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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 MEGA: Tips to locate Thunder or Evie of the Syndicate

Fortnite is one of the most popular games of Epic Games. This game has been able to retain it’s popularity for years. Several reasons have been there for its popularity, its vast set of new content in the form of new collaborations, quests, weapons, skins, and so on. After the release of its new season, one of the new questlines that have been introduced is the Syndicate Quests. The last stage of it requires the players to locate and talk to either of the members of the Syndicate and here’s how one can do so in Fortnite MEGA.

How to locate the members of the Syndicate in Fortnite MEGA

Syndicate Quests require the players to complete seven stages in total to complete the whole questline. Each stage has a different task to perform. After the completion of each task, players are awarded experience points for their Battle Pass of the new season. The last stage of the Syndicate Quests requires the player to talk to either of the members of the Syndicate Quests. And players can find both of them at different locations.

Fortnite MEGA locate syndicate members
Image via Epic Games

Thunder, a new member of the Syndicate in Chapter 4 Season 2 can be found at Lotus Lookout. It is a small island which is located southeast of the Kenjutsu Crossing. Evie is an old and well-known member of the Syndicate who has been existing well before the release of this season. Players can find her at Knotty Nets which is located on the easternmost side of the island. Players can just approach and interact with either of them. Then, the seventh stage of the Syndicate Quests is complete and the questline will be over.

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