FIFA Mobile 23 Founders Guide: Tips to become a Founder for EA Sports FC Mobile

Play this season and reap the benefits in the next one!

The much-awaited Founders event is now live in EA Sports FIFA Mobile 23. With its arrival, we can now officially start preparing for the next season of EA Sports FC Mobile bid farewell to FIFA Mobile, and play the last few days with our squads. Before starting the event guide and playing the event, it is very important that all users and players sign up for the Founders event and become a Founder for EA Sports FC Mobile.

In this special Founders event, players can celebrate the game’s legacy while preparing to build their club’s history in the next season. In this guide, we will share all the tips and tricks on how to become a Founder for EA Sports FC Mobile. Additionally, if you are anxious about how the transition will take place from FIFA Mobile to FC Mobile and which items will be carried over, check our complete Reset Guide here.

How to become a Founder for EA SPORTS FC Mobile from the FIFA Mobile 23 Founders event

Founder is basically the status given and certified to all users who play the Founders event in FIFA Movile 23 and follow the in-game prompts to become a “Founder“. Becoming a Founder reserves the spot to receive special Players, customization items such as User Logos, and unlock access to the special Founders Premium Star Pass on FC Mobile when it launches. Below are the steps on how to become a Founder in FIFA Mobile 23:

  • Step 1: Open the Founders event in FIFA Mobile 23 and go to the BE A FOUNDER Tab. You will find a countdown that indicates the beginning of the next season. Notice that the other tabs are greyed out as they will unlock only once you Become a Founder for EA SPORTS FC Mobile
  • Step 2: Notice the BE A FOUNDER button highlighted in green. Above the button, there is a counter that updates daily on the number of players who have registered themselves as Founders. Tap the button.
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  • Step 3: After tapping the BE A FOUNDER button, you will see a Free Founders Pack up for grabs. Tap on the FREE button and claim the Rewards.
  • Step 4: On tapping the FREE button, you will receive the Founders Pack consisting of a Founders User Logo and a Founders Token.
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  • Step 5: That’s it you have enrolled yourself as Founder for the upcoming season of EA Sports FC Mobile. Now you are guaranteed to receive those exclusive rewards once the new season launches. On becoming a Founder you will also notice the green highlighted BE A FOUNDER button has now changed into FOUNDERS IDENTIFIED and is now greyed out.

Remember to follow the above steps once you log in to the Founders event in FIFA Mobile 23. Only once you enroll yourself as a Founder, the next tabs of the event will unlock. Therefore it is extremely necessary to sign up as a Founder. Besides enrolling as a Founder rewards you with the following milestone awards as well:

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  • 5 million Founders: 108-113 OVR Founders Player
  • 10 million Founders: 1250 Gems
  • 20 million Founders: 1000 Skill Boosts
  • 30 million Founders: Founder Hype! Emote
  • 40 million Founders: 200 Scouting Points
  • 50 million Founders: 114 OVR Founders Pioneer Player ST Youssoufa Moukoko

The 114 OVR ST Moukoko that you receive this season will be a Pioneer Player. Therefore you will receive a much lower OVR version of that player as a Now and Later reward in the next season of EA Sports FC Mobile.

Founders event has started and so has the countdown to the new season of FC Mobile. In order to begin your journey in FC Mobile in the best way possible and receive exclusive rewards including Pioneer Players and Logos, register yourself as a Founder as soon as possible. For all the players who are not playing FIFA Mobile currently but plan to do so in the upcoming season, do remember to download the game and enroll yourself as a Founder to receive the rewards and unlock access to the special Founders Premium Star Pass.

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