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Fortnite Guide: Tips to get the Goat Simulator 3 outfit for free

Get the outfit as soon as it is available!

Goat Simulator 3 is unusually coming to Fortnite. The sequel to the hit action simulation game Goat Simulator. Fortnite is known for doing out-of-the-box collaborations with different franchises. The developers have introduced hit characters like John Wick, Chief Hopper, and Thanos to the game. Not only the characters but several elements and aesthetics from these franchises were also added to the blockbuster battle royale game. In its latest collaboration, Epic Games is teaming up with Coffee Stain North to bring Goat Simulator to Fortnite where players can get a Goat Simulator 3-themed outfit for free.

Tips to get the Goat Simulator 3 outfit for free in Fortnite

Follow the steps below to get the Goat Simulator 3 outfit for free:

  • To get the skin for free in the game players will have to pre-order Goat Simulator 3 from the Epic Games store.
Fortnite Goat Simulator 3 outfit
Image via Epic Games
  • Players must place the order for the game before November 17, 2022, its release date.
  • Players must order the game using the Epic Games account that they use for playing Fortnite.
  • After players are done with the preordering then they will be able to gain access to the A Goat outfit in Fortnite.
Fortnite Goat Simulator 3 outfit
Image via Epic Games

The Goat Simulator 3 outfit as described by the developers a questionably named, half goat/half human hybrid rocking a ragdoll print crop top. The team of developers at Coffee Stain North has created this unique goat which was first introduced in Goat Simulator. The goat named Pilgor serves as the main inspiration for the outfit. This goat-themed outfit has some extra muscles to beef up the player once they wear it in the game. 

Players who want the outfit but don’t want to purchase the upcoming Goat Simulator 3 can also get it once it becomes available in the Fortnite in-game store. The outfit will be available roughly one week after the game’s release on November 26.

Did you find our guide on how to get Goat Simulator 3 outfit for free in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!

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