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Free Fire Booyah Day events: Everything you need to know

Booyah Day event is coming!

The Free Fire Booyah Day events are approaching. A plethora of attractive prizes, adventures, and more opportunities to grab free rewards are coming in the event. Free Fire, as always has come up with more thrills and an ever-increasing charm for the gamers. Here’s everything you need to know about the Free Fire Booyah Day event.

What is in store for the players in Free Fire Booyah Day event

1. New Character

There is a brand new character named Captain Booyah. He is a Jiu-Jitsu teacher character as in the game. This is a collaboration of Garena with DJ KSHMR. Moreover, this character will be available in the diamond top-up event which will be on October 19th. There are 2 different skills in a single character. One is his passive and another is an active skill.

Passive Skill

It recovers a fixed number of HP from EP for a definite number of seconds. That means the cooldown time for changing to active skill from passive or vice versa is only a few seconds.

Active Skill

Allies within the game will receive a percentage of bonuses on converting EP to HP.

2. Free and Paid Bundles

Free Fire Booyah Day

There will be free as well as paid bundles in this event. First talking about the Free Bundles. These bundles can be obtained by performing some easy tasks from Garena Free Fire or BOOYAH! app. These bundles will have wings and Booyah animations on the back.

Next are Paid Bundles. The above shown paid bundle can be obtained by using in-game currency on web events. Again this will have booyah animation on it’s back with wings surrounding it. But this is just the starting of BOOYAH event goodies.

3. Legendary AUG Skin

Free Fire Booyah Day

The first-ever AUG legendary skin will be obtainable in this event. This booyah AUG Skin can possibly come in either the Next Weapon Royale or BOOYAH Event which will be free. This AUG skin can be used only on spawn island for now. Stats for this gun skin are still unknown.

4. New AWM Skin

Latest AWM Skin can be claimed for free in Booyah event by completing some simple tasks. Moreover, this skin has 10℅ increase in damage and 10℅ increase rate of fire but 10℅ decrease in armour penetration.

5. Booyah Melee Crate

Free Fire Booyah Day

After AUG and AWM skins now there will also be a crate that has every kind of melee weapon of Booyah skin. There will be skins of – Bat, Katana, Parang, and Pan.

6. Booyah Gloo Skin

There is an exclusive Gloo Wall skin with a big Booyah logo in the center. This is surrounded by a golden and blackish wave pattern. It is very eye-catching and will be one of the rare skins after a year or two.

7. Booyah Lucky Tree

Free Fire Booyah Day

Next comes a special tree which can fetch you gold and diamonds in the game. These trees are according to the theme of Free Fire BOOYAH Day event. These trees can be placed on Spawn Island and diamonds and gold can be claimed by going through these lucky trees. Additionally, there will be Booyah animation along with huge wings on the back of these lucky trees.

When will the Free Fire Booyah Day events start?

The event is scheduled to kick off on the 10th of October and will last till the 25th of October. The Free Fire Booyah Day Event is filled with free rewards, latest characters and much more attractions for the gaming lovers. Also, on Booyah Day there will be free Diamond Event on Booyah app.

We hope you find this Free Fire Booyah Day events article helpful. Also, don’t forget to drop your opinions in the comments!

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