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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1: Sky Jellies locations and where to find them

Mysterious creatures which help in gaining health and shields!

Fortnite is a very popular battle royale game from Epic Games. One of the reasons for their immense popularity is introducing new content throughout the year through updates. This keeps players interested and competitive by completing quests and challenges. A challenge for one of the current “The Week” quests in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 is to jump on Sky Jellies to gain health and shields and also experience by completing the quest, but coming across such creatures can be quite difficult, and here’s are the locations where one can spot them.

Sky Jellies in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Fortnite Sky Jellies locations
Image via Epic Games

Sky Jellies are new creatures that have been added to the game during Chapter 4 Season 1. Players should know that these creatures don’t spawn in the same place during every match on the map. If they think they can locate it once and then reap its benefits during every match, they are wildly mistaken. So to complete this quest, they’ll need to look through several locations to complete it as there are several probable points where the creatures can spawn.

Where to find Sky Jellies in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Players will need to travel through certain paths to look for the Sky Jellies as there is no fixed place where one can come across them. So here are the paths where Sky Jellies can be spotted:

  • By driving east through Frenzy Fields 
  • By driving east to the small body of water that is south of Frenzy Fields 
  • By landing south of Breakwater Bay and grabbing a vehicle
  • By driving south past Shattered Stabs while staying near the coastline

 If the players don’t come across Sky Jellies even in these specific routes, they can go through the grassy area which is southeast of Anvil Square as Sky Jellies have a probability of spawning there as the summer and autumn biomes meet.

Fortnite Sky Jellies locations
Image via Epic Games

After the player has successfully located the Sky Jellies, all they need to do is jump into it and it’ll give them a boost into the air and will also make them gain 20 health or shield points.

By doing this for a total of three times they’ll be able to complete the quest and gain 16000 XP on the battle pass and unlock more cosmetic gifts. As these creatures appear in groups, players will be able to able to complete the quest once they are successful in locating them once.

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