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Free Fire Skyler Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and More

Know all about Skyler and tips to master him!

With the arrival of the character of Skyler in Free Fire, the total number of current characters are now up to 35. This character is truly something else, as it is the third famous artist-related character to be added to the game. In this Free Fire Skyler guide, we will go through some of Skyler’s details while sharing some tips and tricks along the way.

About Skyler

Free Fire Skyler Guide
Free Fire has collaborated with artist Son Tung M-TP over the character of Skyler

Song Tung M-TP is a Vietnamese artist who made a lot of songs to earn his fame and joined Free Fire as Skyler. Like every character that has been added, he has a character skill, which belongs to the Active class. His active skill of Riptide Rhythm unleashes a sonic wave forward. Skyler has the ability to damage 5 Gloo Walls within 50, 58, 67, 77, 88, 100 meters. Skyler also has a skill cooldown of 60, 58, 55, 51, 46, 40 seconds. Each Gloo Wall deployed will result in increasing HP recovery beginning from 4,5,6,7,8,9 points. Recovery effects do not stack.

Skyler’s abilities

  • Skyler’s ability is best exploited in Custom Room matches, where items such as Gloo Walls are infinite and cost less.
  • His ability does not allow the breaking of Shields, such as the frontal effect caused by the pet, Robo shield or the Shield Gun or Chrono’s. In turn, it does damage to more Gloo walls than one person can deploy at a time. This does cause them to break instantly.
  • His most notable ability is the destruction of Gloo walls with the healing ability. In fact, being nothing too special, it’s better to go with a better self-healing main like Alok or K.
  • About 23 Gloo walls are needed for a full heal, which is harder to do in Ranked Game than in Classic or related modes.

Possible skill line-ups

Listed below are some possible skill builds that might fit your type of combat. We have shortlised some of the best line-ups in our guide with whom Skyler will form the best combos in Free Fire.

Skyler- Jota- Kapella- Luqueta

Free Fire Skyler Guide

This is the best skill lineup for maximum HP recovery as Jota restores and SMG or Shotgun kill, Luqueta can increase the maximum HP with each kill. Meanwhile, Kapella amplifies the healing effect. Now all you need is someone to take care of the Gloo walls!


This is a build that is suited for close combat quarters. Dasha’s recoil control is key for it, while both Shirou and Hayato’s armour penetration is handy for taking down any enemy protective gear. Adding to that, Shirou’s bonus of marking an enemy within an 80m radius. Knowing where the enemy is shooting from is a real snap!


This lineup puts accuracy and recoil control at their finest with Laura and Dasha’s skill. One must use a Skyler for destroying the resistance of Gloo walls. Some enemy tagging from either Shirou’s, who provides armour penetration or from Moco’s, who helps in a team-sharing skill. The enemy is facing the real deal, especially in duo or squad mode.

Skyler- Hayato- Shirou- Wolfrahh

Basically the same build as the previous one, where Wolfrahh is there to take care of accidental limb damage. Additionally, Wolfrahh also helps in decreasing the enemy’s headshot damage.  

Knowing where the enemy stands could be made easier with Moco and Shirou in your build. In such a case, they can deploy some nasty Gloo Walls to heal up. For example, you can thrust forward with Kelly’s permanent sprint boost while using Skyler’s ability to destroy their cover easily.

Skyler- Alvaro- Moco- Hayato

Free Fire Skyler Guide

Underestimating the enemy might put you in a tough spot. In a scenario where Gloo walls are being put in front of your thrown grenade, you can destroy them with Skyler’s ability. Alvaro’s skill can cause some extra damage and explosive range so they can’t escape easily. One can put in Moco to know where they’re hiding. Hayato can be helpful to make sure that when your health is critical when the armour penetration is maximized.

Skyler – Andrew – Jai – Wolfrahh 

Free Fire Skyler Guide

One can make use of Skyler’s benefit of destroying Gloo Walls greatly in this skill line-up. Andrew’s vest durability loss decreasing ability, Wolfrahh’s headshot decreasing ability and Jai’s minor magazine reload can really help in taking down the enemies. These skills can be best used if your someone who likes to intervene as closely as possible, gaining an advantage over the enemy.

Skyler – Kelly- Joseph – Ford

Free Fire Skyler Guide

At the end of the game, when the Zone deals immense damage, Ford can really come in help. Kelly and Joseph can help speed up the engagement with the enemy. This could help nicely as Skyler has the ability to destroy any Gloo Walls they might deploy as resistance.

That’s it for today’s Skyler guide for Free Fire. Do you find it great to play with him? Let us know in the comment section below!

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