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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Wilds: Tips to find and match Flames at Temple Ruins

Match the flames and get rewarded handsomely!

Fortnite has taken the futuristic theme of its previous season and turned it completely upside down and turned into a wild theme. Chapter 4 Season 3 is named WILDS because of that very reason. The developers have added a whole new jungle biome to the map along with the update which contains various mysterious temples within itself. These temples have various puzzles inside them which can be solved to earn various rewards in return. So here’s how players can find and match Flames Puzzles at the Temple Ruins in Fortnite.

Flame Puzzles in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 WILDS

Players can solve various puzzles inside temples to open various rooms which contain a lot of chests, ammo, and other rare items. Firstly players will need to solve the puzzle to enter into the second loot route in the Southern Ruin and Hidden Ruin temples. They will need to open the temple door by offering a high-rarity item in exchange.

Fortnite Match Flames In Temple Ruins
Image via Epic Games

Then they will be left in another loot-filled room where they will find yet another locked door. The door gives the command to the players to find flamesand match flames”. This room will contain a lot of lit and unlit braziers with purple flames in it. Players will need to locate braziers at other levels of the temple and either extinguish or light them to match them to their counterparts and complete the puzzle.

Where to find flames at the Hidden Ruin in Fortnite

Upon opening the first temple door in the Hidden Ruin, players will come across a locked door that will ask them to match flames. The room will have braziers and the other set of them will be located underneath the secret room they would be standing in at the moment.

Fortnite Match Flames In Hidden Ruin
Image via Epic Games

Players will need to go down there by dropping down where the makeshift bridge was to find the other set of braziers which will be four in number. They must remember which ones are lit and which ones are not over there and then come back up and match them to the braziers above by lighting and extinguishing them accordingly.

Where to find flames at the Southern Ruin in Fortnite

Players will find the first locked door in the Southern Ruin temple south of the Apparatus, by going underground by using the stairs. By opening it with a high rarity weapon trade, they will come into another room with five braziers. One of them will be in the center and all the others will be in the four corners of the room.

Fortnite Match Flames In Southern Ruin
Image via Epic Games

The flame players will need to compare the brazier in the middle is located at the ground level and is just above the secret room. The other four flames can be found in the first level which players can reach by using the ascender. Now they will once again need to compare the braziers and light and extinguish them accordingly to match them correctly and successfully match all the flames at both the Temple Ruins in Fortnite.

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