FIFA Mobile 21 Market Guide: Your pathway to earn Coins

Make the most of the market!

Coins are pretty much an endgame in FIFA mobile, from boost upgrades to op player acquisition one can’t really progress in this game without a proper stack of coins. But no worries, the FIFA mobile 21 market, or “The Market” as we term it helps to keep the coin flow in-game from time to time Market, is the most interesting yet confusing thing in the game, It spikes and falls, acting like a crazy fickle-minded bipolar bitch (no, not you love) with non-periodic crests and troughs make it the most unpredictable aspect of the game.

Breaking the myth

The game runs on a bot market, it’s a non-live market where the players we post for selling, are not visible to our fellow mates but only to the bot. It’s a search algorithm made by the game devs to regulate the player pool in the game and prevent people just shift coins from one account to another, and make the game fair.

Two terms which we see on each card in the FIFA mobile 21 market,

  • Bid Price – It is the price at which you can bid for a card. Essentially for any card you see, the Bid Price is the price at which another user sold the card on the market. So your card’s selling price corresponds to the Bid price of its actual market listing.
  • Buy Now Price – This is the price at which you can directly buy a card off the market. The Buy Now Price of any market listing is determined by the market bot.

There are at any time, 3 scenarios that the FIFA mobile market can be in;

  • Stable – Prices are more or less the same throughout the day/week.
  • Rising – The card is being bought at the cheapest price and its ‘Buy Now Price’ is constantly rising due to high demand. We recommend that it’s the best time to sell that card.
  • Crashing – There is a large supply of the card and not enough buyers, thus low demand. So people keep undercutting and the card price keeps falling over time. We recommend that it’s the best time to buy the card.

Pathway to the Market

The best way to start is by figuring out what your goals are. Have some realistic goals that you will set out to achieve. Plan towards it. Master buying and selling to the bot. This will not only increase your confidence but you are also assured that you get the best price, which is already being ahead of the curve. Based on your current bank balance and understanding, start investing in some players that are guaranteed to profit. Buy them at the right time and sell at the right time. Got a decent profit? Now rinse and repeat. Cause remember the coins you make are based on investments and investments don’t stay in the house. You bet you raise the stakes, you win and then you bet all on it again.

Buying Techniques in FIFA Mobile 21 Market


Once a card is being listed, sniping it means literally grabbing it at the lowest possible buy now value.


It is bidding on cards at a price that is significantly cheaper than its current Buy now price. Bidding is often done on new event players that users sold for too cheap or rare cards that sell for a high price. Bidding can often yield a large amount of profit, even on a single card. But it has a drawback, is very time-consuming often.

Selling Techniques in FIFA Mobile 21 Market

The interesting part of the FIFA mobile 21 market begins from here,


In any investment you expect to have fun and make money.” – Michael Jordan

This is one method that has consistently had great coin returns; where you buy some cards based on their intrinsic value and sell back when they rise. Pretty easy right? But your coin returns will still be relatively poor unless you master the investing techniques. 

Who to invest in?

People tend to think only a few good cards are worth investing in. Because others are too low rated or not good enough. You need to keep in mind, there are thousands of new players who will just buy whatever is cheap and fitting. This way a lot of cards are valuable if they are simply cheap enough.

Current Event Cards

During an ongoing event, the cards irrespective of their ratings are available at an all-time low value, example during the recent Lunar New Year you could literally snipe an 88 rated card for less than 200k and even a 90 rated master for around 600k which is ridiculous given their OVR. Once you have sniped them, fill them up in your inventory and sell them after a few weeks from the event gets over, ie their supply becomes less and they continue to rise in value. 

Past Event Cards

This time in the game, in addition to almost every event, namely Freeze and Lunar New Year, the two biggest events to date, we have seen cards from previous events repeating over a fixed period of time ie 12-24 hours. Once a card came on the lucky shop this lunar, it’s supplied on the market almost doubled with its value going way down. One could grab a card from the market and then simply list them 2-3 days later after the card has gone down in supply.

fifa mobile market guide
87 UEL Wan Bissaka came on the lucky shop and post his expiry, the same card got sold for much higher value

Base Elites

Let’s face it, now you can grab elites for almost 60-90k. Anyone in that range you can have them for a much much lesser fee, and with the market at this downfall, now is definitely not the time to sell but keep on stockpiling, Buy the base elites, and no worries with their XP values being at that range they really can’t go further down. With EA working on for SBC’s and a possibility of them being around the corner, these prices will more than triple themselves up at an alarming rate. Also due to their XP value, you can do anything but not lose money on them. 

fifa mobile market

Market Fishing

They may be low rated, but their returns are pretty high. This works only if you have a huge inventory of silvers (by huge I mean around 600+ 69 rated silvers and golds alone). Put the filter of 69 rated cards and buy them now randomly at a rate of 800 coins. Straight 800 and no more. List the cards once bought on a 24-hour cycle at a range of 2999-9999. And never put a duplicate of a card. In that way, if the bot picks one up then you can check its suggested price and relist your duplicate for a higher buy now. This process is named, “Fishing”, cause we are literally fishing for coins here.

Note: This process is really really taxing and time-consuming, also there is a huge chance 70% of your silvers will go remain unsold for weeks, and finally you will have them turn them into XP, but then the margins of profit for each card is more than double so it’s all up to you.

Players for specific events

Real Madrid players

This year, thanks to the Prime Icon Zidane event, Real Madrid players are someone who is always on the rise and in demand, one can get TOTW elites as they come during the POTM tournament for lesser value and relist them a couple of days back for a cheap profit, example.

how to get coins in fifa mobile
I had relisted it after 2 days on 8 hours cycle – see the change in price

UCL Players

With the requirements to the group stage event of UCL being still vivid in everyone’s mind and the Round of 16 events just around the corner, you could be stockpiling some UCL cards say for yourself and as well as for selling as if the future UCL events hold the same requirements to last time’s, the only god knows to how much price the cards will then skyrocket too. So it is advisable to keep some UCL players in your reserve, you never know what you need for the event. So Safekeeping first!

TOTW Players

Once the Player of the Month tournament kicks in at the starting Thursday of every month, every TOTW starter coming in for the past 4 weeks becomes dirt cheap. One can make easy money from buying the starters at their lowest and selling them once the tournament ends with the supply of players diminishing.

Look for players from fan-favorite clubs such as United, Chelsea, Real Madrid namely searching in Europe’s Top 5 leagues. Also a famous search filter “83 OVR and above is with a price range of 100k” is something that is sure to return a profit, a week after the event ends. But be sure to raise your sniping skills.

Note: TOTW Players usually the low rated elites 80-81 rated lose their value during the event and it takes forever for them to rise, so it is advisable that you shouldn’t pay much attention to them unless solely for their XP Value.

The following method is illegal. Any form of market bot manipulation is deemed illegal by EA TOS and they have the right to ban your account for doing so. I have listed them just for explanation purposes,

Market Manipulation

Here you buy out listings of a card at the lowest (current) price range and sell cards at the next higher price range using your cards as a trigger. So you are effectively creating artificial demand and forcing the bot to raise the price cap. Now in case, anyone is curious, this method is really time-consuming and the profits are marginal. It would take you forever to make coins doing this.

andersen fifa mobile
The above UCL card 88 CB Andersen is available during the Lucky shop and listing them all at the same instant can fetch very very low profits

How many cards to buy?

A word of caution never invests beyond your means. Only invest heavily when you’re very confident. But don’t go all-in unless you know what you’re doing. There’s a thin line between investing and price manipulation by buying out all cards. Don’t do that. Invest, don’t influence the prices.  While buying random elites for TOTW or other events do not buy more than 8-10 cards at the same time, so that in case you incur a loss it shouldn’t be a major one.

Top trade secrets of the FIFA Mobile Market

So some of the valuable “trade secrets” for the FIFA Mobile 21 Market that we could gather from sources.

  • The most valuable position cards are in the following order: GK, CB, LB, RB, ST.
  • Remember it’s a bot market so the players you list for selling won’t appear in your buying search list, Any transaction you make while selling happens directly with the market bot.
  • Whenever the market crashes or there is inflation happening, my biggest advice is to understand why it is happening. This understanding is invaluable because once you can reason out the market movements, you can predict the future market activity and profit from it. I highly recommend you to observe the big market movements to start with, and then down to the smaller ones. This will unlock some evident profit patterns.
  • Invest at a particular price cap that is the lowest, cards will keep popping. Also, list your cards preferably for a 24-hour cycle to get the best profits.
  • Elites > Masters. For every 1m rise in a master card, 100 elites can get you 10m profit at the same time. It’s a very common trend. The listing queue for masters is also a bit higher than elites with it being more and time taking for a refresh, you will get it eventually during sniping. Also, elites are much safer to invest in cause they’re usually close to TXP value.
  • Check the market daily. This helps you understand all the price caps very well and it’s easy for you to figure out which cards will be valuable in the future.
  • Always have investments in inventory, Idle coins are wasted coins. Sell useless players (especially high rated cards) whose opportunity cost is very high, as you could instead invest those coins elsewhere. Remember the coins you get from investments are no less than a gambler gets from gambling, so  Invest-Sell- Profit Repeat.
  • Keep scaling investments. After your first few profits, but all that money back into new investments. I always believe in the 2x formula. If I have 10m, I should have 20m at the end of my investments. Then 40m and so on.


Keep in mind the market is currently crashing due to the Lunar new year supply, so don’t expect any immediate profits from these cards.

For a more detailed guide and info, you can refer to the market guide given in Reddit in the FIFA mobile community, from where I myself have taken inspiration from.

While watching market-related videos on youtube, remember one thing, the YouTubers only show you their profits and never their losses. One would never do that, but loss during investments is almost inevitable, you learn a lot from your losses. I personally did. So yes count your losses and double your profits.

 Things to get rid of 

  1. Negativity
  2. Excuses
  3. Toxic People
  4. Arsenal
  5. Market Tax

EA developers are weighing the option of SBCs in the spring. That’s what we are kinda looking at and hoping for. According to an EA developer on discord on 27th Jan, SBC was more than likely to come back sometime when they would announce something right before to let people know to buy from the market. Not a sneak peek but a proper announcement. But then can’t trust my girlfriend, so can’t trust EA as well.

Screenshot image from Discord

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 21 Market Guide useful. For more guides like this, make sure to follow GamingonPhone on Facebook and Twitter. And subscribe to the newsletter to the contents directly into your mailbox.

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Abdulkudus Domarae

I sell vvd toty but i forget one0. I sell 2,500,000 but he is price 25,000,000 .Why can’t cancle sell, i hope future has cancle sell. Thanks.


be careful when your selling big player/card. cross check the price tag if needed.

Sk Saad

Bro whom to invest in right now?

Sk Saad

How can I know what players to invest in for icon sbcs?and thanx mate


Yea is there a place where the future icon sbc’s are revealed, cuz how do we know who to invest in for the refresh? Thanks


Sayak mitra…bro can I get your insta id or any other means to contact you please dude!!! That’s a nice article btw …love from india.


Bro……sometimes the buy now for 90+ovrs shows less than 600k while selling them…… What to do??

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