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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2: Battle Bus locations and how to find them

Locate these formidable machines along with your squad!

Fortnite Battle Bus has always appeared in the game, floating across the skies and delivering combatants to the island. However, players have never been able to drive it except for that one time versus Galactus. Therefore, instead of these off-limit buses, players have treated themselves with other vehicles. Now in Chapter 3 season 2, these are formidable machines to come up against with. If you are focusing on the Fortnite Quests then these vehicles feature in several of them, giving you more reasons to track them down on the island. If you want to take control of a rolling fortress, here’s our Fortnite guide to tell you the Battle Bus locations and how to find them.

Battle Bus in Fortnite

These buses will only be in Fortnite once it has been funded by players. There are several funding stations around the island that players can donate to using gold bars. Six of the Battle Bus funding station have already met their goals and here’s the location of each of them:

Fortnite Battle Bus Locations
Image via Epic Games

The Battle Bus has a capacity of 5 players including the driver. There is an explosive turret at the front of the bus and a regular turret at the back. There are two separate seats on top where players can use their weapons. The bus itself has 2,000 health and is well equipped with big tires to drive on any terrain. It is adorned with a fat ram that destroys anything that comes in its way.

At the moment there aren’t many battle buses but loopers expect that Fortnite will increase the numbers soon. Additionally, to match themselves with the battle buses, players can always buy cosmetics from the Fortnite Item Shop.

Where to find the Battle Bus in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

The map above doesn’t direct you toward the exact location of each battle bus funding station. Here’s the exact location of each of the battle bus funding stations:

1. Synapse Station

Battle bus locations synapse
Image via Epic Games

This Station is located in the southernmost part of the Fortnite map. You need to go behind the main building where it is present in the center of the void.

2. Sanctuary

Battle bus locations
Image via Epic Games

This is located in the east on the Fortnite map and is the main of the six locations. The bus here is at the southern end of the road which runs parallel to the beach.

3. The Daily Bugle

Daily Bugle station location
Image via Epic Games

This is present in the northeastern part, inside a huge crater. The bus is parked towards the south of the main building.

4. Coney Crossroads

Coney station location
Image via Epic Games

This is located in the south of the Sleepy Sound and the northwest of Sanctuary. Battle bus is parked right on the northbound road.

5. Condo Canyon 

Battle bus Condo location
Image via Epic Games

 The Condo Canyon is located in the southeast of the map in the desert area. You need to approach the location from the east to find the battle bus.

6. Rocky Reels

Battle bus rocky reels location
Image via Epic Games

This is the northernmost POI inside the desert. The bus is parked on the main road which passes the Rocky Reels in the south.

Did you find our guide to Battle Bus locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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