Family Island Beginners Guide and Tips

Lead your 'Modern Stone Age' life!

Family Island, developed by Melsoft Games Ltd., is a simulation-based farming and management game. It is a game where you take on the role of a castaway family (Bruce, Eva, and their kids) on a deserted island and you aim to build a thriving farm, explore that particular and nearby islands, and uncover their secrets. In this Family Island Beginners Guide, I will guide you with the basics and most necessary mechanics of this game, so that you can survive in the Stone Age’s hunting and gathering society with your ‘family’. Additionally, you can check our Family Island redeem codes article as well to get a headstart in the game

Family Island Gameplay Basics

The Family Island game will give the vibes of a New Stone Age society, where it lacks proper technology, and life is based on gathering, farming, and domestication of animals. The game will guide you primarily as to how to collect resources like wood, leaves, straws, food, stones, etc.

Once the tutorial is over, focus on the quests on the screen’s left side. Completing quests rewards you with stars and extra energy. The Stars help in levelling up, while the Energy helps in performing any action like cutting wood, collecting leaves, breaking stones, etc. Clinking on the quests directly takes you to the location of where you can complete it.

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Level up to unlock more and more types of collectible resources and constructible buildings to upgrade your island. While your focus should only be on the quests to progress through the story, do not forget to clear the space for further construction, and also upgrade existing buildings. To relocate buildings, long press on the buildings and drag them to a new location.

Cut the bushes, and grass, and break stones to free space for new structures (own house, mills, and other processing units). Upgrade certain buildings such as the House and Stone Storage to increase the energy cap of the family members and storage capacity for the resources respectively.  

Family Island Beginners Guide Tips and Tricks

Here are some major tips and tricks that I wish someone had told me before I started venturing into the wilderness of the remote island:

1. Collect Resources and clear space even if not told to

Keep an eye on the quests and remaining Energy on the energy bar. When having ample energy, engage the family members in cutting trees, farming, breaking rocks, collecting straw and clay, clearing bushes, etc. By doing so, you are making space for new infrastructure, as well as collecting resources like wood, rocks, clay, raw food, etc. Provided that you have space in your storage (see tip no.3).

2. Keep your Kitchen busy always

Bruce and his family need energy to do any work on the island. The game provides many ways to refill the energy bar, however, given the pace and convenience level of this game, it would be no surprise if the energy becomes low in no time.

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Hence, an alternative way of always having some energy as backup, without using rubies, is to prepare food beforehand. Food can be prepared in the campfire area, and stored on the table so that family members can get instant energy when they have to perform several tasks on the map.

3. Manage your Resources’ storage efficiently

Resources, especially raw materials are essential in making almost anything. Such raw materials are automatically obtained when you clear any wild bush, trees, or abiotic resources like rocks and clay. However, as easy as it may seem, according to my experience the real challenge is the management of those resources. There’s only a fixed limit of storage of raw materials at different levels.

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Hence, this calls for strategies to adjust between the available space in the storage, and also the required space to construct any physical infrastructure. Our suggestion would be always to keep an eye on the quests and whenever the storage reaches close to its limit, start using the raw materials to make something (food, thread, rope, tools), or upgrade your buildings. In this way, a proper balance can be maintained, while also clearing the wilderness.

4. Navigate through the islands

The game starts on a deserted island with Bruce’s family as castaways. That particular island is regarded as the protagonist’s home island, whereas, other islands unlock as the game progresses. Those islands contain side missions for the characters, the completion of which rewards with energy, stars, and several rare items. Lest we forget, these islands also contain several hidden items with rare gifts and gift boxes all over them. Hence it is a suggestion to always keep navigating through different islands when there are no quests you can complete in your home island.

5. Be a good Merchant

Merchant ships arrive after a few levels and offer several gifts in exchange for several raw and finished products. Always prioritize trading your raw materials with the merchants, as they are abundantly available on your island.

However, look out for the finished products, since they take time to be crafted properly. In case you lack the required amounts of finished goods like strings, ropes, tools, etc., you may compensate those with rubies. If you are not using rubies elsewhere, use them to exchange goods at least, since the merchants always give really rare items in return.

6. Open Gift Boxes on the map

As already stated in different points here, all maps (home and other islands) contain several hidden gift boxes. Opening gift boxes don’t consume energy. Hence always open gift boxes whenever you find them, irrespective of the map.

7. Upgrade your Infrastructure

Image via Melsoft Games Ltd

Provided you are not short of raw materials and building ingredients, try to upgrade your buildings, houses, factories, etc. By doing so, you are not only doing good to the economy of the island, but also you are maintaining a balance in the storage capacity of it. Also, look out for quests that tell you to upgrade or build any building, and prioritize investing in that particular construction.

8. Don’t be a miser while using Rubies

Rubies are the premium currency available in the game. Players can buy anything with the rubies. Although rubies can be purchased for real-life currency, they are also available as rewards in the game. Levelling up and completing missions can reward you with rubies, the chances of which are very rare. Rubies help in completing quests before the simulation time.

However, for non-premium users, although it might be hard to even consider spending rubies, our suggestion would be to use them when either or both of these conditions are met:

  • The required amount of rubies is pretty low.
  • It is necessary to complete a task within a stipulated time. Use your rubies wisely, but use them.

9. Remember to log in daily and claim the rewards

The game comes with a lot of in-game events and daily rewards. Rewards ranging from energy boosts to raw materials are available. Hence, besides completing quests, also look out for the event missions and keep earning rewards. The log-in rewards are automatically added when you accept them while opening the game. Also, you may rate the game and follow their social media platforms to get extra rewards!

10. Don’t play without a proper strategy

Lastly, play with a proper plan, even if it is a casual game. Improper planning can cause using resources, rubies and energy for all the wrong purposes. Also, misuse of materials may cause not completing event missions on time, thus losing the chance of winning rewards.

Final Thoughts

That was all about the Family Island Beginners Guide from our side. The game is a pretty good time-killer if you like simulation and management games. Just keep the said tips in mind, and you will find yourself having no trouble while playing this game. Happy gaming!

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