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Frayhem Beginners Guide and Tips

Enjoy fun fast-paced battles in the arena of Frayhem!

Brawl games are the combination of MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and Battle Royale genre at the same time. What we know about battle royale is where players land on a map with many others to fight to become the champion or to be the last man standing. This particular genre is made to give players an experience to enjoy fast-paced action within a very short time, and a competitive format. If a player wants to understand the game’s basic mechanics, here is our Frayhem beginners guide with some basic tips and tricks.

Brawl games began to see their rise after the success of Brawl Stars from Supercell. Following the theme, Frayhem is another item added to the list that is developed by Gearage, a game developer company from the USA.

Gameplay Overview

Following the same format as other brawl games, Frayhem features some maps where players enter into a 3v3 fight to collect points or gems by eliminating enemies or holding an advantage against them. Players can choose heroes who are divided into different roles such as melee, ranged, healer, assassin, tank, etc. The heroes have special abilities to fight against the enemy team.

The maps feature much diversity with many different terrains, walls, and bushes to take cover, dodge, or ambush enemies. The primary task of the game is to collect several Crystals and hold the lead for few seconds to win the game. The most advanced feature that made Frayhem different from Brawl Stars is that this game is played in a landscape where Brawl Stars is played on a vertical screen. The advantage of landscape screen is players can see their opponents coming from a long time away. The side-to-side battle lets players get enough time to fix a strategy in fights.

Frayhem beginners guide
Frayhem game-play

The game uses a joystick on the left to move your character, a dash button to quickly move, an attack button, and an ultimate button to use the ultimate power. The versatile attack button which players can use to aim at particular enemies or it can be used by tap-taping to fire at the closest enemy.

Frayhem has a simple interface so that players don’t need to hassle to understand. It offers decent graphics quality and the effects are good enough to enjoy.

Frayhem Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

If you are a newbie in brawl games or especially in Frayhem, fear not, we are here to help you out with some additional tips in our Frayhem beginners’ guide.

1. Make the best use of pre-built landscape feature

Frayhem Beginners Guide
pre-built lands

We mentioned earlier that Frayhem uses a landscape screen. The advantage of this is you can see your enemies coming at you from a long time away. If you are low in health, just retreat from the fight and take cover. You’ll know where an enemy is hiding because of the landscape mode, go on a rush if you want. Simple things make a game better or even a game.

2. Stay around the Crystal spawning zone and don’t stay on the marker

Frayhem Beginners Guide
Crystal spawning zone

In Frayhem, you can see where the Crystal or gem is going to spawn. A marker is shown around the spawning area. If you think you’ll catch the crystal by staying in the marked area, you just made a mistake. There’s a higher possibility of getting nuked if you stay in the spawning zone. So, roam around it, deal some damage if you could, and wait for the right moment.

3. Know the characters and choose them wisely

There are different abilities for each character. Some can fight through the walls, and some can break those in a single tap. As there are only 12 characters available in the game now, it won’t take long to understand which can do what. Do some study on the heroes. You’ll have an advantage while playing.

Frayhem characters
Frayhem characters

And the same thing applies before you choose a character. Based on the map and your objective, choose your hero wisely. You may need a healer in a particular fight, and an assassin in another. Know them good.

4. Always keep upgrading your character

Frayhem uppgrade
character upgrade

Upgrading a character will increase its damage rate, speed, health, and attack rate. Don’t waste all the upgrade options in a single hero. You may need another for other modes as the game has four different modes. Upgrade each ability of your unlocked hero one by one.

5. Maintain proper coordination with other players

Players can choose the same characters on a team. But the recent update removed the feature and now the three on a team must be of different heroes. So, while selecting one, keep in mind that what the mode you are going to play.

Frayhem beginners guide
Multiplayer feature in Frayhem

So, this is our Frayhem beginners guide with tips and tricks for you to help you have better enjoyment of the game. Hope this guide will help you to fight bravely and smartly to outrank your enemies.

That’s all for today’s Frayhem beginners guide. Did you find our Frayhem beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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