FIFA Mobile 23 Season Reset Guide and Tips

EA Sports FC Mobile is coming, are you Ready?!

With the imminent arrival of the Founders Event, the countdown has officially begun. On September 26, we will be heading over to the new season in EA Sports FC Mobile with our squads, and everything reset to zero. (Don’t Panic!) So here in this FIFA Mobile 23 Season Reset Guide, we will guide you through the entire reset and give you some tips on how to prepare with the season reset and get the best out of the Founders event.

Recently EA Sports announced that EA Sports FC Mobile will officially release on September 26, 2023. Besides with all the transition going from FIFA Mobile to EA Sports FC Mobile and the promising reviews of EA Sports FC Mobile beta, players are now more excited than ever! Furthermore, the devs have also announced that Cross-Regional play is making a return!

What is the Reset

When FIFA Mobile starts a new season, which usually is once a year, it’s termed a Reset. It has been really long since we have had a proper reset, the last one was in January 2022 to be precise. Therefore Reset is the transition from season to season, FIFA Mobile 23 will become EA Sports FC Mobile.

The game will see a facelift, and all the events will change, like any game, it’s just a new model of what we already have been playing. And like any other game with a New Year model, you start at square one, the same as all of your fellow gamers. It’s the reset.

Which items carry over to the Reset

1. User Name and User ID

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Your User Name and the User ID from the current FIFA Mobile season will be carried forward to the new season in EA Sports FC Mobile. Therefore you will play FC Mobile with your present User Name and ID.

2. FIFA Point Balance will be transferred to FC Points

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If you have any FIFA Points accumulated or purchased, they will transfer to the next season and be converted to FC Points, the new premium currency of EA Sports FC Mobile.

3. Ban Status

Your current Ban Status in FIFA Mobile ie if you are banned or unbanned recently and if serving a ban for an extended period of time will be carried forward to EA Sports FC Mobile in the new game. Nobody likes serving a ban, so if you want to avoid a ban in FIFA Mobile or in FC Mobile in the future, check out our detailed guide on how to avoid getting banned from the game.

4. Pioneer Players

Arriving with the upcoming Founders event are the Pioneer Players. The Pioneer Players are basically the Now and Later Players of the current season. Therefore players will receive a lower OVR version of the Pioneer Players in the next season that the users obtain from the Founders event. To maximize your gains from the Founders event, check our comprehensive guide on the event.

Which items will not carry over to the Reset

Other than the above four things we mentioned, everything gets reset. All your players, your gems, your coins, your boosts, any leftover resources everything gets zeroed out. Poof! Gone all in an instant.

  • Player Item Roster
  • Coins
  • Gems
  • League and League Record
  • Account Level
  • Vanity Items
    • Emotes
    • Logos
    • Kits
    • Stadiums
  • Leaderboard Rankings
  • Fans & Cups
  • Skill Boosts
  • Rank Up Items
  • Friends List and Friends Record
  • Star Pass Progress
  • Quests

All the things listed above will be reset the time you log in to EA Sports FC Mobile. But don’t panic, take a deep breath. The Season Reset is indeed a good thing that happens every year in FIFA Mobile. All Seasonal Games do this and it shouldn’t be a surprise.

To ease the stress of the players, the devs had also further announced at the beginning of FC Mobile that players will receive a pack of Emotes to get started. Additionally, there will also be ways to redeem old vanity items like Logos and Kits in FC Mobile, which EA will provide details of at a later date.

Just think like this, if you are allowed to continue with your original squad and then reset then the gap for players who are just beginning compared to those who have been playing for long would be huge and would just keep getting bigger and bigger. Furthermore, all the latest transfers and retirements along with reevaluations of OVR mean you really need to wipe the slate clean at least once a year and start over with the players all in base cards state. The reset basically levels out the playing field.

How to prepare for the FIFA Mobile 23 Season Reset

The best way to prepare for the FIFA Mobile 23 Season Reset is to stockpile XP, coins, and Players. The players will be used mostly for XP, realistically With the values on the players low, you should be converting all of your market investments into masters It’s time to invest in masters for player upgrades in your team.

Another important thing to note is Players for Rank ups. Depending upon how high you will be taking your team this season, you will need masters in all OVRs. Now is the time for all this prep. Max out your skill boost as well if you are not. Stockpile all the boost you can, but again you should have been doing this all season long.

So for a quick recap, be ready for big OVR jumps that you will need;

  • Players – Reserve Players to use for Training and Upgrading as high as you can.
  • Coins – Lots and lots of Coins either as straight-up coins or as investments, you can sell them now or during the Founders event.
  • Skill Boosts – Upgrade your Skill Boosts to level 20 as they will help in giving your team the final push to a higher OVR
  • Gems – Utilise your Gems in exclusive Sotre Packs to obtain Pioneer Players or Resources during the Founders event
  • Rank Items – Rank up your Players as this is the final time to use it.
  • Training Transfer Items – Transfer your Training and Ranks to new higher OVR Players from the Founders event if you claim and wish to replace them in your main squad.

Final Thoughts

First, don’t panic! It’s not as bad as it sounds. Well Probably it is, everything you’ve spent your hard-earned money, precious time, blood, and sweat maybe a few tears to claim Train, Rank, Build, and Acquire is going to be gone. All your Players, Gems, Coins, and Boosts, will be gone. You will be starting afresh right along with everyone else.

However, if you think, the Season Reset is actually a good thing undoubtedly you’ve gotten bored with the slow progress of the current season of FIFA Mobile 23 and are ready for a change, starting fresh along with everyone else. So here is our advice, embrace the reset, plan for the reset, and take it for what it truly is – a chance to refresh the game. Renew your interest and start over with a plethora of new tasks to undertake.

Remember how much fun it was when FIFA Mobile 23 and you had your first run through division rivals in both VSA and Head2Head and the fight to build a squad full of gold players, with gradually elite players? And the joy of achieving your first master player. How satisfying it was, Well that’s all about to happen again. Therefore see it’s a good thing, as long as your glass is half full. We will be sharing all the news about the new upcoming features and events in EA Sports FC Mobile as it is released. So keep checking this place here and stay tuned!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 23 Season Reset Guide useful.

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