easier concept which might attract a lot of players who love Casual games. In this EverMerge Beginner’s Guide, we point out some basic in-game items along with some tips to understand and guide you through EverMerge before you start the game. If you haven’t read our other game guides which includes beginner’s guides for the latest games on the apps market, don’t forget to read them out as well.


EverMerge is a new game developed by Big Fish Games and in-coordination with Neskinsoft. The game had its official release for both Android and iOS on 28th April 2020 but was available since January. Big Fish is an American game developing Company. It one of the world’s largest producers and distributors of casual games for mobile.

How to play EverMerge

The gameplay is very simple to understand in the beginning. The game is kind of a farm-frenzy type, where you have to collect items, chop trees to obtain collectibles, etc. You just have to merge three items or more to get an upgraded item of the same family tree. Here, the family is referred to as the item upgrade tree. However, the game has a lot of items where you will have to unlock by merging items. The idea behind merging is to combine and discover a new object, of the same family. This continues throughout the phase of the game.

In conclusion, you have to complete quests, match items, merge and combine their characteristics to create a new alternative world. Before moving into the guide understanding the complete gameplay of EverMerge, know about the in-game items.

In-game items

Beginner’s Map Guide in EverMerge


All the necessary work that has to be carried out in the game is by using Energy. One energy fill takes two and a half minutes to fill. You can also refill energy back with the help of coins or free offers. These are available in the market.


All the construction tasks in the game are carried out by the builders. From constructing a new upgrade by merging to the chopping of wood and removal of obstructions, these are done by the builders. A merge when it has a higher-level upgrade takes time for the competition. However, if all the builders are busy, then you cannot merge items that have a time period for competition.


These are enchanted magic items that are used to have fog access. It clears out fogs from the area, which further gives a larger map area to work.


These are collectible items which is used for obtaining offers from market.


Precious Gems that are collectible. You can utilize them for instant completion of upgrades. In the Market, you can buy Chests, Coins, Sacks, etc.

Chests and Sacks

They contain items and gives a chance of obtaining any in-game item. Higher-level Chests and Sacks drop better items.


Few Characters from EverMerge

The game features a total of 13 different characters, where Sleeping Beauty is your first accessible character. Then you unlock several characters like Puss N’ Boots, Paul Bunyan, Peter Pan, and Little Mermaid to name a few. Every character will have its significance. Unlocking characters are important to access the other area covered by fog.

Orders and Recipe

Each character demands orders to fill themselves up. On completion of the order, you get rewards that can be viewed in the character option. Each of these orders is to be done by involving items to complete a recipe. These items are obtainable by harvesting them. When you climb up levels, new recipes are unlocked.


Market involves deals which will refresh often. You can restore energy, purchase coins, candies, sacks or chests from the market. These are by exchanging coins or rubies.


Discoveries: Items in EverMerge

All the upgrades that happen by merging can be checked using the Discoveries menu. This is an important menu of the game. Whenever you have to perform a merge, it is best to check out the discoveries section. This will make sure the merge you go after next is valid. When you obtain a new merge or item, you can see them in the Discoveries. Collect them to obtain Coins.

Side Quests and Daily Objectives

These rewards you with XP, Coins, and Rubies. You can find them on your left.

EverMerge Tips and Tricks

Merge Bonus

Merge bonus is an important aspect you should remember. This allows players to obtain a merge bonus. In the game, we have 3 items to merge to obtain one upgraded item of the same family. In the merge bonus, combine 5 items, you get 2 items in return. But this doesn’t hold good for the next 3. You obtain a Merge bonus in the multiples of 5. Say merging 10 will get you 4 new items, 15 will get you 6, and so on.

Harvest items wisely

Harvesting items for recipes is another time-consuming process. But remember, these harvesting fields will be dead after a certain time period. In conclusion, the production of candies and wheat will stop. So, to prevent this, go after collecting more sprouts and save them, before your current trees are dead. Try keeping them in the multiples of 5 for merge bonus. This will be difficult once you start harvesting other recipe items like Mushrooms, Carrot, etc.

Items and Characters

  1. Always wait until you collect 5 items of the same type. This might seem a little longer process but it’s worth it. This will speed up your merges, you get more benefits. When viewed from a larger perspective, when you always match using bonuses, merging 100 items gives you 40 upgraded items. But if you do the same with merging 3 at a time, it will stop to 33 items only.
  2. Try to concentrate on discovering one item at a time. For instance, discovering Castle Beauty will be your first mission. Try to remove all wood to collect timber, then merging them for different upgrades.
  3. Without unlocking different characters, you can’t access their Castles. For example, Puss N’ Boots character castle is Castle Boots.

Note: Even combine wands, chests, sacks, etc. to get bigger bonuses after upgrades.

We hope that you will find this EverMerge Guide useful. For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp group or Discord server. Also, follow us on Instagram and Twitter for quick updates.

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