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Free Fire Wukong Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and more

Utilise Wukong to his full potential!

Free Fire features a diverse range of characters, each with their own special skill. Players can choose from a variety of passive and active skilled character options. After DJ Alok and Chrono, Wukong is currently one of the most popular active skilled characters among Free Fire players. Moreover, its abilities had been altered and buffed by the developers to make it more powerful.  In this Free Fire guide, we’ll go through her complete analysis and provide tips on using Wukong effectively.

Wukong abilities in Free Fire

Wukong has an active skill called “Camouflage”. When this skill is activated, it transforms into a bush shield, however with a 20% reduction in movement speed and cooldown time of 200 sec.

Free Fire Wukong Guide
Wukong’s active character skill Camouflage (Image via Garena)

The bush shield lasts for 15 sec unless it gets hit by the opponent or the user fires to the enemy.  One of the most useful advantages is that after you take down an enemy, the cooldown timer resets.

Best character skill combination with Wukong you should try in Free Fire

Wukong can assist the players in both attacking and defending gameplay. As it is an active skilled character, players can choose any three passive skill combinations with this character. Some of the best skill combinations with Wukong are listed below.

1. Wukong/ Moco/ Maxim/ Alvaro

Moco’s ability helps in exposing the shooted enemies with a mark on the head of the enemy. Maxim on the other hand helps in consuming healing items in the game 25% faster.

It can be used to quickly heal up during combats.  Alvaro increases the explosive damage through launchers, grenades, etc. This skill combination can be used by grenadiers especially.

2. Wukong/ Laura/ Rafael/ Kapella

Laura increases the accuracy of bullets by 35% while scoped in. Rafael helps with the silencing effect while using snipers and marksman rifles. Also, the downed enemy suffers faster HP loss.

Kapella increases the effects of healing items and healing skills by 20% and 10% respectively. This skill combination can be used by sniper specialists with the Wukong character.

3. Wukong/ Hayato/ Kelly/ Luqueta

Hayato increases the armor penetration by 10% with every 10% decrease in the user’s maximum HP. So, players can down enemies even at low HP.

Kelly increases the sprinting speed by 6%, which helps in a quick rush on damaged enemies. Using Luqueta, the maximum HP of the user increases by 10HP on every kill up to 50 HP. This combination can be used by rushers.

Tips and Tricks for using Wukong in Free Fire

  • Players can use Wukong character in BR as well as in Clash Squad mode. For BR mode, this skill can be used to move from open places to cover when the players lack Gloo walls.
  • Using this skill players can frag over complete squad with shotguns, if the skill is activated and used effectively.
  • Players can use medkits, inhalers, Gloo walls, and  scope aim on enemies while in a bush which gives an protection advantage.

Apart from these tips, players should also remember that the bush shield gets deactivated through safe zone damage or VSS-X reaper bullet extra damage.

Did you find our Free Fire Wukong guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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