Farm gold in Rush Wars: Guide to becoming mega-rich

At this point in time, farming gold in Rush wars is a big challenge. It is always on high demand, especially in the beginning. And, farming gold makes the game tougher for a beginner. So, today in this article, we will talk about the possible ways to farm gold in Rush Wars.

1. Do not skip bases

This is the biggest mistake players generally do. They look for bases with higher golds. But most of the times, they end up wasting more gold than they get from the raid. In rare cases, players earn than they spend. It is advisable to skip bases only when the defence is very strong to beat. Otherwise, it is better to raid whatever the game matched in the first try. Sometimes, a player may get more gold than spending but in overall, with this habit, they always end up wasting more gold.

2. Create a very good defence layout

Money saved is equal to money earned. Yes, creating a good defence layout is important for gathering more gold. It will save the golds that the opponents are looting. In turn, it will help in getting more gold. So yeah, it is a passive way to farm gold in rush wars with a minimal effort.

3. Save airdrop/troops if possible

Many of you already know it. But for some, this might be a helpful tip. Saving airdrop or a troop can covert it to some golds. One airdrop will turn into 20 gold and one troop will turn into 5 gold. Although saving troop or airdrop is a tough challenge, sometimes it is possible. So, do not unnecessarily drop all the troops. This may earn you some extra gold!

Here is a bonus tip for you. If you are new and below HQ4 then focus on upgrading the cards you need. Otherwise, you run out of gold very soon. However, as you move up, you’ll get enough golds to upgrade the cards if you spend enough time in a particular HQ.

If you still do not know, Supercell is working on to fix the bases that offer zero gold. They have already confirmed it. So that will also help the players a bit when it arrives.

Do you have another tip to farm gold in Rush Wars? Do let us know in the comments below!

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