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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: Chrome Splash locations and how to find them

Turn yourself into a blob by using this unique item!

The Chrome Splash is the newest item in the world of Fortnite. In the ongoing Chapter 3 Season 4 of the blockbuster battle royale game, players can find Chrome Splash in various locations. All the items in Fortnite have unique features and characteristics. The Chrome Splash is a unique throwable item that players can use to beat their opponents. Players can also use Chrome Splash to complete specific challenges in the game.

Chrome Splash in Fortnite

The Chrome Splash has one of the coolest visual aesthetics in the game. They are really fun to use and make the gameplay more enjoyable. Chrome Splash is used by throwing it next to a player’s character which allows them to transfer into a blob. After using the chrome splash players will get a temporary speed boost, and the ability to dash and they become immune to fire and fall damage.

Fortnite Chrome Splash
Image via Epic Games

The Chrome Splash is a versatile item that players can also use on their teammates. By throwing a Chrome Splash into a teammate players can give them the boosts. The Chrome Splash can be thrown onto a wall to make it penetrable.

This allows players to breach the walls by moving through them. This feature of the Chrome Splash is great to dodge opponents’ attacks or surprise opponents with an unexpected attack. All of these sound freaking awesome but to use the Chrome Splash players will need to collect it first. 

Chrome Splash locations in Fortnite

Players can usually find Chrome Splash as a ground loot item in Fortnite. Chrome Splash can be found on the ground or around chests scattered across the map. However, players are more likely to find Chrome Splash in the chrome chests than in the regular chests available in the game.

Fortnite Chrome Splash
Image via Epic Games

By destroying chrome objects with the Pickaxe players will be able to obtain Chrome Splash. Players need to look for the Chrome Splash in the chrome-themed areas of Fortnite. Herald’s Sanctum, Lustrous Lagoon, and Shimmering Shrine are some of the chrome-themed areas on the map.

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