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Fortnite Most Wanted event rewards and how to unlock them

Gain Infamy points and earn rewards!

Fortnite has introduced the Most Wanted event as a part of their v23.40 patch update. The Epic Gamesbattle royale is known for its wide range of new content and for coming up with something new every month. It is one of the big reasons why the game is still popular among players even after many years of its existence. The current event requires the players to plan a heist on Cold Blooded Boss’s vaults and loot them. The event brings with it a lot of quests and challenges along with many rewards upon completing them. Here’s what rewards the players will get after completing quests in the Fortnite Most Wanted event.

How to unlock Cosmetic Rewards in the Fortnite Most Wanted event

A heist group by the name of Most Wanted has started looting the Cold Blooded in the event and players who will help them will get rewarded with cosmetic rewards. Players will need to complete quests in order to unlock an Infamy score. At certain levels of that score, they will receive new parts of the Gold Blooded Ace set and by the end of the event, if they are successful in finishing all the quests, they will completely own the gold-faced outfit of the character.

Fortnite Most Wanted quest rewards
Image via Epic Games

The quests will be available for a period of two weeks and the Infamy range varies from 750 to 1500 in every quest and the number increases as the players progress. Throughout the event, people will need to log in from time to time in order to stay up to date and complete the quest on time.

List of Rewards in the Fortnite Most Wanted event 

Players can win up to 12 rewards in the Most Wanted event.  All of the rewards are visible on the main menu of the Most Wanted event tab for the players to look at and the Gold Skull Back Bling and the Golden Snake Spray are not a part of the rewards and can be attained separately. The rewards players will get by completing the Most Wanted quests are along with the amount of Infamy points they cost:

  • Escapees wrap: 4,000 Infamy
  • Bomb banner icon: 8,000 Infamy
  • Double Tags harvesting tool: 12,000 Infamy
  • Most Wanted spray: 16,000 Infamy
  • Cash Stash back bling: 20,000 Infamy
  • The Heat is on the loading screen: 24,000 Infamy
  • Combocopter glider: 28,000 Infamy
  • Cold Blooded Style wrap: 32,000 Infamy
  • Cold Blooded spray: 36,000 Infamy
  • The Vault Guardian harvesting tool: 40,000 Infamy
  • Snake Sack emoticon: 44,000 Infamy
  • Gold Blooded Ace outfit: 48,000 Infamy
Fortnite Most Wanted rewards
Image via Epic Games

That was all about the Most Wanted rewards players can unlock by completing the quests in Fortnite’s Most wanted event.

Did you find our guide to unlocking Most Wanted rewards in Fortnite helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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