FIFA Mobile 22 Scream Team Guide

Things are getting spooky in FIFA Mobile!

Amidst the ongoing long and grindy Group Stage Challengers, EA recently released a mini-event to celebrate the annual Halloween celebrations with the FIFA Mobile 22 Scream Team! Face your opponents in the Witch’s Competition with her hair-raising VSA Gauntlets. Feed the hungry pumpkins and summon the Ghost for delicious treats. Grab your torch and explore Haunted Houses to find Scream Team Players!

FIFA Mobile 22 Scream Team Event Description

  • Event Duration:  October 20th – November 03rd (14 days)

FIFA Mobile 22 Scream Team Event Flow

Witch’s Hunt

The event starts off each day in the Witch’s Hunt which is the Main Tab, you will play a series of two Skill Games and one Match or Skill Game Daily to earn Torchlights and Candies every day. Start your ghoulishly good route through Scream Team by going to the Witch’s Hut. Here you’ll find your daily grind with a twist: after the first two Skill Games, you can choose to play another Skill Game OR a Match with different rewards. 

FIFA Mobile scream team witch hunt
FIFA Mobile Scream Team Witch Hunt (Image via Electronic Arts)

Both the Skill Game and the AI match are very very easy and you shouldn’t even be considering the Skill Game given the rewards. Just forget the Skill Game and go for the AI match every day. There is a daily milestone of Scream Team Credits and the 2-day Milestone offers GSC Points and a 92+OVR Scream Team Player, for completing the Skill Games or Matches.

There is no question of failing or losing the Skill Games or Matches given how they easy are. Claim the Scream Team Credits from the Milestone in the Witch’s Hunt Chapter to advance through the levels in the Scream Team Pass. Additionally, there is a new thing termed the Witch’s Bank rewarding you with extra Candies and Torchlights.

FIFA Mobile witch bank scream team
FIFA Mobile Scream Team Witch Bank (Image via Electronic Arts)

In the Witch’s Hut, you’ll find the Witch’s Bank. The Witch adds rewards to her bank daily which accumulate until the end of the event. Use FIFA Points or Gems to gain access to her rewards. You can spend your resources on the bank if you are a little short of Torchlight or Candy anytime during the event.

Witch’s Competition

Another new addition to the event is the Witch’s Competition, which serves as a daily Gauntlet of 5 VSA matches, and this time the focus is now on not winning but based on how many goals you score. This might be a welcome move from the devs to counter its often weird matchmaking algorithms.

FIFA Mobile Scream Team Witchs Competition
FIFA Mobile Scream Team Witch’s Competition (Image via Electronic Arts)

Players will need to score at least 20 goals every day from the five matches to earn some additional Torchlights. Enter the Witch’s Competition and play in the Versus Attack gauntlet! Complete Matches and score goals to complete milestones for rewards. The Witch’s Competition has multiple milestones: daily milestones, 2-day milestones, weekly milestones, and a milestone that is available for the entire event. 

The Milestones reward you with Scream Team credits every day with additional GSC Points and a 94+ OVR Scream Team player. All of these milestones can be claimable within 11 days of the event by playing the 5 VSA Matches every day and grabbing a fair amount of GSC Points every week.

Summon the Ghost

Remember the Fishing Hole from seasons past? Yes, it’s back again! This event is basically a rebrand of Tropical Tour from this season. Instead of fishing, you will be sticking candies inside the Pumpkins. Feed the Hungry Pumpkins with Candy to summon the Ghost with tasty rewards.

FIFA Mobile Scream Team Summon the Ghost
FIFA Mobile Scream Team Summon the Ghost (Image via Electronic Arts)

There are three different pumpkins: Good Pumpkin, Weird Pumpkin, and Evil Pumpkin. Each pumpkin has a different probability for Daily Rewards, Wrappers, or returning your Candy. Trade in five Wrappers in the Recycler for Candy. And remember, you will be wanting to do the Good Pumpkin every day to go across the path of Milestones.

  • Good Pumpkin: Often gives back your candies. But it isn’t easy to get the reward of the day from this pumpkin.
  • Weird Pumpkin: This pumpkin might look weird but has a balanced mind to provide rewards.
  • Evil Pumpkin: Devours all your candies but has a higher chance to get the reward of the day.
FIFA Mobile Summon the Ghost Hungry Pumpkins
FIFA Mobile Summon the Ghost Hungry Pumpkins (Image via Electronic Arts)

Using your Candy to feed the pumpkins gives you progression on the Milestone Path. The Path offers some delicious rewards, including Scream Team Players, Skill Boosts, Torchlight Points, Training Transfer Items, and more! If you can feed a total of 6 candies into the Pumpkin each day, you will get a chance at claiming another Candy or 150 Torchlight Points, thus it will come down to the path you want to follow each day. Use 6 Candies per day to summon the ghost and claim a Candy and 150 Torchlight Points.

Haunted House

This is just the path of rewards and it’s big and confusing. Starting from the top, there is Node 4, where everybody will claim 5 Candies. Then you get down to your choice of left and right with the same rewards throughout and takes the same amount of Torchlight Points.

FIFA Mobile Scream Team Haunted House Trinkets
FIFA Mobile Scream Team Haunter House Chapter (Image via Electronic Arts)

After claiming Torchlight Points it is time to plan your route and explore the Haunted Houses! Use your Torchlight Points to progress through the path and claim spooky rewards including Scream Team Players. 

With every claim, you have a chance of obtaining a Trinket. This is the same thing from seasons past, where you have random spots for extra rewards. With every node that you claim, you have the probability of claiming a Trinket Treat. These are rewards that can only be claimed once, including a special Scream Team Logo and Emote. 

Scream Team Pass

There is no Star Pass for this event since it’s a small two-week event released as a part of the Group Stage Challengers event. But, of course, there is an event-specific Pass. Remember the Scream Team Credits from the Milestones in the Witch’s Hut and Witch’s Competition? Well, these Scream Team Credits are used to gain Levels in the Scream Team Pass and allow you to claim rewards!

FIFA Mobile Scream Team Pass (Image via Electronic Arts)

The Pass includes tasty rewards such as Scream Team Players, Torchlight Points, Candies, and more! There are both free and paid sections of the pass as usual, with the paid side being more lucrative. These passes will remain throughout the event and the Paid Pass requires 500 FIFA Points. There is a 95 OVR LB Paulo Otávio and 100 OVR Tropical Tour RM Adama Traoré up for grabs in the Tropical Pass.

FIFA Mobile 22 Scream Team Event Currencies

Torchlight Points

  • Earn them from the Witch’s Hut, Witch’s Competition, Summon the Ghost, and Scream Team Pass
  • Use them in the Haunted Houses to claim rewards including Scream Team Players. 


  • Earn them from the daily claim node, ads, and Recycler in Summon the Ghost.
  • Use them to feed the Hungry Pumpkins to claim rewards.


  • Earn them by feeding the Hungry Pumpkins.
  • Trade in Wrappers for Candy using the Recycler in Summon the Ghost.

Scream Team Credits

  • Earn them by completing Milestones in the Witch’s Hut and Witch’s Competition.
  • Obtain them to unlock new levels with rewards in the Scream Team Pass.

GSC Points

  • Earn them in the Witch’s Hut, Witch’s Competition, Summon the Ghost, Haunted Houses, and Scream Team Pass.
  • Use them in the Group Stage Challengers event.

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

Torchlight PointsCandiesGSC Points
Witch’s Hunt490042
Witch’s Competition8750
Daily Ads70014
Haunted House Path5
Scream Team Pass5005
Premium Scream Team Pass150010
Credits: FIFA Mobile Forum Twitter

Do Remember that you will get a lot of your Candies back from your Wrappers, also provided you stick with the Good Pumpkin. It also comes down to your luck as it is on how many chances you get back your Candies from the Summon the Ghost chapter.

Total a minimum of 18000 Torchlight Points and 66 Candies are available free-to-play

Additionally, you can get an extra 150 Torchlight Points every day should you exchange 6 Candies in Summon the Ghost chapter which should be doable. In doing this, every free-to-play player can expect a minimum of 19000 Torchlight Points from the event on average.

The event is pretty straightforward and the above calculations are all you can get from the event. No event resources are available from the Star Pass and neither is any Challenge mode present for Scream Team.

FIFA Mobile 22 Scream Team Event Tips and Tricks

Being one of the side events of FIFA Mobile 22, Scream Team is a very very basic mini-event. It is not even a proper event, doing only skill games or AI matches. So here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the best from the event. It took us a while to get these answers and calculate everything so let’s explain it here.

Now tips for the event. Play everything. Finish your daily skill games and AI matches which you can very easily. Be excited that there’s no event energy or stamina involved anymore in the new season. We’re not dealing with the constant fear of energy getting wasted and full and neither has there been a single ad since the game was released. So yes, definitely enjoy it while you can.

Haunted House

Player OVRPoints RequiredGems Required
94 OVR (CDM Monchu/ RW Isi Palazón)5650
95 OVR (LM Boufal/ CB Nicolaisen)9450
96 OVR (ST Mama Baldé/ CM Luiz Gustavo)10650
98 OVR (GK Silvestri/ LB Walker-Peters)12150
99 OVR (LW Grifo/ CM Fellaini)14650
102 OVR (CB Hermoso/ ST Mitrović)2865062738
103 OVR Event Icon ST Luis Hernández2500036322
Credits – Luixen Twitter

From the table above you can clearly see you can go down the path till Reward 10 and easily grab at least one of the 99 OVR Scream Team Players. Additionally from the same side of the 99 OVR, you can grab a 98 OVR Scream Team player as well, remember on the same side, and not the difference.

Both the 99 and 98 OVR Scream Team Players from the same side is available free-to-play

Therefore, you can choose either of the two combinations free-to-play from the Sunny Shores:

  1. 99 OVR LW Vincenzo Grifo and 98 OVR GK Marco Silvestri
  2. 99 OVR CM Marouane Fellaini and 98 OVR LB Kyle Walker-Peters

Ignore the 102 OVR Scream Team Players, you will be way short of them even after buying the Scream Team Pass. So just forgo the 102 OVR CB Mario Hermoso or the 102 OVR ST Aleksandar Mitrović. If you really like or are a fan of either of the players, you can always buy them from the market.

On the other hand, the 103 OVR Event Icon ST Luis Hernández can be obtained easier than the 102 OVRs, given you take only 19500 Torchlight Points free-to-play. Therefore if you need to claim 500 FIFA Points buy the Scream Team Pass and exchange 6 candies every day and use them only on Torchlight Points. The Torchlight Discount Gem Pack awards you 250 additional Torchlight Points for 875 Gems/350 FIFA Points with a purchase limit of 2 each day. Buying a total of four of those packs will be enough to take you to the end and grab the Event Icon. Therefore:

103 OVR Event Icon ST Luis Hernández is available with an additional 3500 Gems and the Scream Team Pass

Summon the Ghost

Being a free-to-play player, you can get a minimum of 66 Candies. This is ignoring the extra Candies you can get back from the Good Pumpkin and from converting Wrappers. There are even additional Candies lying in the Haunted House chapter as well as from the Trinkets. Provided your choices from the Haunted House, you can still get a minimum total of 110 Candies from the chapter thereby guaranteeing you the 101 OVR CAM Eberechi Eze milestone.

FIFA Mobile 22 Scream Team Event Players

FIFA Mobile Scream Team Players
Image via Electronic Arts

That’s the Scream Team event in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. It’s just another short and sweet mini-event to fill in for the two weeks during the Group Stage Challengers event, giving us some event-specific resources along the way. But that’s how this season has been! One long event with multiple short two-week events along the way. As for the Scream Team Pass, its not worth your FIFA Points, don’t go for it, unless you really crave for the Event Icon and save them for future events

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 22 Scream Team Event Guide useful.

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