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Fortnite Guide: Tips to phase through walls with Chrome Splash in the game

Outrun your enemies by phasing through walls!

One of the greatest things about Fortnite is that it allows players to interact with the in-game environment. It is also what makes Fortnite from all other battle royale games. In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, the developers have introduced many features among which Chrome is the most interesting. It is a peculiar substance that is transforming the characteristics of walls after affecting them. Players can phase through the walls once the Chrome effect has taken place. Here’s our Fortnite guide to tell you how to phase through walls using the Chrome Splash.

How to phase through walls using Chrome Splash in Fortnite

The Chrome Splash is an item that can be usually found in areas where Chrome has spread across the map. The Chrome Splash is a throwable item that can be found by searching through Chrome Chests or by hitting the Chrome trees and rocks.

The process of using the Chrome Splash for phasing through walls is pretty easy. After you have got a Chrome Splash, throw it at any nearby wall or ceiling. As soon as the Chrome Splash comes in contact with these surfaces they turn into Chrome. After the Chrome effect has taken place just walk through the wall or jump up through the ceiling.

Fortnite Chrome Splash
Image via Epic Games

Sometimes you will come across walls that are already Chrome after coming in contact with the weird substance. These kinds of walls can be phased directly without using any Chrome Splash on them. Another thrilling and adventurous way to phase through walls is turning yourself into a Chrome blob.

When enemies are rushing toward you, use the Chrome Blob effect to your advantage and escape by phasing through walls. As Chrome keeps spreading across the map affecting more and more surfaces including the walls it will become increasingly easier to phase through walls.

Did you find our guide on how to phase through walls with Chrome Splash in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!

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