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Exorcist in Island Beginners Guide and Tips

Being your exorcist adventure to defeat the demons

Exorcist in Island is an exciting RPG game based on the popular Korean webtoon Exorcist in Island. This game will let you feel the intense and horror experience in order to defeat the presence of demons in Jeju Island. You will face the tough task to form a team with 4 heroes that will accompany you throughout the journey.Exorcist in Island will definitely bring a new experience, especially for its webtoon readers, however, it is also important whether the webtoon readers or the new players to understand the mechanic of the game in order to finish the story in no time and have your heroes upgraded to its max along with its equipment. Here we will give you an Exorcist in Island beginners guide, and simple tips that will give you insight into the game.

Understanding the basics of Exorcist in Island

Exorcist in Island provides you with enjoying features during the battle as the heroes will move automatically and what you have to do is activate the ultimate skill of the heroes as the mana meter is filling throughout the battle. You can equip your heroes with items that you can also upgrade as well.


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There are 14 heroes distinguished based on their types and affinities. There are 5 affinities (fire, water, wind, light, and shadow) and 4 types (dealer, tank, balanced, and support). One of the special features of Exorcist in Island is every hero can be upgraded into SSR heroes, so you don’t have to rely on gacha in order to get better heroes as you can nurture it by yourself.


There are 6 items set that you can put into your heroes. Those are exclusive items, weapons, torso, bottoms, accessories, and orb. Like heroes, those items can reach SSR level as you upgrade them.

PvE Content

Stories are an important part of the game as you need to reach certain episodes during the games in order to gain access to other content. There will be 8 episodes in total with each episode having its part with three different difficulties (normal, hard, hell). You can farm items and collect gold in order to faster your upgrading process in the dark seal, devil hunt, explorer, and hell gates mode (hell gates will soon be updated).

PVP content

Pvp content
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You can challenge other players in Arena, to ensure your existence as the best demon slayer in Jeju Island or climb into the highest floor in a skyscraper when you have to defeat the enemies and proceed to the higher floor. The floor will be reset at the end of the week so you have to make sure that you climb as high as you can to get more rewards.

Exorcist in Island Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Tips to progress in the story

There will be 8 episodes that you have to finish, but each episode contains 1-5 parts, and each part will have three-stage and the last stage will be your encounter with the boss.

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Make sure that you have four different elements in each hero on your team so at least you will have one hero that holds an advantage against your enemies. It is also important that you bring a complete roster consisting of damage dealer, support, tank, and balanced hero.

There will be a lot of dialogue during the game since the game is based on the webtoon, so it is important for you to not skip the dialogue In order to give you insight into the continuation of the story.

2. Understand the in-game mechanics

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You don’t have to push so many buttons during the battle as they will move automatically. Your main task is taken attention to the mana meter as each ultimate has its own mana cost. So, make sure that you wait for adequate time to unleash your ultimate so you can unleash another one in no time.

3. Prioritize to upgrade your hero instead of rely on gacha

One of the unique features of Exorcist in Island is you can upgrade your common hero into an SSR hero. So, you don’t have to rely on gacha and prioritize upgrading your main roster hero so they can turn into an SSR hero faster.

4. Keep an eye on the Affinities

Throughout the battle, it is important for you to have a team consisting of heroes with different elements as you will encounter various monsters with different elements. Here are the affinities that applied to the game:

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  • Water strong against fire, but weak against wind
  • Fire strong against wind, but weak against water
  • Wind strong against water, but weak against fire
  • Strong and light are contradicting each other

5. Complete all your Tasks for better rewards

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There are 6 tasks in total that you can complete in order to look for a reward. Those are daily tasks, weekly tasks, battle tasks, currency tasks, equip tasks, and hero tasks. Each task will give you various missions that you can finish in order to gain rewards for upgrading your hero or your items.

Final Thoughts

Exorcist in Island is an exciting RPG that comes with a unique feature that you are not usually found another RPG game as you can nurture your common rate hero and evolve it into an SSR hero. However, as it will take a long time for you to upgrade its level to the maximum level, it is better to use the gacha ticket immediately in the shop or black market shop in order to get a better hero or item.

That’s all for today’s Exorcist in Island beginners guide. Did you find our Exorcist in Island beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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