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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3: Tips to obtain the Skate Park Royalty STW Pack

Get the Skate Park Royalty STW Pack with ease!

Fortnite introduced a save the world pack to give away cosmetics and V bucks and access to the PVE campaign. With Chapter 3 Season 3, we get a new save the world pack, Skate Park Royalty STW pack and it is available in the Fortnite shop.

Fortnite keeps on enhancing the game to keep the loopers hooked to the game. They not only make changes to the map but also add in-game items. This shows that Epic games put huge efforts to keep the game running.

The Save the World pack is one such interesting element that Epic Games introduced to increase the fun. The best thing about this pack is that it gives bonus cosmetics and V bucks to players upon purchasing it. This time the STW pack is a thoughtful one as it matches the vibe of the “vibin” new season.

How to get the Skate Park Royalty STW Pack in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

The latest Save the World Pack is called Skate Park Royalty Pack. This pack like all the other World packs includes a bunch of cosmetics and the obvious amount of V bucks. This pack comes with a Toni Outfit, Ollie Oop Backbling, and Inline Impacter Pickaxe.

Image via Epic Games

The pack will grant access to the players with the PVE campaign and as hefty as 1500 V bucks which can be used in all game modes. The price of the pack is $15.99 (US) and £12.99 Sterling (UK) which might seem a little more expensive but the OG player appreciates it. 

This pack received a positive response from the loopers community, players are enjoying skater-based cosmetics. It held the expectations just right in place and the players love it. We are expecting more from the save the world pack in features like Gyro and Flick Stick, and Vault will be added to the game soon. We will get to know more about these features as soon as the V21.10 update arrives.

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