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Free Fire Alvaro Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and More

Use Alvaro to his full potential!

Free Fire currently has many characters, with over 40 to choose from. In addition, following each update, new characters are added to the game depending on any collaborations with real-life characters, web series, anime, etc. During their third anniversary, Free Fire introduced Alvaro to the game. Most grenade users equip the character’s skills, giving them an extra damage advantage. This Free Fire Alvaro guide will help you with the best character combinations with Alvaro and tips to master him.

About Alvaro in Free Fire

free fire alvaro guide
Image via Garena

Alvaro is a fictional character created by Garena; according to them, “Alvaro is a young man with a fiery attitude. He was given exceptional explosive powers due to a childhood accident, but at the cost of his memory. He’s trapped in a never-ending cycle of searching for his memories and relying on his abilities to save those he loves. Kapella, his childhood best friend whom he no longer remembers, is the only consistency he has found in his life.”

Alvaro abilities in Free Fire

free fire alvaro guide
Image via Garena

‘Art of Demolition’ is the name of Alvaro’s passive ability. It increases the explosives damage and range by 10% and 7%, respectively. This skill improves with level, with damage increasing to 20% and damage range increasing to 10% at the maximum level. This character skill only enhances explosives damage and range, i.e., grenades, M79 launcher, etc.

Best character skill combinations with Alvaro you should try in Free Fire

Players can utilize Alvaro for aggressive gameplay because he has an offensive character skill. He is a passive-skilled character so that players can equip one active skill and two passive skills in combination. The following are some of the best character combinations with Alvaro.

1. Alvaro/ Alok/ Otho/ Kelly

Alok aids the user keeping them healed up with 5 HP every second for 10 seconds when activated. On the other hand, Otho reveals the position of enemies under 50m of range after eliminating an enemy. Kelly increases the sprinting speed by 6%.

Players can use this combination in both Clash Squad and Battle Royale mode for rush gameplay. Players can expose the opponent’s position and damage them with grenades.

2. Alvaro/ Wukong/ Joseph/ Moco

Wukong transforms the player into a bush that works as a shield which is hard to aim as the default aim doesn’t work on the bush. Players can move with the shield. Joseph increases the moving and sprinting speed by 20% on taking damage, whereas Moco exposes the shot enemy’s location with a mark of 6.5 sec. By selecting this skill combination, players can activate Wukong’s skill at low HP and run away during a critical situation like 1 vs. 4 Players can use explosives with enhanced damage to frag over a team.

3. Alvaro/ Hayato/ Skyler/ Shirou

Hayato increases the armor penetration with a decrease in maximum HP. Skyler unleashes a sonic wave that damages 5 Gloo walls within 100m of range. The shooting enemy is marked when they hit the user for 6 sec, and the first shot on marked enemies gets 88% additional damage. This skill combination can benefit the user in aggressive gameplay. Using Skyler’s ability, players can destroy enemy Gloo walls and use explosives immediately to knock them down.

Tips And Tricks for using Alvaro in Free Fire

With the above skill combinations, players can equip Beaston pet to enhance grenade throwing distance. When the opponent activates Wukong’s skill and transforms into the bush, players can cook and throw grenades to kill the enemy quickly. The default aim on Bush Shield does not work. With Alvaro’s skill, 1 ammo of M79 is enough to kill and destroy an enemy’s vest.

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