F1 Clash Beginners Guide with Tips and Tricks

Time to face the challenge with no hands on the wheels!

Racing games will dominate the list of all-time top-choice categories. Gamers of all ages feel thrilled when they play with speed. The adrenaline rush inside the veins while driving over 100mph on the race track is truly phenomenal and unexplainable! This is a never-ending feeling which every player from every age group desires. The craziness for speed has its particular place in gamers’ minds. Most of us have played racing games where a player has to act as a driver. But who knew, a whole different world is out there from the point of view of a manager, a place where all important decisions are made. The game, F1 Clash has been published by Hutch Games, a dedicated racing game developer company. This time, you will race with rivals without having the steering wheels on your hands! In this beginners guide, we will take a closer look at F1 Clash and discuss some of the tips and tricks one needs to be good with F1 Clash.

Gameplay Overview

F1 Clash lets you test your wits and emerge victorious as a motorsport manager in the definitive FORMULA ONE motorsport events. Players will compete against the toughest rival race drivers, well, mostly the managers, from around the globe. You can go head-to-head against real-time players in exciting PvP racing modes.

F1 Clash Guide
Lewis Hamilton: One of the most popular faces in Formula One

An interesting and highlighted feature of the game is the fact that it has all the official circuits, teams, and drivers from the 2021 FIA Formula One World Championship™. These include the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, and Daniel Ricciardo. One more added specialty in the game is racing in various situations or conditions such as race lengths, dynamic weather, etc. It’s now time to build the ultimate team, set a genius strategy and push the vehicles to their limit and enjoy the game with stunning graphics.

F1 Clash Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Managerial skills are sometimes really hard tasks to perform. To help you out, we have brought you an ultimate in-depth guide to F1 Clash. This will definitely help in having a greater chance of winning the races.

1. Push one of the cars a bit in the first lap

It is recommended to push one of the two cars on the very first lap. This is because players should not want to stack both their drivers at the same time. Costing valuable time, this might end up in a loss during the race. To avoid stacking up, one should push one of the cars a bit in the first lap by pressing red while the other one can run in green. This will split the drivers and provide your crew with ample time to change tires.

F1 Clash Guide
Go hard on the first lap!

Another excellent strategy is setting different combinations of pit stops. For example, in a 9-lap race, one driver must stop after the 4th lap while another could stop after the 5th.

2. Minimum pit stops maximize the chance to win

It is recommended to keep one pit stop in normal races. One should go with hard tires because they have the most endurance power. One must also remember in adverse situations of a long track or bad weather due to rainfall, stop your pilots at least two times to keep himself in the race.

F1 Clash Guide
Minimum pit stops would help in winning

3. Watch the first corner closely

The first corner plays a crucial role in the race, where one can take a lead. One should push the cars in the first corner to attain a suitable position. After it, it is just maintaining it throughout the laps to win the race. Try getting aggressive even if the driver doesn’t want to. Players will realize the importance of it during the last one or two laps.

4. Fuel management is the key

This game offers fuel management where players can choose the amount of fuel they want to spend by switching the driver’s mode. Going aggressively (red button) will burn more fuel whereas the yellow one will use moderate fuel. Using the green one will let the player to switch to a more conservative approach.

While overtaking an opponent, one must use the red button such that the driver would burn more fuel to boost the engine and thus overtaking will become easy. Always monitor the fuel meter to balance the use of fuel as per need.

5. Go aggressive when you think you should

Some situations will arise where the drivers will recommend to save fuel and go with green. But, its upto the player if he wants to do so or not. With a keen watch on the fuel bar closely, one can choose to ignore the drivers recommendations. Stay active and take all the decisions by yourself. After all, you’re the boss!

6. Choose your tires wisely: Important note

Tire management is vital because the cars might breakdown if one misuses the tires. Depending on the weather, one may have to choose between different tires to race with. First, if it is series 3, then start with a driver who has the best stats in rain. Check the weather forecasts regularly to keep yourself updated about the situation.

If it is going to rain (Check the top of your screen, it will show the weather after laps), the player must start the race with wet tires. In normal conditions, one can go ahead with soft tires. Although, it is applicable for three laps only. One must calculate the time how long the tires would last and before the weather changes, how many laps the player can cover.

7. In-game purchases and free coins

Most online games have a feature of in-game purchases which would let them make a good amount from the game. In-game purchases contain various additional features that one can use to make yourself a tough participant. Players can buy various boosts to improve your drivers’ stats for a period, but only after the qualifying round.

F1 Clash Guide
Choose the colours and liveries from store

It is recommended to watch advertisements to earn some free in-game currency. Players might need it to compete at a hard level. Spending money can also get you some coins to spend again!

8. Set different strategies for each series

The formation that has brought a lot of wins in Series 1 might not guarantee similar success in Series 2. Based on the tracks, lap length, and time, one can set different strategies to overcome each series. Drivers in this game have got several stats and specialities. Use them according to the race. Don’t forget to upgrade the driver along with the car, an important weapon to take part in a race.

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Thank you so much for this it really helped me with the game. I keep losing races and I really needed some help.

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