F1 Clash: 10 Best drivers that can lead you towards victory

Race your way towards victory!

In F1 Clash, a good car undoubtedly plays an important factor in your chances of winning any race. However, only a good car is insufficient to ensure you that will emerge victorious in any given race. A good car paired with a suitable driver is the most crucial thing every F1 Clash player should know in order to pave their way to victory in every race. Additionally, a proper understanding of this game’s Drivers’ Features would surely increase your win rate over time. Therefore, we will be taking a look at how you should analyze the Driver Statistics in this game as well as our very own list of the 10 best drivers in F1 Clash.

Analyzing and understanding driver statistics in F1 Clash

Before moving on to the list of 10 best drivers in F1 Clash, here are the parameters that determines how much is the driver suitable for the players’ easy road to victory.

1. Overtaking

Overtaking refers to the amount of overtaking possibilities that a driver can see and their chances of successfully overtaking an opponent.

2. Defending

Defending impacts the ability of a driver to be able to successfully prevent another driver from overtaking them.

3. Consistency

Consistency impacts how a driver’s performance level drops off during a race as well as the consistency of maintaining their statistics.

4. Fuel Management

Fuel Management is known as a driver’s fuel consumption rate during a race, a driver with better Fuel Management statistics will consume less fuel during a race.

5. Tyre Management

Tyre Management refers to a driver’s ability to regulate a car’s tyre wear rate, a driver with better Tyre Management statistics is able to keep a car’s tyres in better condition throughout a race.

6. Wet Weather Ability

A driver’s Wet Weather Ability statistics will impact how they perform on a wet race track, a driver with better Wet Weather Ability statistics will have better performance in the scenario of a wet race track.

Who are the best drivers in F1 Clash

1. Max Verstappen

F1 Clash Best Drivers
Max Verstappen in F1 Clash

Max Verstappen holds the title of the best driver in terms of Overtaking in the game. Paired with his extremely strong Defending and Fuel Management skills, and decent Wet Weather Ability statistics, he is able to easily win races by overtaking opponents ahead of him with ease and defend his position from even the strongest of opponents in any race.

Fuel Management113
Tyre Management95
Wet Weather Ability107
Grand Total624

Nonetheless, his weaker Consistency and Tyre Management statistics require more attention being paid to by the player who should know when to pit Max Verstappen’s car in any race to remain ahead of opponents in races.

2. Lewis Hamilton

F1 Clash Best Drivers
Lewis Hamilton in F1 Clash

This strong attacker and defender, Lewis Hamilton holds the position of the second best driver in this list in terms of his Wet Weather Ability statistics, paired with his decent Consistency abilities.

Fuel Management95
Tyre Management88
Wet Weather Ability120
Grand Total624

However, the only downsides to this excellent driver are his Fuel Management and Tyre Management, with the Tyre Management skills being the lowest in this list of drivers. Regardless of that, when played properly, Lewis Hamilton is a driver that will be able to secure himself a spot on the podium with ease.

3. Charles Leclerc

F1 Clash Best Drivers
Charles Leclerc in F1 Clash

Charles Leclerc stands in the 3rd Place of our list with the strongest Tyre Management abilities among all the other drivers in the list.

Fuel Management106
Tyre Management118
Wet Weather Ability93
Grand Total616

When paired with his strong Overtaking and Fuel Management abilities along with his decent Defending skills, it easily compensates for his weaker Consistency and Wet Weather Ability statistics, making him well-deserved for his ranking in this list.

4. Daniel Ricciardo

F1 Clash Best Drivers
Daniel Ricciardo in F1 Clash

Daniel Ricciardo is one of the strongest drivers in terms of his Consistency statistics compared to the other drivers featured in this list, along with his decent Overtaking, Tyre Management, and Wet Weather Ability statistics, compensating for his weaker Defending and Fuel Management abilities.

Fuel Management93
Tyre Management100
Wet Weather Ability106
Grand Total616

His overall Driver Statistics make him a strong driver in dry race tracks, being able to remain consistent in terms of his performance levels throughout the race and change to a more aggressive playstyle to overtake opponents with little pit stops in between, even in wet race tracks.

5. Carlos Sainz

F1 Clash Best Drivers
Carlos Sainz in F1 Clash

In 5th Place, we have Carlos Sainz, the strongest defender among all the other drivers featured in this list. He is an excellent driver with great Consistency statistics and decent Tyre Management skills, making him stand out in terms of performance apart from his weaker Overtaking, Fuel Management, and Wet Weather Ability statistics.

Fuel Management86
Tyre Management105
Wet Weather Ability92
Grand Total609

Carlos Sainz would without a doubt, perform fairly well on the race track without requiring many pit stops throughout the course of the race.

6. Valtteri Bottas

F1 Clash Best Drivers
Valterri Bottas in F1 Clash

Valterri Bottas holds the title of the best Fuel Management driver among all the drivers featured in this list, with excellent Defending and Consistency statistics as well.

Fuel Management117
Tyre Management92
Wet Weather Ability86
Grand Total609

Apart from his weaker Overtaking, Tyre Management, and Wet Weather Ability statistics, he can be played as a strong defender who’s able to regulate his car’s fuel throughout the race along with great consistency in his performance level.

7. George Russell

F1 Clash Best Drivers
George Russell in F1 Clash

George Russell’s extremely strong Tyre Management and Wet Weather Ability statistics play a strong role in contributing to his durability in races.

Fuel Management98
Tyre Management117
Wet Weather Ability111
Grand Total609

Although his Overtaking, Defending, Consistency, and Fuel Management statistics are significantly lower than most of the other drivers in this guide, his car is able to cover more distances in the race track before the pit stop, even in wet race track conditions.

8. Pierre Gasly

F1 Clash Best Drivers
Pierre Gasly in F1 Clash

Pierre Gasly stands out with his Overtaking skills as well as decent Fuel Management and Wet Weather Ability statistics. Nevertheless, his weaker Defending, Consistency, and Tyre Management statistics is something to take note of before deciding to assign him to one of your cars for a race.

Fuel Management103
Tyre Management91
Wet Weather Ability110
Grand Total602

Pierre Gasly can be played more aggressively in wet race track conditions with ease in overtaking opponents whose defensive capabilities are weaker.

9. Kimi Räikkönen

F1 Clash Best Drivers
Kimi Räikkönen in F1 Clash

Continuing with our list, Kimi Räikkönen stands in 9th Place with his excellent Fuel Management abilities, while his Overtaking skills are fairly decent. Nevertheless, Kimi Räikkönen has rather weak Defending, Consistency, Tyre Management, and Wet Weather Ability statistics.

Fuel Management115
Tyre Management96
Wet Weather Ability102
Grand Total594

As such, we advise that Kimi Räikkönen be assigned to a car in a race with slightly stronger opponents in terms of their Defending skills, while in race conditions that do not have a high chance of rain.

10. Sebastian Vettel

F1 Clash Best Drivers
Sebastian Vettel in F1 Clash

Starting off our list is Sebastian Vettel, an extremely strong defender with good Tyre Management statistics, however, he is rather weak in terms of Consistency, his Wet Weather Ability and Fuel Management.

Fuel Management115
Tyre Management96
Wet Weather Ability102
Grand Total594

Therefore, it is advised that Sebastian Vettel be assigned to one of your cars racing against opponents who are stronger in terms of their Overtaking ability in dry race track conditions within areas with a low rainfall percentage.

Final thoughts

To wrap things up, this guide is meant to only serve as a reference for players to make more informed decisions in terms of choices of their drivers in F1 Clash. It is advised to be flexible in terms of your choices of drivers in the game as each driver is unique and suited for a specific set of race conditions (wet/dry race tracks etc.). Apart from your choice of drivers in races, it is also crucial to have a good car to pair with your drivers to ensure a spot on the podium in any race.

Which of these 10 Best drivers are you signing up in F1 Clash? Do you have any other drivers in mind? Let us know in the comments section below!

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