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As the Champions League Round of 16 Event comes to a close EA brings back a recurring event FIFA Mobile 21 Top Transfers dedicated to some of the biggest transfers from the Winter Transfer Window. Put your abilities to the test as you play Skill Games, win Matches, and complete a wide variety of SBCs and get the old familiar faces on their respective new teams from the recent transfer window!

FIFA Mobile 21 Top Transfers Event Description

  • Event Duration: March 25th – April 08th (14 days)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 5 TT Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 8 Coin Packs weekly giving 8 TT Energy for 15,000 coins
  • Energy: TT Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 18
  • Daily Login: 5 Negotiation Points

FIFA Mobile 21 Top Transfers Event Flow


In the Main Tab, you will be using your TT Energy to play a series of Skill Games. Play through a path of 7 daily Skill Games to earn Transfer Points. Completing all the Skill Games rewards a Completion Bonus of Negotiation Points. Note that Skill Games are only playable once per day.

FIFA Mobile 21 Top Transfers

The Skill Games on completion rewards a range of Transfer Points ranging from 5-35 Transfer Points. You also do get back the energy for every failed attempt. Additionally, there is an Exhibition Match available every day. Choose between H2H or PvE matches, then win to earn extra Negotiation Points. You can only earn 50 Negotiation Points one time per day. Also, you can choose with which team you want to play, there are two 101 OVR Preset Teams with two different formations to choose from.

There are also 8 weekly coin packs that give 8 TT Energy for 15,000 coins each and 3 daily ads giving 5 TT Energy each. The Skill Games start as easy and then their difficulty rises as they go on to the 7th node eventually.


Use your hard-earned Transfer Points here to advance down the path and claim rewards. Among the Coins, Training XP, and Skill Boosts, you will also find Contract Choice Points along the path.

FIFA Mobile 21 Top Transfers

Receive extra rewards with the Standard and Premium Passes. This is the tab where you trade in your points for in-game resources or rewards. The Passes are totally P2P and certainly not obtainable without real-world cash.

Top Trades

This is the tab for Player Rewards. Contract Choice Points can be used towards Top Transfer Players in the Top Trades chapter. Here you can trade-in your Contract Points for Top Transfer Players. The players range from 85, all the way up to 100, and everyone is ranked up!

FIFA Mobile 21 Top Transfers

Additionally, from 98 OVR onwards, the players come with ranked 3 and above already which is a great thing early in the season! Remember to transfer the ranks to your own players before selling them! Also, there are offers for resource trade-ins, in case the players don’t tempt you much.

Trading Window

Trade away some of your excess players into a collection of Squad Building Challenges! Complete varying daily SBCs for Negotiation Points. In this tab, you will be trading your Negotiation Points for daily resources and players and a chance at a 95 OVR EOE Huntelaar.! The SBCs reset daily, like daily as in every single damn day.

FIFA Mobile 21 Top Transfers

SBCs rotate daily in sets of 4:

  • Day 1: EPL, LaLiga, Serie A, TOTW
  • Day 2: Bundesliga, Ligue 1, TOTW, Rivals

The Elite and Master SBCs are available for the entire event. You need to complete the SBCs by trading in players for Negotiation Points.

Contract Negotiations

Use your Negotiation Points here on a series of packs. Each pack contains a guaranteed Coin, Training XP, and Skill Boost reward, along with the chance of extra Negotiation Points.

Open all the packs to earn the featured Top Transfer Player of the day! Progress resets daily. The path and the player rewards reset daily so stay aware! So don’t run in for completing the SBCs every day unless and until you need the points for that day.

Club Power-Up (April 1st – April 8th)

This is a new tab being added to the event on April 1st. This rewards you for buying FIFA Points or spending gems! Buy or collect extra FIFA Points over the course of the event to earn rewards in this separate chapter. For every 1000, 2500, 5000, 7500, or 10,000 FIFA Point threshold you reach, come here to claim bonus Skill Boosts, Coins, Common Shards, Rare Shards, and Epic Shards.

Only one claim per day. Additionally, spend 2500 Gems anywhere in the game to earn a Club Power Choice Point, redeemable for Coins, Skill Boosts, and Training XP. Limit of one claim per day. Keep in mind, this tab does not add much value to the event itself for event currencies.


SBC in exchange for Rank Shards is back again from the Champions League Event. There is a single weekly Squad Building Challenge in the main tab which exchanges for Rank Shards, which you will use for ranking up.

You should be completing the SBCs but the longer you wait, the cheaper the players will become in course of the event. It’s not that tough, each requires only 5 players, with the total team OVR being 80+ and 85+ OVRs, while only two of them being Top Transfer players in total.

FIFA Mobile 21 Top Transfers Event Currencies

Transfer Points

  • Earn them from playing daily Skill Games.
  • Use them towards rewards on the Transfers Path.

Contract Choice Points

  • Redeem them from the Transfers Path.
  • Use them towards Top Transfer Players.

Negotiation Points

  • Earn them from completing the Daily Match, all the Skill Games, and SBCs.
  • Use them towards Packs in the Contract Negotiations Chapter.

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

Energy18 InitialTotal
Hourly Refresh1 per Hour335
Weekly Coin Pack80 per Week128
Daily Ads15 per Day210

Total 691 UCL Energy and 563 without the Coin Packs

These TT Energy in turn will be used to play Skill Games for Transfer Points and Negotiation Points

Transfer PointsNegotiation Points
Skill Games1960350
Exhibition Match0700
Trading Window05600
Daily Login070

Additionally, by just sticking to the Main path in the Rewards tab without buying any passes, F2P can easily claim 525 Contract Points by cashing in the 1960 Transfer Points over the course of the event.

FIFA Mobile 21 Top Transfers Event Tips and Tricks

After an amazing, Champions League Round of 16, Top Transfers is a decent event in FIFA Mobile 21. It has a little amount of grind, with daily skill games and a hell lot of event currencies. So here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the best from the event. It took us a while to get these answers and calculate everything so let’s explain it here.

First and foremost as usual this is an event energy-based event. So never ever let your energy get filled out. Don’t let your energy refresh out. Never! Save your coins as you don’t need them at all to play through the seven skill games. Additionally, you can horde your ads and watch them before reset so that you have a stack of energy. Remember to use everything before their respective reset timings. Just play the daily skill games and collect your points, you can complete them every day without needing to open your coin packs at all! Use the coin packs only when utmost necessary.


The 1960 Transfer Points that you earn from completing the skill games every day are more than enough to complete the standard main path. It takes only 1885 Transfer Points to complete all the way down to the path, so this entire path is entirely free to play and will come to you automatically as you play the event and earn Transfer Points each and every day. And from the path itself, you get the 525 Contract Points free to play just by doing the bottom row. If you go for the passes, you get more Contract Points taking as much as 1225 Contract Points but then you have to spill real cash!

Top Trades

PlayerTotalGems Required
85 CAM Bakasetas35
85 CM Willock35
86 ST Gonzalez40
86 RW Man40
87 CB Saliba45
87 CM Gedson Fernandes45
89 CDM Meite55
89 ST Dennis55
90 CB Soumaoro325
90 CAM Alena325
91 LW Idrissi350
91 LM Minamino350
92 ST Paulinho375
92 RM Da Costa375
93 RB Lala400
93 LB Kolasinac400
94 CDM Kondogbia425
94 ST Willian Jose425
95 GK Ryan450
95 CB Mustafi450
96 CAM Odegaard475
96 ST Milik475
97 CB Sokratis500
97 CM Sanson500
98 CAM Ozil525
98 ST Haller525
99 CDM Khedira100025,000
99 LM El Shaarawy100025,000
100 CAM Gomez150050,000
100 ST Mandzukic150050,000
Credits – Frangin Twitter

From the table above we can clearly see you can grab either of the 98 rated players if you just complete your daily skill games and obtain the milestone rewards everyday. If you want the 99 rated players, you need to buy the Premium Pass, free to play they will cost 25,000 gems. 102 Prime Icon Cantona is way out of reach so let’s not discuss him. Both the Event Icons Campbell and Seedorf are pack only players and hence exclusively P2P.

The Resource Rewards are also there with Coins, Boosts, and XP given at a ratio of 1 for 1 ie 525 Skill Boosts. If you forget the players, you can opt for these, but honestly, a pre-ranked 98 OVR Player of Rank 3 is much much more valuable than Skill Boosts.

Trading Window

As for the Trading Window, the daily Top Transfer Player and 95 OVR EOE Huntelaar are 100% Free to Play. Throughout the entire course of the event, you can grab the daily players, every single day whenever you like, and Huntelaar through that easily by just claiming the first offer for 10 days! You can complete the daily SBCs for an additional 280 Negotiation Points. But just completing the SBCs when you need the specific daily player is also more than fine.

FIFA Mobile 21 Top Transfers Event Players

FIFA Mobile 21 Top Transfers
Credits – FIFARenderz

That’s it the Top Transfers Event in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. Basically, just play the event, every day, daily grind it out. There is no real skill involved with this event. There is nothing that tough, this was more of having a stockpile of elites needed to claim the daily reward and a filler event before Easter and Champions League filling the gap in between. On the whole, it’s not that bad, but not too good with resources and players up for grabs.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 21 Top Transfers Guide useful.

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Please follow this from next event.

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