F1 Clash: 5 Best ways to plan the perfect Race Strategy

Best ways to win every race!

In F1 Clash, apart from one’s cars and drivers, a good Race Strategy will often help to increase your chances of emerging victorious in every race they take part in. However, players may often find themselves in a dilemma about which Race Strategy they should adopt for different races. To make matters easy, here are the 5 best ways to plan the perfect Race Strategy every player can learn in order to greatly increase their chances of winning in every race in F1 Clash.

Best ways to plan your perfect race strategy in F1 Clash

1. Analyze your car and drivers’ statistics

Both cars and drivers undoubtedly play a huge role in determining a player’s chances of winning races. As such, players should carefully analyze both their cars’ and drivers’ statistics. This will give them an insight into the capabilities of races. And they will be able to plan their race strategy more effectively.

F1 Clash perfect race strategy
F1 Clash Drivers stats

Starting off with drivers, players can look into the various statistics of each of their two drivers to make more informed choices regarding driver choice before entering a race. For example, when planning to enter a race in a Series that has a high or even guaranteed chance of encountering a race with wet weather conditions, one should assign drivers who have better Wet Weather Ability Statistics. You can check out our Top 10 Best Drivers guide which will help make your choices more clear.

2. Adapting to different race conditions

With a large number of tracks available in the game, ranging from 4-5 in the various Series choices, another important factor to take into account while planning your race strategy is the various conditions present in the race you will be taking part in. Some examples of conditions that can affect your race strategy include weather, race length, and the number of laps in the race.

When partaking in Wet Weather races with heavy rain or a likely chance of that, it is strongly advised to utilize Wet tyre compounds. This will allow you to have better grip and speed on track over other tyre compounds such as the Soft and Hard compounds meant for dry race conditions.

Additionally, you should also consider the length of the race along with the number of laps in the race. For races that are longer in length and have more laps over others, you should change your strategy accordingly to fit this change in requirements.

3. Understanding tyre wear and how it affects your cars’ performance

Tyres greatly affect the speed of your car and a wrong choice of tyre or excessively worn-out tyre will evidently affect your car in races. Among the 3 choices of tyre compounds: Soft, Hard, and Wet, each tyre compound have its unique amount of Grip as well as the number of laps it can last without wearing out completely that will affect the speed, performance, and lap timings of your cars. Therefore, tyre wear should not be taken lightly and attention should be paid to it.

F1 Clash perfect race strategy
F1 Clash Tyre wear

Each tyre starts of with a 100% bar at the bottom of the screen in races, as your cars and drivers continue progressing more along with the race, the tyres will slowly start wearing out and losing group, before finally reaching 0% and losing its grip, which will affect both the speed as well as lap timings of your car.

4. Fuel Management

Fuel Management is yet another important factor to take into account when planning and carrying out race strategies. This refers to the ability to monitor and control the usage of Fuel in both cars during a race, with some of these statistics being affected by the driver’s own Fuel Management ability as well. However, players also play a key role in ensuring that the Fuel in each of their cars is sufficient and not too excessive in order to complete the entire course of a race.

When partaking in races, players should pay attention to the amount of Fuel each of their two cars has at any given point of the race, and make sure that their cars do not run out of Fuel as refueling is not permitted during races. The amount of fuel being used by drivers is based on their speed, which can be controlled by the player themself, with faster speeds using more Fuel quickly.

5. Make use of your Pit stops to change the entire course of a race

Pit stops refer to cars entering the pit lane to change into a fresh set of tyres or even having cars repaired. This happens mainly in the case of a mid-race breakdown. Although necessary to gain the upper hand over your rival with fresher tyres, pit stops take precious seconds to carry out and complete, with races often ending with the losing party falling out by just seconds from the winner. Therefore, players should know when to call their cars into the pit lanes by first analyzing a few factors: pit stop timing, as well as whether they are leading or not.

F1 Clash perfect race strategy
F1 Clash Pit Stop

Pit stop timing is referred to as the time taken to complete a pit stop from the moment the car enters the pit box, up to the time all new tyres are in place successfully when the car can finally leave the pit box. Faster pit stop timings allow players to save on precious seconds that can be used to overtake rival cars.

Keep an eye on the leaderboard before going to the Pit stop

Another factor to keep in mind before calling cars into the pit lane is a player’s position on the race leaderboards. This is counted based on the number of points scored by the player’s drivers in races. If a player is leading in a particular race by a big difference compared to their opponent, lesser positions and points are likely to be lost as a car is called into the pits. Therefore, good judgment should be made in order to ensure that a driver doesn’t fall too behind after a pit stop.

However, under certain special situations, such as when a Safety Car has been deployed as a result of an accident, all cars will be slowing down to a fixed pace and following the Safety Car around the track. In such situations, carrying out a pit stop for cars with worn-out tyres will prove to be a great way to protect the car’s position.

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