Easy gold farming in Rush Wars is coming soon

Getting gold is always a challenge in Rush Wars. From the soft launch of the game, players are complaining this over various social media. And, seems like Supercell has taken note on it. So hopefully, the players will experience easy gold farming in Rush wars.

Recently, Rick C, the community manager of Rush Wars and Brawl Stars tweeted about gold farming in Rush Wars (Thanks to NickPlus02 on Reddit to bringing this to our attention). The tweet says that Supercell is working on fixing the bases that offer zero gold. And, the change will be implemented soon. Please find the tweet by Rick C below.

As the game is still in beta phase, Supercell is taking some time to fix the issues from the ground level which is a good thing for the long term. They have already pushed an update just after the launch. They have fixed the kicking issue of the last member of the clan, where the leader was unable to kick because of some screen bug. And, now finally Supercell is working on c the biggest issue of Rush Wars, that is gold farming.

How fixing zero gold bases will help in easy gold farming in Rush Wars?

There is a cost to search for bases. So, getting a base with 0 gold only pushes the player to a negative return on investment. And, higher the HQ, bigger the impact. This zero gold return brings frustration to the players. So, when there will be at least some gold offering, that will surely help in gold farming. After the fix, getting gold in Rush wars will be a bit easier, hopefully.

However, the big question remains that if Supercell has plans to tune the gold offering mechanism to let the players get more gold while attacking.

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